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Dating a Pakistani Man Guide

David Wilson
February 20, 2024

Thinking about dating a guy from Pakistan but unsure about a lot of factors? Is it a good idea or merely a waste of time? Or, do you have enough information about them, and should you even go for it?

Well, it can be fun, and you may discover something new at every turn on the way. From delicious foods and Islamic traditions to their cultures and norms, you’ll be able to experience a place full of passion and history while marrying a Pakistani man.

But wait—is it as easy sailing as it seems? Probably not.

Like any other society, there are challenges you might face, like dealing with family expectations and society’s rules. No matter which country you choose for dating, it will be a fascinating new journey, but one thing is constant: “the thrill and romance,” which matters the most.

So, let’s uncover our insightful guide to help you with the ins and outs of marrying a Pakistani man without wasting any time. Ready, set, and go!

Pakistani Men’s Characteristics And Attributes

First, let us look at Pakistani male individuals’ topmost characteristics and attributes to understand their nature better.

  • Family-oriented

This is one of the strongest attributes they hold. To them, families matter the most, and they work day and night to fulfill the wishes of their beloved partners and children. And if he is ready to introduce you to his traditional family, it clearly indicates that he wants you to be a part of his life without lying about it.

  • Religious

Religion is of the utmost importance when we talk about Pakistani guys. And guess what? You can easily trust those people who strongly follow religious practices as they fear God, and so they won’t hurt you as well. They practice their faith through fasting, prayer, and adherence to all Islamic teachings.

  • Ambitious and Educated

If they follow their religion more, it doesn’t mean you will find them illiterate. In fact, the combination of their religious practices and their value on higher education makes them highly antiquated and ambitious (most of the time). Whether it’s in engineering, medical, or business field, they are usually driven.

  • Hospitality 

Pakistani guys are very caring, hospitable, and considerate. Unlike before, they support and respect women’s empowerment and even motivate the girls of their families to study. Not only this, but they are quite welcoming to guest and go the extra mile to ensure their comfort. Overall, Paki boys rock when it comes to hospitality.

What To Expect When Dating a Pakistani Man

Well, you cannot expect the same things while marrying a boy from this country that you do from the guys of your own area. Why? There are a lot of reasons.

If you marry a person from this culture, you might see your freedom be compromised if you are a free girl who doesn’t like boundaries.

These men are really passionate about their culture and find it disrespectful if a woman asks to meet other guys (even male best friends). Moreover, it is prohibited in Islam for girls to wear tight clothes in front of other men.

Therefore, it is a sure thing that your husband will take care of it that no other male sees your body except him. And this is something that makes them precious and decent.

Your honor will be saved, and he will protect your dignity at any cost. Amazing, isn’t it?

But obviously, people from different cultures have different mindsets, and if you feel it will be tough for you to compromise on this, you shouldn’t waste your time opting for a Pakistani guy. 

Above all, their family comes first in all situations. So, be prepared to get involved in mutual family matters and make a special bond with them if you want to be his spouse. 

A fun fact: they prefer a lot of children! Another fact? Four marriages of men are allowed in Islam — and for good reasons that you might not be able to understand.

Therefore, keep everything in mind before taking any final step!

4 Key Things To Know When Dating a Pakistani Man

A few things you must remember before you date a Pakistani man are given below:

1. Family Comes First

Understand that Pakistani families hold great importance in several aspects. Even their parent’s approval is the foremost thing that men usually don’t go against when it comes to marriage decisions. Respecting elders is also considered fundamental, which actually makes them valuable and more trustworthy.

2. Religious Sensitivity

Family sensitivity is one thing, but when you see them in religious aspects, they are equally sensitive about it. Islam plays a vital role in their life. You’ll be surprised to know that religious groups display a more positive correlation between intellect and faith-oriented reflection than negative relations found in America.

So ensure you never disrespect that, and allow him to attend prayers and fast during Ramadan. Always show interest in his faith if you want to be in an easygoing relationship.

3. Beauty Over Brains 

It might sound weird, but like other men, they prefer beauty over brains. Period! They admire long hair more than how intelligent you are. However, remember that their family will expect you to be multitasking, and you need to follow their demands, too.

Don’t imagine that you’ll be able to fit in the family without any skills and love for Islam. Beauty comes first for most men, but cooperation does matter.

4. Gender Roles

Being a powerful woman and queen of the house, you may not be given permission to go out and earn, especially if you’re going to a traditional Pakistani family who respects their culture. Gender roles in this country are completely opposite as compared to Western culture. Females take care of households, while males are responsible for fulfilling the needs of their spouses and children.

Pros And Cons of Dating a Pakistani Man

Every romantic relationship comes with its own pros and cons, and of course, Pakistani guys are no exception. Although there is so much to admire and love, there are some factors you may not like and need adjustment.

