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Top 50 Most Handsome Men in the World

Sophie Simons
January 22, 2024

In this age of social media, almost everything is public, and this power has given the status of celebrity to numerous famous and rich worldwide and those who have been hiding beneath desks for a long time. 

When the word “good-looking” or “charming” pops up in our minds, we consider women naturally without a second thought. But men can never fall behind in this race, and they should be considered attractive, too (because they’re!)

According to research, the definition of beauty usually differs in the mind of every person. Some people think of it as physical fitness or attractiveness, while others relate it to top-notch talent and how unique someone is in their specific field or skill. 

And so we’ve decided to add the individuals to our list of the top 50 most handsome men in the world who have more than merely looks. If you’re a beauty enthusiast who loves the perspective of beauty lying in both talent and looks, this article can be a sweet spot for you.

So, are you excited to explore our top picks of handsome men out there? Let’s dig in.

A List Of Most Attractive Men That Captivate the Public’s Attention

Beauty refers to positive appraisals that are evaluative and uniquely human. There are unlimited well-known men in the world who have attractive appearances, extraordinary talents, and captivating personalities. 

Today, we’re going to talk about a few great examples of men being handsome. Stay along!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Famous for his lean features, top-notch performance in football, and charismatic smile, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most handsome men. He won 32 trophies throughout his career, which is a big achievement.

2. David Beckham

David is quite a charming footballer and businessman, which is an example of timeless elegance. This person has charmed the world with his remarkable tattoos, high-end grooming, and fashion sense. For Manchester United, he scored 100 goals and inspired many people.

3. Nick Jonas

Another sexiest man we’ve picked to add to our list is Nick Jonas, who is married to a leading Indian actress named Priyanka Chopra. In 2002, his debut single was released, which instantly caught the attention of fabulous Columbia Records.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

People know him mainly from playing the role in the movie Titanic, and since then, he has become a center of attention. Not only does he have a good-looking personality, but his kind-heartedness is not hidden either.

5. Chris Evans

Captain America can never be ignored when it comes to listing the most handsome men. Chris, a leading American actor, is known for appearing in the Fantastic Four series. His different hairstyle and eyes grab the attention of the audience instantly.

6. Michael Ealy

Born in Washington, Michael Ealy was then raised in Maryland. His father was running a grocery business, and his mother worked for IBM. By appearing in different off-Broadway productions, he began his career as an actor and rocked in many other films, too. People really loved his performance in Takers and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

7. Justin Timberlake

If you love pop singers, you might already know about what place Justin has in the hearts of his fans. He is also a great actor with versatile talent and has been influencing audiences since his days at *NSYNC.

8. Tyler Posey

Bringing infectious energy and a cool vibe to movie screens, Tyler has made his name in “Teen Wolf.” His cute smile keeps winning the hearts of people, and the factor of down-to-eath nature in him cannot be ignored.

9. Aldis Hodge

By playing leading roles in films like Equal Opportunity, Happy Feet, Clemency, Bed of Roses, Black Adam, and other back-to-back movies, Aldis Hodge proved to be a talented actor. His older brother, Edwin Hodge, is also an actor. Moreover, his mother is from Florida.

10. De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is a football maestro in Belgium who is considered a playmaking genius. Off the pitch, his attractive looks and personality make him everyone’s favorite. No doubt, he is admired by many football enthusiasts globally.

11. Oh Sehun

Are you a BTS fan? Then, you must be familiar with Oh Sehun already. As a South Korean actor and singer who has stunning looks, he mesmerizes all his fans – making him a prominent figure in K-pop.

12. Idris Elba

People widely recognize Idris for his contributions to DJ roles and acting. Throughout his career, he performed different characters in many films, such as Suicide Squad, Mandela, and Beast.

13. Xiao Zhan

And how can we skip Xiao Zhan from our list? Shining bright with extraordinary talent and captivating performances, he never takes a backseat when it comes to handsome features and looks. As a singer, he released “Spotlight” in 2020 and surprisingly sold more than 25.48 million copies in just one day.

14. Zac Efron

No one can overlook a handsome hunk like Zac Efron, who is a heartthrob of many people. Being a multi-tasker, he worked not only in movies but also on television. This legend never disappoints his fans anyway. He began his acting career in the 2000s and gained recognition as the teen idol very soon for his role as Troy.

