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11 Signs a Guarded Man Is Falling in Love With You

Sophie Simons
March 14, 2024

Have you stumbled on this article because you are wondering if a guarded man with a sealed heart is falling in love with you or not? You are at the right place! But before we enumerate the signs portrayed by a guarded man falling in love with you, let’s see who exactly is a guarded man.

Who is a Guarded Man?

A guarded man is an emotionally reserved person who does not play by his feelings and keeps them bottled up. He is extremely hypervigilant in opening up his heart to anyone. Such men have walls erected around them as a ramification of an emotionally and mentally wrecking event they had been through in the past. To save themselves from a palpable and destroying hurt again they use this strategy as a defense mechanism. 

Taking down the icy walls from around their heart is not an easy task and demands patience, time, and indefinite trust.

Reasons that make a man guarded

Guarded men are not born, they are made. A man can become emotionally unavailable and indifferent because of various reasons. 

  • He suffered a brutal heartbreak in the past. It could be the loss of a very dear person or a breakup with his true love. Excruciating emotional pain hurts as much as physical pain. 
  • He was ridiculed or rejected in society by a close person.  
  • He could be emotionally walled off due to betrayals and cheating from a loved one. He is just afraid to trust and love again. 
  • He is scared to be vulnerable in front of the world and keeps his emotions and heart in check to save himself from all the trouble that comes with falling in love. 
  • He has suffered physical or emotional trauma in his childhood.

Signs a guarded man is falling in love with you

Men in love are all the same. But a guarded man will not be upfront with you even if he has started to fall in love with you. This is where these telltale signs and perceptions will help you in analyzing his feelings. So, if you are wondering if that heavily guarded man you have loved for so long is finally getting caught in the web of love, these signs are your saviors from your incessant wondering. 

1. He has started trusting you and opens up with you

If a previously reserved man who has never talked about himself or his feelings starts communicating his heart to you, even if it is something as insignificant as “I feel so burdened and pathetic.” this is your queue. He has started trusting you, and confiding in you brings him relief. He is not scared of exhibiting his vulnerable side to you.  

2. He shares his past with you

An emotionally guarded man always makes a no-nonsense and unrevealing conversation. They do not meddle in other people’s business and do not let others step over their drawn boundaries. But if he has started sharing snippets of his past with you, your status in his heart is changing. He could share the most minuscule and irrelevant things, like his favorite childhood film or even the staggering ones, like his past girlfriends. 

3. He is extra caring and attentive towards you

If a previously guarded man who has always been on odds ends when it comes to showing care and attention to anyone has started showering you with subtle caring gestures and is attentive towards your presence and needs, he is probably failing badly in keeping you from trespassing into his heart. 

4. Your feelings matter to him

Your feelings are not irrelevant and trifling to him and he has started valuing them dearly. He wants you to share your feelings with him, and he validates them. 

5. Your mood affects him

A guarded man does not let anyone close enough to manifest the power of harnessing his mood. But lately, if his mood has started to fall in sync with yours it confirms you have successfully penetrated his defenses. Your worries leave him anxious and your happiness lights up his day. 

6. He spends time with you

A man who has walls erected around him refrains from spending too much time with people especially when he is aware of the fact that a certain person is capable of giving fatal blows to his guarded heart. He is afraid of getting himself into another emotional attachment and keeps himself secluded.

If a guarded man has started spending time with you and actively participates in fitting you into his schedule, he is falling in love with you. He loves your company!

7. He introduces you to his family and friends circle

If he introduced you to his friends and family circle, you would have been accepted wholeheartedly by him. In his heart, you have occupied a special space and his guarded heart now lies unfortified against you.  

8. You are present in his plans 

When a guarded man talks about his future and you are present in it, it evidently proves his commitment towards you. His future has you because you are cocooned inside his heart. 

9. His behavior with others is different 

You have seen him treat you discernibly differently from his friends and acquaintances. He does not give a second glance to others while his eyes refuse to leave your face. You have seen him secretly stealing glances at you. He is soft and caring towards you, while with others, he is cold and aloof. 

10. He seeks your opinion and validation

If a man is guarded, his decisions never involve another person, and his heart does not seek validation. If he has recently started to pursue your opinions and gives telltale signs of being in the quest for your validation, he has lowered his defenses against you.

11. Distance from you bothers him

Distance from a loved one perturbs even the calmest hearts. If his eagerness to be with you after some distance percolates deeply within your heart and he sounds and appears disturbed at the mention of spending a good length of time away from you, this guarded man has fallen in love with you.  


Falling in love with a guarded man can be a cumbersome and emotionally wrecking experience. It is hard to make a guarded man fall in love with you because the walls he has built around him are pretty robust and bulletproof. But do not lose heart, because guarded or not, a man is a human after all! Subtle feelings dipped in the savory concoction of love, care, and affection can always find their way to his heart.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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