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9 Signs of Bisexuality in Men To Look For

Sophie Simons
March 1, 2024

Many people need more clarity on what the term “bisexuality” or being “bisexual” is despite the fact that it’s used as a description often. Everyone has a unique definition for their sexual experiences but there are key signs to indicate bisexuality in males or when a man is attracted to more than one gender.

Sometimes, men might wonder if they’re really experiencing bisexuality or if it’s just a desire to experiment, a phase that some people often experience as young adults. Bi men’s sexual inclinations could change from one stage in their life to another. They could lean more toward bisexuality later in life despite being straight as a young adult.

What Are Signs Of Bisexuality In A Man?

Bisexuality is about multiple-gender attraction. Those romantically or sexually attracted to more than one gender have an inclination toward bisexuality. Some can have a greater attraction to one gender than another, while others prefer each equally. Despite the relationship they choose, their sexuality remains bi.

Regardless of how you identify, the inclination is entirely based on your personal preferences. You might be confused or take some time to accept your sexuality, but there are indicators that can help you with the process. Here are signs that you might be bisexual.

1. Same sex fantasies

If you feel sexually drawn to more than one gender or fantasize about each other, these are signs of bisexuality. It’s important to remember, however, that you can be bisexual and not be equally attracted to each gender. It’s possible to have a greater attraction to one over another. This can even change with life stages. 

Still, an attraction to more than one gender indicates a level of bisexuality if you have romantic feelings for men and women or sexual inclinations.

2. Relating to bisexual men

When researching, you find other experiences expressed by bisexual men relatable. The fact they live authentically and the romantic experiences make you understand more of what you’re feeling. It helps to eliminate some of the confusion and allows you to better accept your sexual attraction, your romantic inclinations.

3. The stigma

Unfortunately, there’s a stigma, a discrimination that faces many bisexual men, which can take a toll on emotional and mental wellness. Many struggle with anxiety, depression, or other disorders not only due to dealing with phobias but also because they struggle with confusion over their sexuality and confusion.

4. Dating Apps

Most dating apps today offer a variety of filters to ensure users can specify the member they hope to match with. You might have been curious to look through each gender while searching through the varied apps. The same-sex apps interest you as much as the opposite sex. The idea of meeting a man interests you. 

You’ve become curious and find men sexually attractive. It’s possible you could become romantically involved with many of those that match your interests. You’re finding the freedom of choosing from each gender more appealing than strictly focusing on a heterosexual site. This is a clear sign that you’re leaning more toward bisexuality.

5. Society expectations

You’ve never been a person to conform to society’s expectations, particularly when it comes to gender and sexuality. This can be a good indication of your inclination toward bisexuality. This is not definitive, but as a rule, many people who identify as bisexual don’t follow what is expected of their gender’s role.

Most of the bisexual community who don’t follow are drawn to those who prefer not to conform to the “norm” of society in the same way they choose to be authentic.

6. The label is okay

When you can relate to the phrasing “same-sex partnership, bi, or bisexual” and are comfortable with these “labels,” it’s a positive experience for you being bisexual. Labels are not always something people feel good about but in this instance, it allows men to feel as though they have an identity or belong, you’ve discovered a connection and an understanding from others.

7. A romantic attraction

The varied types of attraction can mean different things to each individual. Romantic attraction is the development of an attachment or connection with another person based on having similar views, beliefs, values, and interests. These help to strengthen the bond the two of you share in the partnership.

When you have a desire to engage in sex, you are sexually attracted. With romantic attraction, there’s a deeper attachment, and it goes beyond sex.

8. Awkward around male friends

With the stigma many face and the phobias, those who identify as bisexual sometimes are hesitant to display intimacy with their male friends despite the fact these feelings are typically platonic. While you have no reason to be conflicted about your friendships or ashamed of these in any way, people’s perceptions create that.

Research for resources or speak with other bisexuals to get their feedback so you’re better prepared in these situations. These male platonic friendships are an important part of your life, your social circle, and your support system and should be celebrated no matter how you identify sexually.

9. The ultimate relationship is unclear

Your happy ever after is uncertain. You believe you could end up with either gender as your ultimate life partner. While you might currently have the goal of a long-term partnership with someone of the same sex, life circumstances could shift with you finding a deep connection with the opposite sex.

The objective is to allow yourself to be open to the idea of love, no matter the gender. This way, when you meet the person, whomever it might be, you’re open to it, whether male or female.


Many signs can point to a man being bisexual. He might be somewhat confused and could even have some trouble accepting the fact right away. Once there’s a label attached to what it is he’s been feeling and can relate to other people sharing experiences and expressing their authentic selves, it allows him to identify his own bisexuality. He becomes comfortable and familiar. 

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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