15. Lionel Messi

And let’s talk about Messi now! As everyone knows, he’s a professional Argentine footballer, playing as a forward mid-fielder for Paris Saint-Germain and Argentina national team. It won’t be wrong to say that he is the top soccer player who gives hard competition to others.

16. Wahaj Ali

A British songwriter and singer, Zayn, stands out as the cutest man globally. After his audition in The X Factor 2010, he reached the heights of fame. Since then, he has become a prominent figure for his genre of songs.

17. Nattawin W

Known by his leading stage name, Apo, Nattawin was born in Thailand. Kinn Porsche and Sud Kaen Saen Rak are some of his remarkable works, where he performed really well. Furthermore, he appeared in the Luead Mungkorn series.

18. Milo Ventimiglia

This handsome boy was born in California on the 8th of July and gained enough popularity through television serials and films. He became famous when he played the role of Peter Patrelli. We all see his bright future in acting and direction ahead.

19. Laroyce Hawkins

Hawkins was born in Illinois, Harvey. He is an American spoken word artist, stand-up comedian, and actor. Furthermore, he also played a role in Chicago Fire, which is a crossfire show. Prior to this show, he appeared in different television series, including ABC’s Detroit and MTV’s Underemployed.

20. Tom Hiddleston

Who doesn’t know Tom Hiddleston? Being an English actor with a pack of talents, he has done many outclass works. In addition, he debuted in movies Unrelated and Archipelago.

21. Bradley Cooper

Moving further, Bradley Cooper gained recognition from the world after his amazing role in the movie “The Hangover.” Other than his acting skills, Cooper is gifted with a lovely voice.

22. Ian Somerhalder

Coming to our next pick, Ian Somerhalder, who was raised in the town of Covington. His father is an expert builder, while his other is a therapist. This loving and handsome man loves boating and swimming.

23. Tom Cruise

Almost everyone is familiar with this big name in the industry. Tom Cruise is a famous producer and actor and is one of the highest-paid artists globally because of his looks and talent. In the past, he has been nominated for 3 outstanding Academy Awards.

24. Jesse Williams

Jesse, born in 1981, is another good-looking director, activist, producer, and director. Served as an outstanding executive producer of Take Me Out and Two Distant Strangers, he won the hearts of many fans. Williams, in addition, has been nominated for Best Featured Actor (Tony Award).

25. Hrithik Roshan

Besides his acting ability, Hrithik is famous for his dancing skills. He was born in Maharastra, India, and in 2000, he got married to Sussane Khan. “Kaho Naa Pyar Hai” is one of his best debut movies.

26. Kartik Aryan

Although Kartik Aryan is a new actor and stepped into the world of movies a few years back, people love him for his hot looks. Among his famous blockbuster movies, “Bhoolbulaiya” is the most famous one. Other than his wonderful acting career, he endorses many products and brands.

27. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth was born in Victoria, Australia. With his talent and looks, he captivated the attention of the audience by playing Thor in the Marvel Universe.

28. Kim Tae-Hyung

He is a South Korean vocalist who has incredibly risen to prominence as the foremost celebrity with the title of the most handsome man in the world. Recognized by the moniker, Kim also excels in different domains, like modeling, direction, songwriting, composition, and production.

29. Henry Cavill

Many enthusiasts know him for his portrayal of the amazing Superman character in DC movies. This English actor has also taken strong roles in numerous blockbuster movies, encompassing iconic characters like Witcher, Tudors, Enola Holmes, etc.

30. Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet was born in New Year City in 1995 and began his acting career at a very early age. He received a lot of awards for his top-notch skills.

31. Mariano Di Vaio

People get inspired by Mariano Di Vaio for several reasons, including his beauty, fashion design skills, bogging, and high-end acting. His first book, “My Dream Job,” also caught the attention of many fans.

32. Scott Eastwood

A famous model and leading American actor, he was born in Monterey County. Later on, he grew up in the city of Hawaii. People love him for his ultimate beauty.

