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Dating Pakistani Women Guide

Sophie Simons
February 6, 2024

If you’re a guy who values humbleness, respect, and faith over hotness and glamour, Pakistan can be your best bet when it comes to finding the right spouse. Yes, that’s true.

Although this Muslim country is a young nation, it has a long history. Basically, women in Pakistan follow the most ancient and significant culture, which is worth appreciating.

Under the gorgeous hijabs as a shield, the purity one can explore inside out is matchless. Most of the time, these women prefer to be away from the stares of men — which, in turn, protects them in the best way possible. Fascinating, isn’t it?

And if you wonder if dating a girl from a Muslim region is easy like an American woman, you’re mistaken. These girls, in fact, are 180 degrees different from the broad-minded Western chicks.

Even though it’s possible for anyone to get in touch with businesswomen and those who socialize, convincing them to date isn’t as simple as stealing candy from a baby.

Now that it is evident that you’ve got an eye on a well-mannered Pakistani woman, we’re here with a thoughtful guide that will help you find a lot more about these beauties. Let’s begin! 

Pakistani Women’s Characteristics And Attributes

Before getting into more depth, you need to know about their fundamental attributes and characteristics to decide. Here we go:

Striking Oriental Appearance

In appearance, Pakistani ladies are in no way inferior to Indian actresses or models. They have a very exotic and lovely look and made a remarkable name among the vast audience. And yes, they are quite fashionable and skillful and wear bright clothes and makeup.

A Spirit of Hope And Resilience 

Females of this country are undeniably superwomen when it comes to hope and resilience attributes. Despite having endless challenges in their life, they manage to rise above with determination. They know their Islamic boundaries and remain happy in them.

Obedient Nature

Despite the fact that Pakistani girls are not highly educated, and in a 2019 survey, it was found that they cover 46% of the literacy rate than men, which is 69%, it cannot be represented that they are less obedient in any way. In fact, they can be your ideal and loyal partner for life — thanks to their parents and upbringing.

Hardworking & Politeness

As Pakistan is an underdeveloped country, both men and women of this region strive to be more hardworking since childhood, which ultimately makes them polite to a great extent. It’s in their blood to face the difficulties and hurdles with resilience.

Self-Discipline Based on Faith

The lifestyle of Pakistani brides is determined by Islam in different aspects. For these girls, their religion is of the utmost importance, unlike females of other belief systems. Therefore, they follow the teachings of Islam, which motivates them to be self-disciplined and boost their self-esteem.

What To Expect When Dating a Pakistani Woman

With the attributes we’ve mentioned above, we hope you have a little bit of an idea of what kind of women they are. Superwomen, of course!

But is knowing these details enough? Definitely not.

If you are willing to marry a girl from Pakistan, know about their background first to decide your expectations regarding these feminine individuals.

As of the 2020 report, it was revealed that women make up 49% of the country’s overall population. 

On the other hand, the workforce had only 20.65% of females in 2021, which is significantly low. But as we said earlier — that doesn’t indicate that they’re not well-mannered.

As a matter of fact, they are less dominant than men and devote all their love to the only man in their lives, which shows their courtesy and nurturing nature.

What’s more, you can expect them to be someone who supports gender equality, which allows them to value the decisions of both partners instead of making their own decisions carelessly.

Taking complete charge of homes, they’re highly influenced by the rules, customs, and traditions of their religious society, vividly seen in their duties of cooking, maintaining household, and clearing.

But wait—there’s more! One thing you definitely shouldn’t expect from them is to start dating right away. This culture believes in marriage in similar religions, not dating culture. Plus, parents don’t allow their daughters to marry a guy from another faith or belief.

So, be independent, be religious, and try to send a proposal instead of thinking about dating!

4 Things To Know When Dating a Pakistani Woman

Still dreaming of dating a Pakistani queen despite having differences? Hold on, as we’re going to shed light on things to know before taking any step further.

Let’s start, shall we?

1. Know Pakistani Culture Deeply

Due to their cultural differences and point of view about things, it might be more challenging for you to proceed with this. Influenced by Islamic norms and values, the culture of Pakistan doesn’t like Western behaviors and values, such as premarital sex. 

No matter what your intentions are, your ambition for marriage must be clear to them. Or else you will be rejected straightaway.

2. Western Style Relationships Don’t Work

Don’t even think of starting intimate relationships with a girl from Pakistan, as it will make you in huge trouble. These people are highly conservative, and maintaining respect is their foremost priority. 

It is also a fact that people are getting modern there and have started to make boyfriends, but in general, you will not find this dating culture common. So, understand their utmost boundaries.

3. Language Differences

Over 60 languages are currently being spoken in this country, and Urdu is the national one. Therefore, language differences won’t create drama as long as you’re ready to respect their culture. Many girls even speak english fluently in Asian countries. 

But not every woman can speak it, especially those who belong to rural areas. And here, expressing your feelings may seem to be a big task because of these language differences.

4. Gender Expectations

Gender expectations and roles must be kept in mind before you even think of dating a woman from Pakistan. Women and men have their own responsibilities that may cause friction if they date a man from outside the country. 

