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I Don’t Trust My Boyfriend: Should I End the Relationship?

Sophie Simons
January 14, 2024

When your intimate partner does something wrong and untrustworthy, it leads to conflicting emotions and creates difficulties in deciding how to handle that situation.

This is the point where different questions pop up in people’s minds, like, “Should I end this relationship?” and “Is it worth wasting my emotions and love over this man?”

So, you’re not alone if you’re feeling the same way. Many people have to go through this scenario when they’re in a relationship.

Love undoubtedly seems to be a beautiful feeling in the world until things start to shatter!

This positive energy turns into a negative one when you’re unable to trust, and love becomes merely an unhealthy attachment. And you don’t want that to happen, right?

Deciding whether you should break up or not is undeniably a personal decision, and it is crucial to consider your well-being and feelings. However, it’s also important to consider some factors and signs for the final decision.

Without wasting any time, let’s look at what to do when trust in your relationship has vanished!

Should You Break Up With Your Boyfriend? 4 Signs To Help You Decide

If you’re even thinking about breaking up, you are probably dealing with so many stressful things at the moment — whether it be fear, frustration, sadness, or whatever you may call it.

No doubt, these emotions are not at all fun, but they are definitely crucial clues that might help you determine what you want to do next.

So, are you stuck in your relationship? It’s time to look at these signs to evaluate whether you should keep this bond or let it go permanently:

1. You’re The Only One Putting Effort

If you are putting all the effort yourself, and the trust is gone already, there’s no point in being in that exhausting relationship. 

You’re the one who texts him, calls him, and even makes plans – with zero effort from their side.

This shows that he is not ready to make any effort to continue this. Note that when emotional needs are ignored and unmet, keeping that relationship alive is worth nothing.

Stop actively working on this, and consider breaking up right away!

2. He Doesn’t Respect You

If there’s no respect, the debate ends here —- say no to this manipulation immediately. If your partner is putting you on the edge and constantly doubting you, your relationship is toxic.

A Journal of Social and Personal Relationships highlights that respect and trust are one of the most crucial ingredients for the maintenance of well-functioning relationships. 

Where there’s a violation in love relations, and respect is gone, it’s “the end of the story”.

3. You’re Being Tortured Mentally

Other than mistrust, the other thing that is messing up your life is the stress he’s giving you constantly without any major reason or issue.

No matter what, don’t let anyone be heavy on your nerves.

Generally speaking, pay special attention to it if your current relationship brings more strain than happiness and positivity.

Menal peace must be your priority, so cut everything off that disturbs your peace and makes your life filled with dissatisfaction.

4. Your Trust Is Harshly Broken

Is he constantly lying to you and breaking your trust? Or do you find it a hard nut to crack to secure this relationship due to his constant betrayal? It’s a warning sign.

You shouldn’t be compromising when he has such strange and unacceptable behavior.

The relationship is doomed already if you lack trust. When a person is being disloyal for more than once, it’s definitely not a mistake — consider it a sin.

Get rid of them, and don’t draft anymore!

Still Can’t Leave Him? Here’s How To Rebuild Your Broken Trust

Are you deeply in love with him? Then, it is a must that you will definitely want to try at least once to rebuild that trust despite caring about the outcomes. 

Follow these steps to repair this broken trust to some extent:

  • Listen to your husband or boyfriend without being judgemental, and discuss the feelings that have triggered you the most.
  • Apologize him for your hurtful behavior, and be open to forgive him, too.
  • Assess how that particular incident or incident affects you, and find a solution mutually.
  • On top of that, do proper planning on how you both can prevent breaches of trust and clashes from now on.
  • Promise each other that you won’t break trust, and live a healthy life.

What If I Regret Breaking Up After A Certain Time?

It’s a famous quote that says, “Stop Driving While Looking in the Rearview Mirror.” This truly indicates that reading your books backward makes no sense.

According to a study, regret is a frustration that takes place after realizing that you could have acted differently for a better outcome.

Similarly, post-breakup regret is also very common, but it does not mean that your decision was wrong at all. 

Perhaps not wanting to hurt their sentiments makes it tough for you to accept this decision.

Remember that no situation is white or black; it’s normal to consider all the good things you might have to give up after the breakup. 

Nothing is more important than your well-being, peace of mind, and health, and you need to accept this fact.

And consider it a victory that you didn’t ignore those red flags and saved yourself from a big heartbreak. You won because you never allowed him to manipulate you!

To wrap it up, let’s admit that if anything is meant to be, it stays. And if your partner is serious, he’ll make himself a better person for you and wifey you up.

Final Thoughts

Before ending your relationship, it’s better to determine the current possibilities to sort it out. Still, if you have a gut feeling that you’re secure with that person, try to have smooth communication to settle down everything.

But keep in mind that things can be the opposite, too. Be ready for all circumstances. They are definitely not serious if they’re breaking your trust despite having so many chances.

Of course, how long can you keep that guy who completely destroyed your trust? Just move on with determination. It is over if you can’t find any place for them in your heart. Pack your belongings and get out of this unhealthy thing.

Watch self-love videos and try your level best to get over it because… You Deserve Better!!

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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