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8 Signs a Coworker Likes You

Sophie Simons
March 15, 2024

The workplace might be an inappropriate venue to let romantic feelings grow, but sometimes, the close proximity coupled with the relatively lengthy time coworkers spend together on a daily basis provides the perfect recipe for budding romances. It may be hard to tell for sure if a coworker likes you or not. Sometimes, someone’s sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and care could be misconstrued as fondness, infatuation, or even love.

The subtle signs a coworker likes you are constant eye contact, nervousness when you’re around, and sudden improvements in their physical appearance. The more overt signs are constant teasing; they frequently ask you personal questions, mirroring, flirting, and asking you out. 

This article explores the different signs, both subtle and unmistakable, that a coworker likes you. If any of these happen to you, chances are your coworker really has a thing for you, and it’s up to you how you respond:

1. Constant Eye Contact

Whether they’re always trying to catch your eye or you’re always catching them staring at you, constant eye contact may be a telltale sign that your coworker likes you. After all, don’t you also love watching something (or someone) that you find attractive?

There is a saying that goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” and rightly so because there are so many unspoken messages to be decoded by simply looking straight into someone’s eyes. If you find yourself always locking eyes with a coworker, why don’t you try and decipher what hidden words lie in their gaze once and for all?

Constant eye contact can mean any of these:

  • Physical attraction. Your coworkers like what they see. It could be your hair, your mouth, the way you smile, or how you gesture with your hands. Something about you makes them want to stare and soak everything in. 
  • They think you’re smart. Your coworker may be impressed with how your brain works. They may think you’re one of the smartest people in the room and are thus hanging on to your every word. 
  • They want to get to know you better. Watching you closely may be your coworker’s way of uncovering more about your personality. They’re probably interested in how you react to certain things, what your stance is on specific issues, and how you handle different emotions.
  • They’re flirting with you. Catching your eye might be their way of telling you they like you. They might accompany this with a playful smile or maybe even a wink. Rather than saying it out loud, your coworker may be employing subtle hints such as this to let you know how they feel. 

2. They Find Ways To Spend Time With You

If your coworker seeks out opportunities to spend time with you, whether or not with work-related pursuits, chances are they like you and would like to establish a closer connection with you. 

They might volunteer for projects you’re assigned to, recommend you for tasks related to their own duties, or continuously set up systems that allow you to work closely together. They might also constantly invite you to have lunch together, have coffee at the office pantry, or enjoy a night out with other coworkers. 

3. They Always Single You Out

If a coworker likes you, you might find yourself always singled out for praise or special treatment. You might find this uncomfortable and inappropriate at times, especially if the attention is unwarranted or undeserved.  

Your coworker might shower you with praise, even for the littlest accomplishments. They might also playfully tease you or joke around with you. They might also offer to assist you in your work endeavors over and beyond what you actually need. 

You may be in danger of earning everyone else’s ire if the coworker who likes you is a superior. Favoritism in the workplace is frowned upon (and understandably so) because it opens up more opportunities for you that would otherwise be accessible for all if there was a level playing field.  

4. They’re Pursuing a Connection Outside of Work

A coworker who likes you may frequently ask personal questions. They may ask about your hobbies, family, and friends. They might also begin to follow your personal social media accounts because they’re interested to know what keeps you busy outside of work. 

You might also be surprised to discover that your coworker remembers small, seemingly inconsequential details connected to you, such as your favorite dish, the latest movie you saw, your pet’s name, or your mother’s birthday. 

5. They Are Jittery Around You

Like a smitten teenager, there’s a high probability your coworker likes you if they’re constantly nervous, clumsy, and jumpy whenever you’re around. You might notice any of these:

  • Playing with their hair or constantly fixing it
  • Fidgeting
  • Excessive and unusual sweating
  • Blushing when you talk to them
  • Continuously and inexplicably dropping things
  • Stuttering or stumbling over their words
  • Irrational laughter or giggling
  • Shakiness in voice and tone

Nervous behavior stems from their apprehension of doing or saying something that they might find silly, unattractive, or objectionable. They don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of you and are always keen on establishing a good impression and gaining your good graces.

6. They Are Constantly Mirroring You

A coworker who likes you may mirror your actions and words. The best time to observe them would be when you’re in a conversation or a meeting. Cross your arms as you talk and see if they do the same. Lean back in your chair and see if they follow suit. 

While this often happens subconsciously, mirroring is one of the subtle body movements that may indicate attraction. It’s their way of fitting into your standards and norms, hence boosting their chances of earning your approval. 

7. They Are Constantly Teasing You

Your coworker may have a silly nickname for you or is constantly being playful around you. He may have come up with the silly nickname due to a funny encounter you both shared or a recent conversation where something amusing was brought up. 

Furthermore, this may be accompanied by harmless, lighthearted teasing. A light tickle as they walk by your station, a light nudge as you walk past each other in the corridor, or a wink when he casually catches your eye during an important meeting. 

Whatever the case may be, your coworker calls you by this nickname or teases you throughout the day to catch your attention and elicit a few giggles and laughter here and there. These also indicate to others that you’ve established a closer relationship than just being coworkers.   

8. You Suddenly See Changes in Them

If your coworker suddenly ditches his ill-fitting, well-worn jacket for a trendier, better-fitting blazer, chances are they’re trying to impress you. If you suddenly catch a whiff of their perfume as they walk by when they previously always smelled like coffee and bagels, there’s a high probability they’re hoping you’ll soon find them attractive, too.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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