This is because your roles are different, depending on the society you belong to — leading to considerable disagreements and misunderstandings.

Pros And Cons of Dating a Pakistani woman


Faithful And Submissive

Tired of the modern culture of your country where women change boyfriends like clothes? Your research for a faithful girl can end here in Pakistan. Believe me, most of these women are so submissive, shy, and respectful that they deserve a queen treatment for their loyalty.

Loving Mothers

Being with a Pakistani woman is a surety that you’re gonna spend your life with someone who will be a great mother to your children. Kids are their lifeblood, and they nurse them without caring about their own selves to provide them with a happy life.

Not Jealous

It is hard to believe, but that’s true. According to their tradition, men can have up to four wives, and many women don’t create issues with that as it is allowed in Islam. This makes them less jealous and insecure about other women you marry. But remember that getting into affairs can lead to trouble.

Multitasking Ability

Spouses from this country are among the greatest and supreme in the world, as they are absolutely exceptional multitaskers. If you get a chance to meet a traditional woman there, you will have a female who succumbs to all your needs on the go. However, five fingers are not equal, and modern women of this society may have a different mindset.


Difficulty With Social Stigma

Being an outsider, you may find it a hard nut to crack to make your dating dream come true. Why? Because dating openly and hidden is haram in Islam is prohibited. This social stigma impacts how she feels about displaying affection and love towards you. Plus, your chance of getting married can be zero if you’re not comfortable converting to Islam.

Balancing Traditions And Independence

Men are responsible for all the earning responsibilities in this culture, and women are house queens. Thus, you cannot expect your wife to go and earn for sharing responsibilities. She manages house chores, but you will respect her boundaries. Hence, it might not be easy for you if you are a modern man and don’t want to take on financial burdens all alone.

High Family Expectations`

Be ready for the high family expectations when you marry a woman from Pakistan. They emphasize family values, and it means that you will have to be involved in every matter to be an ideal fit for the new family. Obviously, this will be complex for someone who prefers to be free from any cultural norms and relationship dynamics.

How To Flirt With a Pakistani Woman

Flirting culture isn’t really appreciated in a religious country like Pakistan. But yes, there are a couple of things you can try to impress and convince her to marry. These include:

  • Talk nice about her culture and have a friendly chat.
  • Tell her how beautiful she looks when she smiles.
  • Never joke about things that may upset her culture.
  • You can use local and famous sayings, such as “actions speak louder than words.”
  • Always try to be caring, kind, and honest.
  • Lastly, be respectful towards her in all possible means.

How To Win The Heart of a Pakistani Woman

Go and do research about their traditions and customs by visiting public spaces first. This will let you know a lot more about what things these families like and how you can win her heart.

Be a person who respects religious boundaries and avoid topics like politics or religion that might make the other person uncomfortable in front of you.

Most importantly, I appreciate Pakistani culture overall through its literature, clothing, and art. Tell her that you’re impressed by their great traditions and customs and that your nation is unique. 

Appreciation is so powerful that your heart immediately gets filled with love, even in moments of sadness and demotivation.

Furthermore, don’t make use of harsh words that hurt them, as girls don’t like angry and rude men. Rather, you need to be humble, funny, and intelligent to win her heart.

Keep a clear physical distance from her, and don’t be touchy at all — forget about kisses and hugs before marriage.

How To Make a Pakistani Woman Happy

For Pakistani women, every little effort of their loved ones matters. You’ll be surprised, but it is a reality that they are not too demanding and value simplicity and loyalty, unlike those feminist women of other cultures. 

Take the following steps if you really want to make her happy:

1. Respect Her Boundaries

Don’t skip this step; otherwise, you can lose all the chances of being with her instantly. You have to make sure that you don’t cross the boundaries of their religion or family if you don’t want to lose your game on level one. Respect her wishes and boost strong family bonds.

2. Bring A Gift

This is another crucial step in showing your dedication towards her. Bringing small gifts for her parents will do wonders. The first impression is the last impression, so never miss out on this opportunity and buy chocolates, sweets, flowers, or something traditional for them.

3. Dress Respectfully

While meeting her parents for the first time, ensure that you dress properly within their Islamic boundaries. Wear something traditional or formal like a suit or a shirt. Do not wear so loud colors that seem to be disrespectful and irritating. Be serious and respectful throughout this meeting.

Now, you might be wondering why everything revolves more around her parents and not that girl, right? Well, let me burst the bubble! 

Unlike modern families, they don’t support love marriages mostly, and parents’ decisions remain the first priority of girls. Therefore, keeping them satisfied is more important than your girl.

Are Pakistani Women Loyal And Faithful?

Yes, most of the time! Although loyalty cannot be merely generalized depending on nationality, women of Pakistan seem to be quite faithful and down-to-earth. 

As most girls in this country get married at 16 and get ready to spend their entire life with their partner at such an early age, they don’t get opportunities to get into ugly affairs.

Their culture promotes faithfulness, and it influences them to value being with one person for a lifetime. All in all, the husband is the most important part of their life.

However, it’s essential not to make any sure assumptions and to try to know more about her personal values and mindset.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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