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Can A Man Fall In Love With a Pregnant Woman?

Sophie Simons
February 9, 2024

Loving a pregnant woman may sound like a fish out of water, but that is something surprisingly happening in today’s world. This tricky combination can also leave you in a lot of confusion.

Usually, men get affection from single and untouched women, right? So, why is that a man is getting attracted to you? Or else, we can say why you (being a man) are catching feelings for a pregnant woman. 

Is this all a matter of mere attraction of a few days or genuine love? Well, pregnant women look really gorgeous, powerful, and responsible, and so gents find them loyal and confident, which, in turn, makes them fall in love.

According to Sage Journals, the birth of a child and pregnancy act as strong stimuli to men’s psyche. So, in this transformative journey, this emotional connection between both can even intensify and create a sense of admiration with particular actions.

Scroll down to learn more about whether a man can have a soft corner for pregnant girls or not!

What Guys Think When They See A Pregnant Woman

While it mainly depends on a guy’s nature and mindset, in general, they think of pregnant women as how loyal, passionate, committed, captivating, and strong they are.

In some societies, such relationships which involve pregnancy face stigmatization and judgment.

After seeing the psychological and physical changes in expectant mothers, men consider them highly respectable as they are growing a new life inside and need extra care.

This influences the state of mind of both males and females. Pregnancy, in addition, evokes a protective instinct in men to take care of the unborn child and mother, especially if that lady doesn’t have a partner to be there for her.

Not only this, but the glow on the mama’s to-be shines differently, and the nurturing nature of ladies becomes appealing and unstoppable. These aspects have a positive impact on men.

All in all, this makes men appreciate motherhood and increases their willingness to create a special bond with her with ultimate excitement and glory.

Why Would A Man Want To Date A Pregnant Woman? 5 Possible Reasons

Well, there could be a number of reasons that make a gentleman attracted to a woman in her pregnancy phase. Some of them are given below:

1. Hormonal Changes

When a girl is pregnant, she releases so many hormones unintentionally. This changes her overall body texture, which eventually attracts men in different ways. In a survey, it was found that men are really captivated by their pregnant wives, and they openly admitted that. And this is mostly because of their stunning and unique appearance.

2. Loyalty

Pregnancy is a mark that is left on a body as a result of intimacy with a special man in her life. And when she decides to keep her, it indicates that she is loyal to her partner and baby. So, it is no surprise that we cannot consider a pregnant lady a cheater. As it is hard to find a  loyal girl, especially in Western culture, this committed woman (one in a hundred) seems to be respectable and loyal.

3. Biology In Session

When a girl becomes pregnant, the masculine energy is bound to show protection for her. This is probably one of the most mysterious ways of nature to make women trustworthy and worthy of care. That is why men love their wives even more when she is expecting than before. Here, you also need to cater to her needs through some hard work and providing her with extra resources.

4. Shared Experience

Men who desire children and have a nurturing nature are eager to date pregnant women who can fulfill their blank lives with charm. He wishes to become a part of this parenting journey since the baby’s childhood and help her deal with the challenges by marrying her when she had no one around. Perhaps such a man loves to build a team in this hard yet happy time to feel the excitement.

5. No Questionable Lifestyle

The lifestyle of pregnant women is not questionable. They appear to be really innocent, carrying a little soul on their belly. Moreover, they also avoid going out for drinking, parties, and other bad activities to keep themselves and the baby healthy. Because she has to keep herself away from this social life for her benefit, it creates a clear picture of innocence. In a nutshell, the sexual and overall life satisfaction of expecting women is matchless.

Should You Be Dating During Pregnancy?

Well—it depends on the current situation. 

Is the girl you’re attracted to have another man in his life? If yes, you need not worry about her anyway and move on with your life. Let her make this time memorable with her hubby.

And if she doesn’t have any support system, you can send her a proposal and be with her for the entire life ahead. Believe me, she’ll respect and support you for many years to come.

Remember that you don’t need to be a father by blood to be a perfect dad. 

Every child deserves the genuine love of a dad in life for a delightful life. The choice is yours, whether you want to be a cruel stepfather or ready to take on responsibilities like the real one.

On the other side, if you don’t see a future with that girl and her infant, have merely temporary attraction, and want to make time pass, it’s not good for you to even be with her.

Talk to her about your intentions and construct a new life by raising a new family together!


Simply put, a male can definitely fall in love with a pregnant lady for whatever intentions. This phase tends to make him show empathy and emotional connection towards her. However, if you’re a girl and a man is approaching you, it’s important for you to know his intentions first.

Is his heart big enough to take responsibility with a baby that doesn’t belong to him? If yes, ask him to marry you straight away. Or else, tell him to separate ways if that boy is insecure and not able to make a commitment for his entire life.

Open communication is the ultimate key!

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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