Let’s not wait any more, and shed light on a balanced view of being with these handsome boys:


Here’s what you can usually look forward to while dating a Pakistani man:

  • Brains and Brawn: A lot of men in Pakistan place value on education and aim for professions like engineering, business, or medicine. Also, they are highly responsible towards their overall well-being and family — a plus point to consider them.
  • Family’s Approval: As they know how to value relations and family, it is possible that they will also treat you like a Queen, and you’ll matter to them. You’ll be appreciated and valued if you find the right guy there.
  • Commitment to the Core: No matter if you interact with a boy or girl from this country, you will notice how seriously they take marriage and their relationships. It’s not at all use and throw! And if he talks about spending his future with you and sends a proposal for “Nikkah,” he means it. 
  • Respectful Nature: If you’re tired of being mistreated by men, give a shot to a Pakistani guy who actually fears God. There are many valuable families in this area who raised their children so well that it is depicted in their humble and down-to-earth nature. Must see how courteous the person is before you fall in love.
  • Hospitality: Well, Pakistani people are famous for their warm welcome and hospitality. They go the extra mile to make their guests or partners feel cherished, even if they have to compromise their own comfort. This is what makes them really charming and attractive.


While you can explore numerous factors to love, there are some points that can be challenging and shouldn’t be ignored in male individuals of Pakistan. Let’s have a look:

  • Mama’s Boy: While it’s a very impressive impact, not every girl would like it if her husband is a Mama’s boy and she holds a crucial place in his heart. But remember one thing: Men who respect their mothers respect their wives. Period. 
  • 4 Marriages Allowed: Even in Pakistan, it’s not that common for men to have four marriages, but we cannot ignore the fact that it is allowed in Islam. This practice is adopted by some people, so if you have issues with that, communicate with him beforehand.
  • Domestic Violence: A study shows that people from some backward areas (almost 46%) still think that husbands have the authority and right to slap or hit their wives, which is absolutely unbearable.
  • The Quest for a Heir: Sounds sick, but that’s a mentality in some families. His family may pressure you to give birth to a boy baby as they consider sons honorable. However, not everyone thinks like that, and kind-hearted people are still there who won’t force you because they know it’s not in your hands.
  • Cultural Differences: You may have to make extra effort to bridge cultural gaps and adjust to a different lifestyle and people with distinct beliefs. Plus, they won’t even be able to accept you if you’re not Muslim. According to the Journal of Social Psychology, this can cause conflict in minority ethnic groups, especially on the point of particular marriage practices. This might be compromising for you and your family.
  • Varied Communication Styles: Every region has its own communication style, and this influences their mindset and way of thinking as well — creating misunderstanding and challenges in turn. Therefore, you might feel difficulty in expressing your feelings.

How To Flirt With a Pakistani Man

Flirting with a man is as easy as stealing candy from a baby, no matter in which part of the world you’re in. Likewise, you’ll find guys from Pakistan become flirtatious in seconds, except in a few cases where they are either stubborn or too religious.

Follow these quick tips to show your affection towards him:

  • Compliment him on his sense of humor, intellect, or style in a respectful way.
  • Pass a warm smile and try to be more friendly.
  • Ask him about his common interests and culture.
  • Appreciate your partner for whatever good he is doing; even small efforts matter.
  • Engaging in meaningful conversations will also help you in connection.
  • Respect cultural boundaries as much as you can.
  • Use gestures of flirtation to convey your interest.
  • Talk about marriage instead of hooking up and dating, etc.

How To Win The Heart of a Pakistani Man

If you want to win the heart of a Pakistani man, understanding and authenticity are the ultimate keys. You can try out different things depending on his nature.

For instance, talk about his values, traditions, and culture. Respecting his family norms and accepting his cultural background will also help in this regard.

Rather than flirting and talking nonsense, it’s crucial for you to let him know that you’re there for him and ready to build a good connection.

What’s more, you can talk passionately about hobbies, aspirations, goals, beliefs, and more.

Above all, try to be supportive and sincere towards that person, and let your bond grow in a really nice way over time.

How To Make a Pakistani Man Happy

People think of happiness in different ways. For some, it’s in professions, small talk with close ones, or even in attachments and food they love.

But what about the Pakistani men majority? How can you make them happy?

Well, the answer is simple: “By knowing his interests, likes, and dislikes.”

After one or more conversations, you’ll understand how he thinks and sees the world. Spend some quality time and invest in good experiences together.

Support his goals, no matter what he is doing, whether in education, career, or personal desires.

Other than that, he will also think of you as a nice woman if you express gratitude for his thoughtfulness, kindness, and the little things he’s doing to keep you happy.

Are Pakistani Men Loyal And Faithful?

If we say “yes” or “no” without knowing that person, it will be definitely wrong. Judging someone based on their country is unfair. 

Remember that loyalty always varies from person to person. But we cannot ignore the number of successful marriages in Pakistan. Yes, that’s right!

Generally, Pakistani men are highly concerned about their societal norms and value the spouse as much as possible. 

However, some exceptional cases are always there, so make a connection first and judge him accordingly. 

May you find your soulmate and have several happy chapters ahead!

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