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7 Main Signs Someone Is Thinking of You

Sophie Simons
March 4, 2024

Most people have had a time when they suddenly and inexplicably had the feeling that someone was thinking of them. You can dream of someone and wake the next day with an image or name you can’t shake, regardless of whether this person is far from you. While it’s odd, it can leave you believing there’s more to it than mere imagination, like maybe they’re thinking of you.

Sometimes, these inclinations lead to reaching out to the person to let them know you’ve been thinking of them. Often, they’ll come back having had the same sensation. Energy transmits from one person to another, with people picking up clues without recognizing the meaning. These signs can be obvious but in many cases you don’t realize you’re getting a sign.

Key Signs Someone Might Be Thinking About You

At some point, you might have unexpectedly had a person’s name or their face pop into your thoughts out of the blue. Most often this is someone you haven’t seen in some time or is a distance away from you making the experience seem strange.

It makes you wonder if perhaps they might be thinking of you. Most often, people will get in contact with the person to see if that might be true. The thoughts and energy transmitting from one person to another is curious. While these signs are obvious, many clues are hidden, with people not recognizing that they’re being given a clue. Here are some of each.

1. The butterfly

When a butterfly takes a moment to rest on you, it’s because they’re drawn to positive energy. The belief is that the lovely creature is a messenger between here and the spirit world. The spiritual connection allows passing messages by either landing on the person or hovering over them. 

When someone you know, whether close to you or living a distance away, remembers you in a positive light, the butterfly brings that message. In some cases, it’s a connection from a person that has passed. The butterfly supersedes realms that many people have become aware of and find comforting when losing a loved one and seeing a butterfly near them.

When you see a butterfly, you might not know for sure who, but you know someone somewhere is thinking of you fondly.

2. The white feather

A white feather can appear around your home or suddenly land where you’re walking or standing. This is also a physical sign that someone is thinking about you. It can seem random, with most people not giving it much consideration. But this is actually an extremely vivid indication that there’s someone thinking very positively of you recently.

The sign isn’t always an indication of romantic thoughts. It could be immediate family members, close friends, or other loved ones thinking of you. The white feather is a symbol of the most positive and pure thoughts toward another person. You might not know who it is, but you can feel good that someone is thinking of you lovingly.

3. The added energy

Sometimes, for no reason, you might have a day where your energy level is elevated. You feel excited and joyful like good things will be happening; that there’s so much to be grateful for, more so than you do on a normal day. You might get an odd feeling that someone will either be reaching out to you or someone is thinking of you.

The suggestion is that on days like this, usually, someone is thinking of you positively and cheerfully. The person wishes you well and is sending good energy to you. The optimism and hope you have for the future are centered around the thoughts they’re sending your way. You could even see an achievement on this day from the positive energy.

The best thing to do whenever you’re having a particularly exuberant day is to appreciate whoever is sending you these good vibes.

What’s Your Body’s Reaction When Someone Thinks Of You?

Sometimes you get clues and you might not realize these are signs of someone thinking of you. It can seem like the body’s natural behavior, but then superstition from many cultures reveals these to be something more. Here are a few signs that you should pay attention to when your body signals that someone is thinking of you.

4. The eyes

When your eyes begin to twitch annoyingly with no way to stop it regardless of what you try and then suddenly stop as oddly as it started. This signifies someone might be thinking of you. For ladies, it’s a positive sign when the left eye twitches and for guys it’s the right eye.

5. Goosebumps

If you inexplicably get goosebumps, someone is thinking deeply about you. Because the connection produces such powerful energy, your body reacts.

6. Sneezing

If you’re not experiencing a cold nor do you have allergies but begin to sneeze, this is an indication someone has strong feelings or wishes you were there. It can seem odd that people are connected in such a way that it would produce a physical reaction but not everything can be explained.

7. Hiccups

Random hiccups traditionally mean someone is having thoughts of you. This is if they start out of the blue with no underlying cause. If you’ve eaten or had something to drink to bring them on it wouldn’t count as a sign.

Final Thought

We have focused on signs that someone is thinking of you fondly or in a positive light. There are many signs that people think of you in a negative or adverse manner but it’s better to focus on positivity. No one wants to be upset by the fact that anyone might have a negative vibe towards them.

The energy and thought processes that connect people are mysterious. Some of it is almost an intuition, gut instinct, or perhaps superstition, and it’s okay to trust those instincts. You might not know who is thinking of you or why, but you can take comfort in knowing that someone somewhere is sending you good wishes.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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