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How To Attract an Aries Man

Sophie Simons
February 9, 2024

Each zodiac sign has its own set of charms and characteristics that distinguish it from the others. Among them, the Aries stands out by its spontaneity, adventurous nature, and burning passion. If you’re drawn to the fire element, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Let’s take a deep dive into an Aries man’s psyche to see what ignites the fiery passion inside him.

What attracts an Aries man?

Aries is usually attracted to those who match his energy and live by the same fiery passion. An Aries man appreciates confidence, athleticism, and beauty, so bring your A-game to the match! Even though they are fond of a strong physical appearance, as they have an athletic physique most of the time as well, what is essential to an Aries’ heart is a vibrant and genuine zest for passion and adventure. 

Aries is a cardinal fire element ruled by the planet of war, Mars. It is the first of the zodiac wheel and is often called “the child of the zodiac” due to the innocent energy it emits toward others. This sign loves the outdoors and lives a truly adventurous life, engaging in various types of activities. Being a fearless explorer, he doesn’t back away from obstacles and challenges as he is one of the most open-minded and bravest signs of all. 

Aries can be misunderstood from time to time because their straightforward, conversational style can be misinterpreted as simply being rude. It is important to keep in mind that an Aries man doesn’t hurt you intentionally; he is simply not aware that you are being hurt.

One of the sign’s less positive traits is that it cannot sincerely take the blame because it doesn’t understand what it has done wrong. He may try to use the UNO reverse card when in an argument and tell you that he’s sorry you are feeling this way. 

This sincere, adventure-oriented, and spontaneous man can be seduced in several ways, both physically and emotionally, so let’s dive deeper and figure out his preferences. 


Lover of nature, sports, and an adventurous lifestyle, Aries is captivated by a sporty appearance. He is often charmed by confidence, a bold sense of style, and liveliness. Captivating this sign’s eyes is not simple, yet it can be achieved by taking good care of your appearance and looking self-assured.

Keep in mind that an Aries man loves being fashionable and good-looking. More often than not, he expects his partner to match his passionate personality and his energy. It is also an advantage to have a naturally beautiful face as well.

Aries loves femininity and cleanliness, so you may consider trying out “the clean girl aesthetic” for this type of man. It bears with key importance that you don’t captivate him only with your good looks, but with your personality as well. Well, it’s certainly going to be an adventure!


Dating an Aeries can be quite exhausting since their expectations seem to be less abstract and more tangible. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t force yourself to change in any way because of a crush, and this is only an archetype that is being described here.

Now, let’s examine the psyche of an Aries’ and take a look at what he’s looking for in a partner. Being a fire element, Aries men are driven by passion and spontaneity. First of all, try being more active and adventurous, as they like to keep things moving. They are confident lovers and fighters; as soon as they lay eyes on you, they are going to chase you. 

Once an Aries man gets interested in you, tell them a simple thing you’ve never done before and get his mind going about it. Once he starts to fantasize about it, too, he is going to fly you to the moon.

Finally, Be playful and braggy! Let them know what achievements you have accomplished before and what your next step towards success is going to be. As they are confident themselves, they need to know that you are their equal. They are going to take pride in you and will treat you as their queen. 

5 Signs an Aries man is attracted to you

As Aries men are incredibly passionate and affectionate, they may show their desire for you in numerous ways:

1. Compliments

Aries is one of the most confident signs, and if they are in love, you will be praised with compliments. They are usually quite cocky, so be sure to let them receive praise, too, from time to time. 

2. Makes contact

Aries men are renowned for their boldness. He’s probably going to initiate a first date, ask for your number, or offer suggestions about plans if he finds you attractive.

3. Offers help

These men can be quite the gentlemen in a more traditional sense. He will probably open the door for you, offer you a ride home, give you his jacket, and pay for the first date.

4. Expresses his love

Libra men do not hesitate. If they are falling for you, they are going to tell you, most likely, without thinking about the consequences. They take their chance and try their best!

5. Gets jealous

As they are one of the fire elements, they can get worked up pretty fast. While they are spontaneous in a positive way, they are jealous as well. Because he wants to be the most important person in your life, he will hardly tolerate you being close to other men.

This can lead to unnecessary fights and conflicts; however, remember that he is doing it to protect you. In these cases, let him calm down and have some air.

What kind of women do Aries men like?

Aries tend to like women who have similar personality traits to them. The most suitable woman for Aries could be an adventurous type of woman with confidence and self-assurance. The woman of his dreams should be athletic, gorgeous, and, of course, intelligent. Aries is a good match for them, and he not only complements his appearance but also fits their highly energetic personality.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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