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8 Signs of Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

David Wilson
March 10, 2024

We all know every relationship is built on a special set of feelings, and one of the most common is the bond between a husband and wife. 

It is a unique connection based on deep pillars of love, affection, care, and understanding. But you know what? As with any other relationship, it has phases — ups and downs. 

Well, it’s not unusual for spouses to undergo challenges in the course of pregnancy. Women feel negligence and invalidation from their husband’s side.  

Sometimes, hormonal imbalance causes such mood swings, but many times, this prediction is accurate. Isn’t it?

You’re in a never-ending battle, and not getting whether you are exaggerating the situation or your partner’s attention is really deviated. Admit it! 

Undoubtedly, it’s a familiar story, and it usually goes like this until you discover the issue and speak your mind. 

Here, we will help you guess if you are right or just need to stop overthinking. 

8 Signs You Have An Uncooperative Husband During Pregnancy

Consider these common predictions to find the best solution and comfort yourself in spending the pregnancy period smoothly. 

1. Dismissive Behavior 

If your husband repeatedly understates the importance of your gestation period or belittles your matters, it may symbolize unsupportiveness. 

During this challenging time, your partner’s priority should be your concerns, health, and satisfaction.

You freeze in your tracks, realizing your husband isn’t interested in you anymore. 

That may be because he doesn’t know how to react during this span, or maybe this is his red flag. Yes, you read that right!

2. Starts To Do Things Alone

Have you ever noticed your husband is planning holidays, parties, and vacations alone? This is a big signal that your partner separates himself from your responsibility.

He thinks of you as a burden and feels relaxed and comfortable without you. No doubt, it hurts when you see your better half happy without you. 

It might also happen that he stops informing you about his plans and ends up saying it was a sudden intention. I know this is clipping your heart, but that’s unfortunately true.

3. Lacks Involvement In Your Matters

During your pregnancy, you have regular checkups and prenatal seminars to attend, but what if he fails to play a part or get involved?

You may want to shop for your coming baby, or you want frequent validation. But he needs to understand your position.

All in all, he lacks interest in your issues, interests, and insecurities. 

A disconnected attitude regarding prenatal appointments, consulting baby preparation, or even sidestepping dialogues about the pregnancy can reveal a lack of involvement.

4. Vague And Unpredictable

In the beginning, relationships seem tempting and alluring; you feel loved, appreciated, and prioritized, but your bond starts to lack spark after a few months. 

During such situations, your partner may seem more inclined towards physical relations and show no emotional intimacy. Sounds familiar? 

And that’s even more unfortunate if you often find him unpredictable around people.

If he behaves differently around people. i.e., being nice and friendly suggests your husband neglects his responsibilities and is vague in his attitude. 

Stress exposure throughout pregnancy has harmful effects on gestation, so your husband’s ignorance can affect your child. 

5. Ignoring Your Needs

Another thing your husband does is neglect your needs and demands. You’ve tried everything but are not paying attention to your requirements.

You both end up fighting, if I am not wrong. He plays defensively and pretends to be the victim of an unhealthy relationship where you are a too-demanding partner. 

Think about this for a moment: do you really want this messed-up life where you are not even given your rights? Of course, a big No!

6. Abusive Behavior 

You better know what’s more hurting for you, but being abusive and offensive to you, knowing you have his baby, is his worst act to do. 

He doesn’t stop smoking around you, taking drugs around you, and you are just silently watching him ruining your life.

You are experiencing abuse, abandonment, infidelity, and violence from this toxic bond. All your sufferings confirm your partner being unsupportive during pregnancy.  

This behavior is not only giving you anxiety and health issues but is also a life threat to your unborn baby. Don’t even try to deny it!!

7. Makes Decisions On His Own

Another big sign is that he makes choices that impact you or the unborn baby without your consultation or consideration of your sentiments. 

Your partner may decide on things such as birth plans, finances, family visits, health care, and childcare preparations without conversing with you. 

Disregarding your likes or wishes and imposing his opinions on you is a big red flag! You already know all these harmful attitudes of your partner. 

You have just been ignoring them for a long time! And now you have no other option than tolerating him for the sake of your child. 

8. Being Unfaithful During Your Pregnancy

Let me give a wild guess: the most significant and undeniable sign of your husband’s uncooperativeness is “cheating.”

He remains emotionally distant from you, is avoiding intimacy with you, and is not expressing an interest in your baby – all this indicates your hubby is not supportive. 

Unfaithfulness stops him from spending quality time with you. You are not his center of attention because he is involved with some other girls. 

Unfortunately, an online survey also estimates that around 1 in 10 men cheat when their partners are pregnant.

So, be careful if he’s cheating, and don’t get him on your nerves. Let him go right away!


We all agree that pregnancy is great news and, honestly, life-changing. It comes with a lot of happiness, blessings, and pleasure.

However, sometimes, when you identify cues of an unsupportive partner during pregnancy, it destroys your satisfaction in a second. 

Unsupportiveness, resentment, and misunderstanding could weaken the bond and especially affect the mum and the baby. 

According to research, elevated levels of pregnancy-specific stress in mid-pregnancy indicate reduced mental and motor development in the fetus.

Through free communication, compassion, and joint commitment, partners can even deal with pregnancy problems. However, the efforts must be two-sided.

May you have a stress-free parenting journey!

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David Wilson

David Wilson

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