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Does Hinge Have Read Receipts?

Sophie Simons
February 26, 2024

Read receipts are a craze these days with people hooked to knowing whether their message has been viewed. Many social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger feature this option for free. In the world of dating apps, however, the availability of read receipts varies from one platform to another.

Some, like eHarmony, offer them for free, while others, like Tinder and Match, make them available at a cost. Hinge, however, doesn’t have read receipts as an option in its paid or free versions, which means there’s no way of knowing whether your receiver has viewed your message.

How can you know the status of your messages?

The only label that you see when you send a message on Hinge is a “sent” confirmation beneath your message acknowledging that the message has been transmitted successfully. However, you won’t be able to see a “delivered” or a “read” label, which means that the only confirmation you can get of your partner seeing the message is if they reply.

If you don’t receive a reply, you might either be getting ignored, or the receiver simply hasn’t seen your message. Either way, there’s no reason that you take a lack of enthusiasm on their part to heart. There will be many other conversations that will be a lot more meaningful and lively.

Is this a good thing?

Whether or not you consider not being able to see the blue ticks as a relief is rather subjective since everyone has their preferences. However, one thing’s for sure: the lack of read receipts on any app takes us back to the good old days when we let conversations run at their own pace without being too worried about getting a quick response.

The blue ticks sometimes make us a little edgy, and we spend our entire day making up scenarios of why we haven’t received a response so far. They make the experience stressful. 

Another important thing to note is that read receipts can be anxiety-inducing for the receiver as well, who may be pressured into responding as fast as they open your message. In our fast-paced world, everyone is expected to reply quickly, even if they want to wait it out to find the perfect thing to say. It kills creativity and causes distress when you feel like you don’t have the option to reply a day later when you’ve seen the message.

While read receipts have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, they can also be viewed negatively by some people. Many apps offer this feature with the option of activating or deactivating it based on preferences. However, when it comes to dating apps, their availability varies with each app. Some have it available for free, while others include them as a paid option. Apps like Hinge don’t offer them at all.  

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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