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5 Reasons Why the Kardashians Like Black Guys

Irina Tracy
December 1, 2023

The Kardashians managed to become characters in one of the most popular reality shows in history. Their private life was public since the show first aired back in 2007, and people got interested in these girls one season after the other. 

As the reality show became more popular, a pattern became apparent: the Kardashians are only dating men of color. Is this preference just a matter of taste, or is it more to it? Keep reading to find out why the Kardashians like black guys and choose to date them exclusively!

1. They don’t just prefer to date black men; they also prefer to be black women. 

The Kardashian girls seem to be obsessed with looking more black by the season. First, it was the tanning, followed by Afro-American-inspired hairstyles, acrylic nails, and even imitating black celebrities like Beyonce and Naomi Campbell in terms of looks and fashion. Kendall, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kylie look more black than white as time goes by, and this is not just due to innocent tanning sessions. 

Each one of them tried to justify their Afro-American influences in their look. But at the end of the day, no reason made more sense than the fact that they wanted to switch races or at least appear as they did. 

Considering this Kardashian trend that seems to move faster and faster toward the black culture, it comes as no surprise that they prefer black men, too. Since we know them as the public figures that they are, the girls dated only African-American men, and they don’t seem to have a change of heart anytime soon. 

2. They like the glamor and fame

Good music, sports skills, and glamor define the black culture. Black men have all that glamor, and their presence in music as well as sports is undisputed. The inclination to look like black women with all the bling of this race makes that much more sense through the perspective of wanting to be desired by black men. 

We can’t put aside the fact that the girls reached a new level of fame through their relationships with black men, too, which increased their income exponentially. Not just the girls in the family seem to have such preferences, but their mother, Kris, also—Kris Kardashian dated mostly successful black men, with a few exceptions. Kim and Kanye West had the most popular relationship in the Kardashians for almost a decade, followed by her sister, Khloe, who was married to the basketball player Lamar Odom for seven years. And the trend continued with Kendall, who dated Devin Booke, and Kourtney, who dated the rapper Travis Scott, among other men of color. 

The dating life of the Kardashian girls kept the first page of magazines and mundane publications for over a decade and a half. And no love story was ever without drama in this family, which explains the fame and speculations surrounding it.

3. To cover a wider audience 

Initially, Keeping Up With The Kardashians was a show mainly for white women. However, in the past sixteen years of its existence, this show has grown significantly out of the initial proportions. And some argue that diving into the black culture and dating black men had a lot to do with its marketing strategy.

The mixed-race relationships of Kim, Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kendall attracted the black audience to watch the show more, making it a national and even worldwide sensation. However, black women weren’t so appreciative of the Kardashians’ strategy to follow looks from the black culture and focus on men of color. They feel that the four girls use features specific to black women, such as big lips and butts, tanned skin, and boosted makeup, to look good as multiracial white women. 

4. They want mixed-race children 

While it is difficult to say whether or not being mothers of mixed-race children is a goal for these famous women, it is definitely a fair possibility. Looking at their history, none of them was in a relationship with a white partner, and Kylie even said she never saw a white p*nis in her life. 

But this reason could be even more profound than we expect to observe on the surface. Looking at the efforts the Kardashian girls put into their looks to resemble black women more, it seems that having children with a black partner would be the next thing to do to become even more part of the culture. However, they don’t just want to belong to the black race; they want to top it with a mixed beauty that includes both white and black features. 

5. “Once you go black, you can’t go back” doesn’t mean what you think it means

It comes as no surprise that men like to be pursuers, and black men are known to be even more persistent than white men. With that being said, “once you go black, you can’t go back” means (if you are surprised, it’s ok) that once you date a black guy, other black men will pursue you as well. And looking at the Kardashians’ dating history, which is exclusively about black men, this saying explains a few things. 

Rumors say that due to their entourage and dating men of color from a young age, the girls in the Kardashian family kept being pursued by the same race. This is not to say that they didn’t have a choice, but it shows that it was more handy for them to get involved with black men who were already on the hunt. And, as the record shows, it comes naturally to these hotties to get involved with men of color who have a decent amount of financial success. 


While the main reason why the Kardashians like black guys remains an unrevealed mystery, one thing is for sure: these girls are dedicated to dating successful men of color, and that might not end anytime soon. In case one of them decides to switch teams and date a white partner, it will for sure be a shock in the mundane world! On the other hand, could it really be something that surprises us when it comes to the Kardashian family? 

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Irina Tracy

Irina Tracy

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