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6 Reasons Why Your Kid Hates School and How To Deal With It

David Wilson
August 22, 2023

Education in modern times is an art that must be learned for a content life. While adults in our society acquire it either as a passion or a need, young children find it hard to wade through their early schooling years with interest and keenness. School is a must-go place for every child, and there can not be an excuse for it. Kids are often intimidated by school for various reasons and hate attending it, and some do not even voice out their feelings.

6 Reasons your kid hates school

After attaining adulthood, we often forget to perceive the world through the eyes of a child. We get so endorsed with the weight and overwhelming demands of our adulthood, that the scared and questionable eyes of our kids are overlooked by us. Your child might hate going to school or struggle in school for some reason, and as a parent, you could be oblivious to their plight. 

Mentioned below are some of the possible reasons for your child’s hatred of school.

1. Homework Load

Why Your Kid Hates School

Homework, most of the time, could be nothing but an added burden to an overtaxed child. Learning should be trouble-free for children, especially in earlier years, rather than a strain on their innocent developing brains. Research negates the role of homework in efficient learning. 

2. Monotonous learning

Children always learn better if they find it fun-filled and liberating. Your kid might dislike going to school due to a monotonous routine and learning. For example, they find going through the same schedule and activities very tedious.  

3. Lack of friends

Why Your Kid Hates School

Friends are the prime necessity of a school-going child. Maybe your child lacks sincere friends, feels ousted in the school premises, and they are not vocalizing their predicament.  Try imagining what their nurturing hearts could feel in such lonely circumstances.

4. Bullying

Bullying is ranked as one of the most worrisome and common reasons for children hating school. Bullying is detrimental to a child in more than one way. It takes its roots in their novice school years and continues to grow with the child into their adulthood. According to research, the consequences of bullying are categorized into three elements: educational consequences and health consequences during childhood, and all consequences during adulthood. 

5. Ineffective teaching methods

Why Your Kid Hates School

A capable teacher possesses the ability to sense their students’ interest in school and studies. When learning is made fun, children eventually develop a hunger for learning and joyously satiate it through effective and entertaining coaching.

Professor of Psychology David T. Willingham published a book, “Why Don’t Students Like School?”. In his book, Daniel talks about the cognitive and biological basis of learning. His book targets teachers as the reason for students developing hate for school. In his book, he gives numerous effective methods and techniques for teachers to help improve their teaching methodology and establish a cognitive connection with their students.

6. Learning disability

Many parents and even teachers fail to recognize learning disabilities and blame the child for being torpid and hating education. A child could hate school because they are unable to understand and learn even when they try. When they are condemned for something they have no control over, it makes them hate school even more. Dyslexia and ADHD are some of the most common learning disabilities in primary schools, and their awareness among teachers is unsatisfying.

What can you do for your child? 

Why Your Kid Hates School

You might have heard this saying: “Children are like wet soil; they take the same shape they are molded into.” This saying is true to its core. The more you push them into going to school without alleviating their reasons for disliking school, the more hate they foster in their hearts. 

1. Understand your child

Make your child feel safe and understood. Try asking your kid if they like school or not. Toss it around as a friendly question and gauge their reactions. Your kid might say, “No mom or no dad, I hate going to school. I wish I could just skip it.” This is not your child rebelling against you, and this is your kid talking their tiny hearts and brains out. Instead of being defensive and strict, try navigating through the possible reasons for your kid hating school. Once you learn the reason, be a savior for your child and help them in overcoming their qualms and battles. 

2. Collaborate with the teachers

Secure a healthy relationship and effective communication with your child’s teachers and work on the possible grey areas of your child. Find if they hate a particular subject and the possible reasons for hating it. The first warning signs of learning disabilities in a child are witnessed during primary school. See if they are fighting a certain learning disability and get them help.

3. Making Learning Fun

You can make your child learn better by making learning fun. Boredom puts the mind in a negative drive and shuts off the process of efficient learning. Playful and enjoyable learning methods would grasp your child’s interests. Once tparents that combines the latest brain research with the best classroom practices they find joy in the topic and master it in fun ways, they will automatically love it in school.

In a guide by Judy Willis titled How Your Child Learns Best, various brain-friendly strategies are mentioned that can help parents strengthen their child’s brain potential. This ingenious guide combines modern brain research with friendly and interesting practices that can be utilized in the classrooms. 

4. Help them forge a friendship

If your child is struggling to find friends, try asking them the reasons. The nurturing of confidence and self-love starts at home. Both these factors would aid your child in taking the first step towards forming bonds with their classmates. You could even ask them to call their classmates at home and provide them with a blissful environment that could deepen their friendship.

5. Do not push for grades

Learning is essential; however, grades are not. Never push your child towards attaining glorifying grades. Every child has their own momentum of learning and their exclusive talents. Provided they know what they are learning, your child is good to go! Do not restrict them to just curriculum and co-curriculum; make them feel free to join all sorts of extracurriculars, too.


We hope you will try to understand your child better as a parent and help them eliminate their hatred for school. After all, the right path will always get you to the right destination!

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David Wilson

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