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How To Attract a Taurus Man

Sophie Simons
February 12, 2024

In astrology, each sign has its own positive and negative traits. Among the celestial cast stands the embodiment of sensuality and calmness, the Taurus. This Venus-ruled earth element makes sure to express love and care to his partner.

However, it takes time to win over a man as “slow and steady” as this one. But don’t worry, here’s a list of tricks you can use to get this man interested.

What attracts a Taurus man?

A Taurus man appreciates natural beauty, so make sure that you take on a classy and elegant style. He appreciates femininity, and he takes care of his visual aesthetics for his love interest as well. Be sure that you reciprocate the same respect in that area. He is Prince Charming, and as a true romantic, he likes taking long, romantic walks and seeing beautiful places with his loved ones. This sign is one to enjoy museums as well!

As an earth element, a Taurus man is a gentle and calm spirit who enjoys life’s simple pleasures with genuine appreciation. Similar to the other earth elements, like the Capricorn or the Virgo, one of his defining characteristics is his practicality. He pays great attention not only to his emotions but also to materialism and financial matters. 

Despite his practical mindset, the Taurus man is amazed by the beauty of nature and romance. Whether he’s dining at a fine restaurant or at home gazing at a fresh-cut bouquet of flowers, a Taurus genuinely knows how to savor every moment. 

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus specializes in the fields of sensuality and affection. He is more of a slow and steady guy in his relationships; however, once he loves you, he is going to be the most affectionate lover you have ever been with. He values nature and beauty. But what kind of women do these practical yet romantic men fall for? 


Taurus, as usually more traditional men, are true lovers of classic beauty. Unlike the air signs, you don’t need to look bold for them as they appreciate elegance over extravagance. If you want to get a Taurus man’s attention, look polished and natural. 

As the sign itself, you should aim for a refined, elegant, classy aesthetic. They are less likely to be interested in you with a showy and flamboyant appearance. Furthermore, one should try wearing less striking and more delicate perfumes or fragrances too. 

Taurus men take good care of their appearance, making sure that they always look their best and never seem disorganized. However, looks are not everything, so let’s discuss some of the qualities that this sign may be attracted to.


To define what attracts a Taurus man, it’s necessary to understand his emotional needs first. An essential thing to know is that a Taurus needs time to fall for you, but once he does, he falls hard. Don’t rush things. Instead, try keeping things slow and let him have time to open up and get to know you better. 

While he can be incredibly passionate once he’s opened up, he also requires ample time to feel at ease around you. Be vulnerable around him, as this way, he will trust you and will be encouraged to do the same. Once he starts to open up to you, listen to what he says. He is going to be interested in your perspective as a good listener.

Therefore, it’s essential to reciprocate the same respect. Furthermore, a Taurus man appreciates the simplicities of life. Try engaging with him in romantic and adventurous activities like going on long walks, going on a hot air balloon date, food tasting in the company of some savory wine, going to the cinema together and sharing your perspectives about the movie afterward, having a picnic in the moonlight, or just simply cooking dinner together while exchanging your thoughts on life. 

4 Signs a Taurus man is attracted to you

As Taurus men tend to be less impetuous and explicit, it is not as easy to tell at first whether he has romantic feelings for you or not. But don’t worry because here’s a list to lead you on your journey of winning him over.

Even though he might not tell or show his feelings right away, there are a few signs that might indicate he is romantically inclined towards you:

1. Taking his time

As the Taurus tends to take its time to get into a relationship, his approach is a gradual progression. It may seem too slow for some, but after a while, he is going to make his intentions clear. Keep in mind that this sign is truly sincere and doesn’t want to confuse you; he just needs time.

Sometimes it’s better to make the first move yourself and show him you are interested, however, avoid pressuring him to keep up a very quick pace as it might lead to frustration.

2. Becomes more confident

The more at ease a Taurus man feels in your company over time, the more confident he becomes as well. One of the best ways to make him feel more relaxed in your presence is to pay attention to him.

Nonetheless, you should share your problems and points of view on different matters too to show him that you are intelligent and worthy of his attention. A perfume with a pleasant fragrance might also boost the effect! 

3. Makes romantic gestures

This man can be quite the gentleman in a more traditional sense. He will probably make sure that you arrive home safely, that you are not cold, or that you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy bag. Truly a prince in shining armor.

You can show your care and attention by mimicking the behavior of the princess. Try to make yourself not easily reachable; show him that he should put effort into winning your heart. On the other hand, you should also express your need for him too. A prince and a princess cannot be whole without each other.

4. Expresses his love

The Taurus is quite often described as sincere. He is going to tell you how he truly feels about you once he opens up. As he values commitment and loyalty, he desires to receive them from his partner too. You can also confess your feelings too!

Despite his sincerity and cautious nature, he might hide his true feelings for you. If you tell him your feelings and he feels the same way, he is going to become extremely loving with you.

What kind of women do Taurus men like

The answer to this question is simply natural. Taurus men are attracted to sincere women who don’t take up an act. Be genuine to yourself. As they are romantics, they tend to prefer women who share this characteristic.

They are also interested in financial and material matters, so much so that they might start saving for their future family long before meeting their partner; thus, they might prefer women who are willing to make sacrifices for their future, too.

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Sophie Simons

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