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Kanye West’s New Wife: What You Need To Know About Bianca Censori

Sophie Simons
February 10, 2024

Guess the rumors were true. After his divorce from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, the famous American rapper and songwriter Kanye Omari West, aka “Ye” ties a knot, with the Australian designer and architect Bianca Censori.

After all the controversies Ye went through and lost some of his biggest sponsors and partners like Adidas and Gap, the marriage was more like a breath of fresh air for the couple.

As per a source, Kanye West and Bianca Censori had their own little private ceremony, which became the hot headline for news channels. He moved on with his new blonde partner, and they were seen traveling together to different romantic hotspots like Italy. 

Even though they got banned by the Venetian Turismo Motoscafi (a boat company), for inappropriate conduct and Cansori’s semi-nude appearance, the couple continues to live the way they want to.

Who is Bianca Censori?

The Australian blonde Bianca Censori was born on January 5th, 1995, in Melbourne. She got her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Melbourne and joined Yeezy in 2020. Bianca traveled from Australia to Los Angeles to uplift her professional career. She got hired at Yeezy, and as per her Linkedin, she is now the Head of Architecture at YEEZY. 

Censori always felt inclined towards arts and design. She loves art, glass art, and typographic posters. She mixes different art forms and designs to create spaces that are both practical and eye-catching. In an interview with Hypebeast, she talks about how she got into architecture.

Aside from her artistic capabilities, she has a captivating persona. Her looks portray both grace and strength. She went through from being a brunette to a blonde in 2023. Overall, her gorgeous looks have caught even the eyes of the famous American rapper.

Bianca values her privacy. She prefers maintaining a low profile on social media while avoiding unnecessary interviews and magazine features, particularly after gaining attention as Kanye’s wife and becoming the center of attraction for many trending stories.

Bianca Censori Before Kanye

Before getting married to Ye, Bianca was in a relationship with Nick Forgiane, a businessman in Melbourne. Even though they had known each other since Censori was 14 years old, their love life started in 2014 and lasted about six years.

Rumors say they both are still in contact as Nick remains worried about her new relationship and Kanye’s dominating behavior. Censori has been in the spotlight after her marriage with Kanye. But before Kanye, her relationship with Forgiane was low-key and genuine. They split nicely in 2020, with Forgiane backing Censori’s architecture career.

DailyMail Australia revealed that Censori sneaked back into Australia last week to hang out with family and friends. After all the buzz she’s had, it was a nice change for the architectural designer to fly under the radar. Forgarine is cool with Censori’s happiness with Kanye and wishes the best for her.

The Secret Marriage

It’s official! DailyMail confirms that Kanye West or Ye got married on Dec 20, 2022, in Palo Alto, California. The couple decided to keep the news secret for a while and conducted a private ceremony, where Ye was seen wearing a ring just a few days after their marriage.

The marriage took place a month after Ye and Kim sorted out their divorce proceedings. The marriage document holds their name as “Ye” for Kanye West and Bianca Censori.

News got out about their marriage when they were spotted out and about three weeks after the ceremony, chowing down and having a good time together. 

Ye’s “Censori Overload”

No one knows when the couple started dating, but after Censori joined YEEZY in 2020, Ye released a song called Censori Overload in December 2022. Some may believe that the song has a direct connection with his wife as Ye raps “And the Bible said I can’t have sex anymore”. It got people talking as to why he rushed to tie the knot. However, the whole song doesn’t tell much about his new wife.

Kim’s Reaction Towards Their Wedding

After spending a decade together, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. Despite finalizing their divorce on November 29, 2022, they continue to share joint custody of their four kids, both physically and legally. In an interview, she broke into tears, saying that she had a hard time co-parenting with Kanye.

Kim Kardashian gets all choked up talking about her ex, Kanye West. After Kanye’s offensive comments, Kim was quick to stand up for the Jewish community on Twitter and call out her ex’s behavior. 

As for the wedding, Kim isn’t much bothered about it. Some sources say she saw it coming. Now, Kim is more focused on the well-being of her children and wants his ex-husband to stay happy with his new better half.

Controversies About Censori’s Looks (Kanye’s Rules)

Ye has set up some really bizarre rules for Censori. It’s crazy! Bianca can’t do anything unless Ye gives the green light, and she has to dress exactly how he tells her. He’s even controlling what she eats and makes her exercise, even though he’s not hitting the gym himself. Kanye’s calling the shots on her wardrobe, making her squeeze into skin-tight jumpsuits and even walk around with a pillow covering herself or a see-through raincoat in the crowd.

How Bianca’s Families Responded

At first, Bainaca’s family expressed their joy for the newlywed. Being a fan of Kanye West, her sister Alyssia Censori is super-happy about their wedding and considers Kanye as family.

But as rumors grew, and Bianca’s family and friends realized that Ye had a different set of challenging “Rules” for Bianca, the family started expressing their concerns. 

The Censori family became upset with Ye’s past actions, including dressing his wife in revealing outfits and the Italy Drama. They were deeply worried and urged her to reconsider their relationship.

After initially refusing their support, Censori’s friends and family believed the situation had become uncontrollable. Consequently, they organized an intervention to help her understand their viewpoint.

What Are Ye and Bianca Upto Now

Rumors have raised that the couple split up, but that’s not how it is. The couples were supposedly taking a break from each other after intervention from Censori’s friends. Censori’s folks were worried and wanted her to wake up and see the true picture of her marriage.

Later on, Kanye reached out to Bianca, asking her to meet up in Dubai, but in his own dominating style. He made it clear that if she didn’t agree to come, then she should take it as their relationship is done. After she arrived in Dubai, things seemed to be working out just fine as couples were seen at clubs cozying up.

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