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Are Love Handles Attractive? What Science Says

Sophie Simons
February 12, 2024

The excess fat stored around the hips and flank or sides of the abdomen is commonly referred to as “love handles.” For many people, the area causes concern and a fear that this area is less than attractive to others. They believe there’s a trend with most being into fitness finding the toned body more appealing, but that’s not always the case.

It depends on the person. When asking different individuals, you’ll get unique perspectives as to what their preference is for the ideal body type. Love handles are not always a deal breaker. Many find those who are comfortable and confident the most appealing; those not interested in conforming but rather healthy and happy in their own skin.

Do People Find Love Handles Attractive?

Yes, some people do find love handles attractive. All individuals have personal preferences, with some people finding this part of the body to be an attractive feature. They like a few extra curves on their mate. For men, in particular, they believe it adds a layer of femininity to a woman and creates confidence in the ladies who are comfortable in their skin.

In the Victorian Era, women were expected to wear corsets that created burgeoning waistlines, which is when the term “love handles” was believed to have been coined. Nowadays, the term refers to excess fat in the midline for both genders. No one can blame the corsets; instead, it is either genetics or a lack of healthy meals and fitness regimens.

How Common Are Love Handles In Men?

It’s common for men to gain weight along their waistline or to have love handles. In some cases, it’s genetic. It’s challenging to lose this targeted weight without some sort of medical intervention. 

Still, you can reduce general fat overall by incorporating a fitness regimen and nutrition plan into your wellness program, along with stress management and getting the recommended amount of sleep each night. This can delay a surgical approach depending on how serious the weight gain is in this area. Go here to learn how men and women store fat differently.

How Common Are Love Handles in Women?

For women, the phrase “love handles” denotes affection, as some men find the excess weight in the waistline on women attractive. Still, no woman likes this part of their body, also referred to as a “muffin top” because it hangs over the waist of jeans or other pants like the top of a muffin. The excess fat is common for women particularly with age and heading into menopause.

It’s a natural phase but one that makes females self-conscious about their physique. It’s important to feel comfortable in your skin as it is, but with body fat reduction, most specifically in the abdomen, you will notice health benefits. That means a nutritious diet of veggies and lean protein and a routine fitness regimen of cardio and strength training.

Are Love Handles A Turn-Off?

No, quite the opposite. Many people find love handles attractive, and we’re about to find out why. The excess fat around the waistline, for many, represents a healthy, nourished individual. For men, this is a feminine feature, someone not overly thin, and women believe the man has an abundance, that he’s strong, confident, and attractive.

Having too little body fat is not necessarily a desirable quality; it implies a lack of health. Both men and women enjoy partners with curves. Love handles make the ideal silhouette and exude the notion that the individual spends time taking care of themself. 

Nothing is more attractive to a potential partner than a person who is physically and mentally attentive to their personal needs. Here are reasons love handles are seen as a symbol of desire and attractiveness.

1. Curves and femininity

The female body, when accentuated by love handles, becomes more feminine to a potential partner. The curves are an attractive feature denoting health and fertility. Men are also seen as healthy and confident, strong when displaying love handles, a sign of abundance. These are excess fat stored above the hips, helping to accentuate the figure of someone who is otherwise fit.

When working out and eating right, it can be challenging to get rid of these fat deposits without medical intervention. But some people find the allure appealing.

2. Soft and round, healthy

The soft, round look is often viewed as healthy instead of the thin, bony appearance many people strive for that almost looks sickly. Some partners find these curves to be in “all the right places.” These can be beneficial when dressing in certain clothing items that would otherwise just hang on too skinny of a person.

The love handles fill these out, giving added sex appeal over your thin counterparts, not to mention greater comfortability and feeling good in your own skin.

3. Memorable

When you walk into a room, everyone will take notice of your aesthetically pleasing shape and style. Your body will bring character to any outfit and shower the room with your personality as you mingle among the crowd. Many individuals who are naturally slender enjoy having some softness in their waistline to balance their appearance and give them a more appealing silhouette.

4. Cuddly

Whether male or female, a partner finds their mate more cuddly and huggable with more padding around the midsection. The roundness signifies softness; it’s inviting; thus, the term “love handles” something to hold onto in an embrace. They add a sense of warmth and security.

5. Vitality, healthy

Love handles show an individual is adequately nourished implying vitality and health. The individual is receiving the energy and nutrients to maintain strong immunity. The excess fat boasts the ability to cushion vital organs from pressure or shock. While love handles are not always everyone’s desire, they could be beneficial in matters of health.


Love handles don’t have to be permanent if you’re uncomfortable with them. It’s vital that you be comfortable in your own skin. If you have them and want to make the most of them until you can work them out, dress in outfits that accentuate the curves but add accessories that minimize the size.

You can also participate in a wellness program with a healthy, nutritious meal plan and fitness regimen to target this area with results that will trim and tone the curves. In any event, with the right approach, you should feel attractive and confident.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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