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7 Reasons Guys Cheat on Their Girlfriends With Their Ex

Sophie Simons
February 9, 2024

Cheating in a relationship is no Newsflash! Over the centuries, it has been reigning in our society. There are no defined ground rules or specifications for cheating. Anyone can cheat in a relationship.

The ratio of men cheating women in a relationship or wedlock is higher than women cheating men, but women can cheat, too. In fact, in the age group 18-29 years, women cheat more than men. 

Can cheating be justified?

Come rain or shine, there can never be any justification for cheating. Nothing gives your partner the right to cheat on you. No matter how crude, unloving, careless, or meager you have been with your partner, none of these turn-offs could be used as an excuse for your boyfriend to cheat on you.

If the relationship was not satisfactory, or if they fell out of love, or if their sexual needs weren’t being satisfied, they could have been given a clean slate instead of being an adulterer. Most people choose to forgive their partners for their infidelity because they understand why they got cheated in the first place. Sometimes, cheating can be understood, but it can still not be justified. 

The odds of a person who has cheated once cheating again are very high, may it be the same relationship or a new one. According to the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, a journal of sexology, a cheater has a three times higher likelihood of cheating in the next relationship. 

7 Reasons Guys cheat on their girlfriends with their exes

There is a ratherish possibility of guys cheating on their girlfriends with their exes. Cheating your girlfriend, that too, with your ex, is a soul-crushing and brutal way to hurt her. The grass is greener on the other side- as humans, we abide by this phrase.

The desire to attain what is lost seems to overwhelm humans at times. It is after a thing is lost that we realize its importance, or rather, we get so blinded by the fact that it slipped past we do not weigh its worth. 

If your guy has cheated on you with their ex, the top reasons could be.

1. Unresolved feelings

The biggest reason could be their unresolved feelings. They still have an attachment to their ex and are unable to shake it off. Some guys try their best to leave their past behind, but if it is love, it catches onto them sooner or later.

Especially now that the guy is not with their ex, the window of their heart becomes brighter for them. Your presence in their life is not effective enough to make them get over their ex. So they run and run fast, back to their ex while keeping you in the dark. Even if they cheat on you because of love, it would not change the acuteness of their actions. 

2. Possessiveness

Alpha males are glorified in today’s era, and they are the most dangerous type of men you could choose to be with. They live on Elixirs of – Dominance and possessiveness! And when their consciousness realizes they are losing control over something, they lash out.

A guy could cheat on you with their ex because seeing them with someone else or seeing them live happily has made them feel feral- they feels stripped of control. So, they set off to exercise control of their ex while keeping their control of you intact. 

3. Unsatisfying relationship

Guys get tired of an unsatisfying relationship earlier than women. So if you are not fulfilling their needs, they do not feel their heart wobble up and down when they are with you, or the excitement in the relationship has started fading out. Their heart pulls them back to where they had once found more excitement, i.e., back to their ex. 

4. Failure to forget their past

Humans tend to forget the bad earlier than the good because they are hardwired this way. Once we are over a relationship that did not work out, eventually, our perspective of the past becomes biased. Maybe a guy who is cheating with his ex was unable to cut loose his past. The euphoria of his past relationship keeps his mind occupied. 

5. Regret over past breakup

There is a chance that the guy is repenting over the mistakes he had made in his past relationship, and his heart is set on redemption. His regret keeps eating him inside, and as redemption, he chooses to cheat on you with his ex, forgetting that he is going to get sucked up in another whirlpool of betrayal and regret.

6. Better sex life

It’s a weird concept, but most guys, whether married or unmarried, agree on experiencing a better sex life with their exes. It’s a very distorted equation, but it exists. They admit to missing the thrill of the sex they shared with their past partners.

Moreover, the guy could also get back with his ex behind your back because he is not satisfied with you and wants to douse his needs.

7. Opportunity and desire

If the ex is suddenly available to a guy and he has both the opportunity and temptation, it is very likely for him to cheat on his present girlfriend. It is fairly prevalent for a guy to sleep with their ex if they happen to meet them again in life. 

Can girlfriends be blamed for their boyfriend’s disloyalty?

When cheating is an effect of an unsatisfactory relationship, the cheater is more likely to blame their partners. It all trickles down to their core of “selfishness.” Some people cheat and, instead of repenting, shift the weight of their infidelity on their partners. They are loud and clear about their needs being far more important than the idea of right or wrong. 

The hurt of a breakup is more highlighted than the hurt of being cheated upon when you get your trust and belief broken that brutally; it gets a thousand times harder to trust someone again.

Whatever may be your mistake in driving a dagger through your relationship and sabotaging it in some way, it still does not give your partner the freedom to cheat on you, let alone cheat on you with his ex. This should be a clear enough signal for you- Take the first exit! 

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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