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How To Attract a Leo Man

Sophie Simons
February 21, 2024

Love, drama, theatricality, in other words, the Leo. This sign of the zodiac is incredibly passionate and sincere. He is the spotlight of every event. He might be the friendliest and most charismatic man you have ever met. You don’t have to justify your feelings for him because who doesn’t?

If you want to attract this man, let’s take a closer look at his psyche and discover what might boost your chances.

What attracts a Leo man?

Leo men are usually attracted to beautiful women who can complement their best physical features. They like a creative and unique aesthetic that is not over the top. Confident, positive, and active women are their weaknesses and could easily win the Leos’ hearts. The ideal woman should have self-assurance and be comfortable with her appearance.

The Leo, the fifth of the zodiac signs, is governed by the elements of fire.  Being ruled by the Sun, they are filled with creativity and a great sense of authority. As the Sun is the most radiant force, they constantly find themselves being the center of attention which they enjoy. They have magnetic personalities due to their confidence, charisma, and pride.

Due to their creativity and determination, they are often perfectionists. Like the lion itself, Leos possesses strength and courage. They are confident in achieving their dreams and more often than not, it pays off.

They tend to be successful, and they also take pride in their achievements. Although their confidence might seem like egoism, they care a lot about the people closest to them and do everything in their might to protect them.

They are loyal and expect their partner to be loyal as well. Despite their pride, if they are hurt, they still forgive those who they think deserve a second chance, as they are usually not the ones to hold grudges.  There are a few strategies you could try in order to attract these strong, driven, and powerful men. 


Leos are usually attracted to women who embrace their level of confidence and possess a strong sense of self. They like radiant women with put-together appearance. You don’t have to look perfect, just emphasize your best features.

You will undoubtedly catch Leo’s attention if you are charismatic and confident enough. Additionally, they appreciate a unique sense of style that radiates creativity. You don’t have to be a fashion guru; a touch of uniqueness will do the trick.


Even though they might not be upfront about their feelings at first, Leos can be emotional, and they do need sensitivity from their partner. Give him your undivided attention, and be patient with him. A Leo seeks a partner who matches his vibrant and charismatic energy. They value good communication skills as they often engage in social events that require conversation.

They also like women who radiate independence. Although they admire vulnerability, they respect those who are able to handle change and challenges. In order to make a Leo fall for you, you need to build a deep emotional connection; therefore, be a good listener who reacts and answers truthfully.

Embrace your thoughts and be proud of who you are. Leos love confident and sincere women who don’t try to hide their true selves. They are not just strong but intelligent as well, so it wouldn’t be easy fooling them.

4 Signs a Leo man is attracted to you

Although Leos is not the one to show his feelings obviously, there could be some signs indicating his hidden feelings for you. Ensure not to overlook any of them:

1. Shows off in front of you

Leos are naturally confident and are driven by positivity and the pursuit of perfection. Because they are proud of their achievements, they strive to impress their love interest. If a Leo is showcasing all his success to you, they are most likely trying to flatter you.

They are providers and achievers; therefore, they want to be able to lavish you with all of your heart’s desires. Try expressing your appreciation and let them know some of your success as well.

2. Affectionate

A Leo in love is drawn to its partner. He will be gentle and affectionate as he showers you with warm embraces and compliments. He will ensure that you feel wanted and needed. He is going to cherish you and express his love for you both with his actions and words.

He will also fish for appreciation. After expressing his admiration for you, give him your attention and compliment him as well. Even though he might not acknowledge it, the proud lion likes to be flattered, too.

3. Shows you off

A Leo likes to attend social events and engage in fascinating conversations with strangers. If he’s attracted to you, he will take you with him to show you off. A Leo is not only proud of himself but proud of his partner, too.

Keep in mind that he doesn’t do that because he sees you as a trophy or an object but because he has strong feelings for you. It simply shows that in his eyes, you are his equal.

4. Jealous

As the symbol itself, the zodiac sign has a strong feel of territory as well. A Leo can be quite possessive and protective. If he has strong feelings for you, he is going to show that you are their partner to those who make him jealous. He will also fight for your attention and will try to flatter you even more than before. 

What kind of women do Leo men like

Leos are loyal and respectful. They are going to ensure the safety and protection of their loved ones at all costs. They will often show their appreciation by complementing, creating a safe environment for them, and ensuring their well-being.

A partner who shares such values as loyalty, independence, and perseverance while living an energetic and active lifestyle can be a perfectly good match for a Leo. 

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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