33. Bright Vachirawit

Also called Bright Vachirawit, Vachirawit Chivaaree is an exceptional Thai actor, host, model, and singer. The series “Boys Over Flowers” made him quite popular for several reasons – like his beauty at the forefront.

34. Robert Pattinson

You literally feel instant attraction when you think of Pattinson. Rober Pattison is a well-known and handsome actor who appeared in Twilight to portray Edward Cullen. The friendly nature and lovely eyes of this man are undoubtedly enough to attract everyone.  He began his career by playing the character of Cedric in Harry Potter and gained recognition worldwide after portraying Edward in the Twilight series.

35. Will Yun Lee

A martial artist and American actor, Will had emigrated recently from Korea and was raised by extended and immediate family. Lee has made a mark in different TV and film projects, and he has a solid fan base due to his appearance.

36. Johnny Depp

Ladies’ man, Johnny Depp also gives a hard competition when we talk about the most handsome men. He incredibly appeals to women of every age due to his timeless looks. In “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” he was very appreciated.

37. Dominic Sherwood

Dominic Anthony Sherwood is a fine actor born in Kent. After studying Theater Studies and Drama at Maidstone schools, he returned to London. Then, he started working on different plays and captivated everyone.

38. Jason Momoa

At the age of 19, Momoa auditioned for the Baywatch Hawaii television series, in which he was finally cast to play the role of Jason Loane. Since then, this American actor has done back-to-back series and films, including Stargate: Atlantis and Johnson Family Vacation, which were super hits.

39. Trevor Noah

Another handsome man, Trevor, is a writer, political commentator, producer, comedian, former television host, and actor. He also hosted the acclaimed “The Daily Show” talk show from 2015 to 2022.

40. James Reid

He is a well-known Filipino actor, singer, record label executive, and record label producer. James is the son of Malcolm Reid and Maria Aprilyn, and he absolutely deserves the title of the most handsome man because of his good looks and talent.

41. Colton Haynes

American model and actor Haynes began modeling at 15, and he was successful right after his campaign with Abercrombie and Fitch. Furthermore, this handsome man also modeled for Kira Plastinina, Lauren, and J.C. Penney.

42. Jared Leto

A handsome man always looks confident, and so does Jared Leto. As a gorgeous American Actor with proven skills, he won the Academy Award, Globe Award, and many more to his credit.

43. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Born in Iraq, Omar is an actor, internet sensation, and poet with irresistible looks. Interestingly, he was asked to leave Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom because of how good-looking he is.

44. Nicholas Gonzalez

Nicholas started his excellent career in 1998 and pursued his identity as an actor since then. He was featured in many films, such as Dirty, Rockway, Anaconas, Maco Polo, and Scenes of the Crime.

45. Tom Ellis

Famous for playing Lucifer series on American television, Tom Ellis is an actor from Wales, Cardiff. Due to his attractive personality, he has won the hearts of many people.

46. Lee Min Ho

One of the marvelous male stars in Kimchi, Lee Min Ho, has done many notable films and has brought his attractiveness and fame very close to the attention of the public. His films Bounty Hunters and Gangnam Blues gained a lot of attention from the audience.

47. Dean Geyer

When Dean Deyer was 15, he commenced his schooling at Melbourne High School. His family has a powerful connection to an amazing martial arts.

48. James Lafferty

Being an impressive writer, producer, and actor, James Lafferty is best known for many famous series, like One Tree Hill, The Haunting of Hill House, and more.

49. Felix Kjellberg

Last but not least, Felix Kjellberg is a popular name not only for his looks but also for his reputation on his YouTube channel, PewDiePie. When we talk about the top 50 most enchanting faces, he has to be on that list.

50. Chiwetel Ejiofor

Chiwetel is a reputable British actor and a recipient of different accolades, including a Laurence Olivier Award and an Academy Film Award. In 2013, he worked in the film 12 Years a Slave, playing the character of Solomon Northup.


A study shows that physical attractiveness affects the interaction patterns and cognitions of individuals. And the men we’ve listed above are perfect examples that greatly influence people and their cognitions.

They may belong to distinct categories or fields, but fans keep loving them for how they are. You’ll be amazed to know that despite having high peaks of success and the title of “most handsome ones,” they never showed any arrogance — this is what inspires us all.

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