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10 Signs Your Partner Wants an Open Relationship

David Wilson
February 26, 2024

What is an open relationship?

An open relationship is a term used for an intimate relationship where there is more than one sexual partner to meet a person’s needs. It is a categorical term introduced in the 1970s but has been practiced for centuries. 

In an open relationship, a couple decides to be sexually involved with people other than their primary spouse or partner. 

Difference between an open relationship and Polyamory

An open relationship is often confused with polyamory but apart from the general idea of an open sexual relationship, the terms have different meanings. Polyamory is the practice of having many partners with sexual and emotional involvement and a primary partner is not compulsory. 

In an open relationship, a primary partner is present, and only sexual exploration is allowed, while emotional intimacy resides with the primary partner. 

What are the pros and cons of an open relationship?

Open relationships have always been stigmatized and are not supported legally in most countries. Open relationships let the individuals as a couple discover their sexual tendencies without guilt and shame. 

  • Couples feel self-autonomous and contented
  • Their sex life never gets boring
  • They do not feel overburdened with their primary partner’s sexual and emotional needs
  • There is more area for self-discovery and introspection
  • Your communication and bond get deeper with the primary partner

On the other hand, an open relationship has its cons, too:

  • There are higher chances of STDs and other illnesses
  • One partner might feel jealous and insecure
  • Inability to meet increased demands of more partners
  • Time management issues

Signs your partner wants an open relationship

In recent years, the concept of open relationships has found its hype with the common population. An open relationship is often considered healthy among the masses and allows them to explore their sexual interests. Several conspicuous signs could be pointers that your partner wants an open relationship.

1. Sudden interest in non-monogamous shows and podcasts

Your partner has started showing interest in everything related to non-monogamy, specifically open relationships. You have found him watching shows, plays, vlogs, and podcasts about non-monogamy. Instead of reproval, he displays a predilection towards them and apprises you of the benefits of such relationships every now and then. 

2. Carefree talk about non-monogamy with you

You are sometimes caught off guard by his out-of-the-blue questions about non-monogamy. He is eager to have a conversation about non-monogamy with you and tries to elicit your opinion about open relationships. 

3. Lack of Jealousy

A fair dose of jealousy and possessiveness is healthy in closed relationships. Some people do not let on feelings of jealousy either because they trust you completely or their jealous side is not dominant. But a lack of jealousy altogether, even in compromising situations, could be a sign that your partner is into non-monogamous relationships. They display no cipher of jealousy in your openness towards the open gender. You have tried to deliberately flirt with other men to provoke a response from them, but they always remain nonchalant. Their lack of jealousy shows their act of compersion.  

4. Open flirting

They have started being too flirtatious and your presence does not curb their behavior. They pass sexual and explicit remarks towards the opposite gender and are physically comfortable with them. The physical contact is out of the line and they do not deny your accusations of flirting. They bring in the topic of sexual exploration and refuse to find anything disloyal and preposterous in their actions. They even talk about non-monogamy publicly.

5. They confess their attraction towards others

Whenever they find someone attractive, they openly confess that to you instead of concealing their thoughts. They depict no embarrassment or culpability in letting you know about their physical attraction towards someone else. Like they would be okay with saying, “I love her body and would like to touch it.” 

Their openness in such matters might be their cue to you for an open relationship. They could be interested in converging on an open relationship

6. Keenness in knowing about your attraction towards their gender

Your partner is interested in your inclination towards their gender. Instead of being jealous, they urge you to explore your interests and attraction. They encourage you and stress the fact that your sexual and emotional comfort comes first for them. They even go as far as saying that they won’t mind if you want to get intimate with someone else. 

7. A dislike towards monogamous relationships

Your partner has suddenly started being prejudiced towards monogamous relationships and accentuates their laborious and monotonous nature. You have heard them discussing all the cons of a close relationship and that it makes them feel stifled and controlled. 

8. Talk about sexual fantasies

Your partner strikes up the topic of sexual fantasies and mentions that he indulges in fancy about other people too. They implore you to talk about your sexual fantasies and are eager to know if thoughts of intimacy with others excite you. 

9. Reference to couples in open relationships

They often bring up couples who are in official open relationships and pass suggestive comments about their happy and contented romantic life. 

10. An avidity to attend sexual parties and strip clubs

The concept of strip clubs and open sexual parties entices them and they have previously suggested attending such parties and clubs.

Suggestions for opening up your relationship

If your partner has ever overtly put the idea of opening up your relationship on the table, this is the definite sign of your partner’s changed tendencies. They are not happy with non-monogamy anymore and believe that open relationships work better than closed relationships.

If these suggestive signs of your partner’s inclination towards opening up your relationship are present, the safest and the best way will be to have a confrontation and a deep conversation regarding this matter. They could be a little intimidated in having a direct talk with you about starting an open relationship. Understand their side and take a gentle and explorative approach. The concept of an open relationship might startle you, if you have been in a closed relationship with your partner from the beginning.


Open relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if someone is into conventional relationships. You need to discover your interests and compliance with an open relationship before acceding to your partner.

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David Wilson

David Wilson

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