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3 Main Signs the Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

Matilda Alvarez
March 10, 2024

The universe works in enigmatic ways. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see what is in front of your eyes. A person with great significance may already exist in your life. Someone who you are destined to be with. You may already sense a spiritual connection with someone, or maybe you are just about to meet them.

Have you already found your destined partner? If so, how can you know it for sure? Have you encountered unexplainable signs that might have been sent by the universe? Can you interpret them?

You might have been telling yourself that the strange yet unforgettable encounter you’ve just had was just pure coincidence, but if you are unsure, keep reading because your answers may lie here. Embrace yourself for a spiritual journey that is about to come.

How to identify that person?

If the universe wants you to be with someone, your encounters with them will become frequent. While these may appear purely coincidental, the timing and place of your meetings often hold significance. It can be a cosmic signal to encounter a person at places and moments when you would have the least chance to do so.

You feel an unexplainable connection, a sense of security, comfort, and ease in their presence. You are drawn to them by an invisible external force, and you resonate with them. Each conversation becomes deeper and your gut tells you to go for them.

This person appears to be the missing piece of the puzzle that you’ve been looking for all along. Believe in your intuition, as it is one of the strongest signs of the universe.

How to receive the signs

The universe is constantly guiding you and communicates with you in all forms. It shapes your present and your future. While its messages may seem unclear at times, you feel like it is talking to you on other occasions.

For those who are unwilling to listen, it cannot help; however, if you are one of those who are eager to hear its guidance, you just need to be attentive. To be able to interpret its messages, you need to find them first. Here are a few strategies you can use for this purpose.

1. Attention

The universe may guide you to meet an individual with whom you are going to have a profound conversation. The kind of conversation that captivates you long after the end. It could happen anytime; perhaps you are waiting in line to pay for the groceries when you bump into a friend whom you haven’t seen for years and you have the most unexpected conversation.

The two of you resonate in a way that you have not yet experienced. Afterward, you start meeting more often even without planning. Pay attention to these encounters and value them. This may be a sign that this person is going to have a significant effect on your life.

2. Inner Peace

You must have heard stories about people embracing their solitude and independence. They decide that they want to get to know themselves better and they stop looking for a relationship for a while, however, after a few days or a month, they stumble upon someone special and their story unfolds into an eternity of true love.

When you reach inner peace and no longer feel desperate to chase love, the universe may reveal to you a “The One” that might change everything about your life.

3 Signs the universe sends you when you meet the one

Even if you believe that the universe is sending you signals, deciphering these is by far not the easiest thing to do. Some are more obvious, while others are subtle and can be easily overlooked if you are not paying close attention. To help you navigate these messages, here is a list for you that might guide you on your journey.

1. Intuition 

They say that intuition is the whispering of the universe. It accompanies you throughout your whole life, and you need to learn how to listen to it. When facing difficulties in your life, you can eliminate the cause of your frustration with the help of your intuition.

By listening to the guidance, you can avoid unnecessary harm. When your gut warns you, you should listen to it and act accordingly. If you find yourself in a difficult position, close your eyes and allow your intuition to take the lead. To understand your intuition, let’s take a look at its types and find out which one is relevant to you.

  • Claircognizance: This gift refers to the ability to acquire knowledge without any sort of rational explanation. It is the understanding of a situation or a person without information or evidence. It simply means “clear knowledge”.
  • Clairsentience: This means “clear feeling.” This type of intuition refers to perceiving knowledge through understanding energetic feelings. Those who are blessed with this gift can discern the energy and feelings of a person, situation, or object. If it describes you, you are most likely to receive a message in this manner.
  • Clairaudience: In contrast to claircognizance or clairsentience, this type of intuition is strongly linked to the sense of hearing. This means that you hear clear psychic messages. Whether you hear the voice of a loved one in your head or a barely recognizable sound, you might be receiving a helpful message.
  • Clairvoyance: It is the extraordinary power to predict forthcoming events. Clairvoyant people often possess knowledge about things that they have never actually heard about. It is considered to be a sixth sense and those who have it can have a strong intuition regarding their or other people’s destiny.

2. Dreams

Dreams can be considered to be messages from a higher power of the subconscious mind. It is not at all uncommon to experience recurring visions and encounter unfamiliar individuals while being in this realm. After a while, you may encounter someone who has a striking resemblance to this individual you’ve been dreaming about.

If it has happened to you, there is a chance that you had a precognitive dream. If they once again appear in your dream, keep a record. Make notes and analyze it because the universe might be channeling a message to you.

3. Angel numbers

In Numerology, angel numbers are considered to be usually three to four digits long numbers with a pattern, e.g. 11:11, 321, 6767. You can encounter them multiple times and they might grab your attention.

Even though they can be interpreted in various ways, they are frequently linked to relationships and love as well. For instance, the number 111 is referring to new beginnings and potentially symbolizes the start of fresh love in your life.

Similarly, if you are already in a relationship, 444 can represent stability to you and might indicate the healthy foundation of your relationship. As for the number 777, it is believed to represent a spiritual connection and if you constantly find yourself encountering this number, you might get to know someone who shares and values your beliefs. 

Interpreting the signs of the universe is certainly not a simple task. However, it is not impossible. Through observation and openness, you can decipher the messages sent to you in various ways. Trust your intuition and your perception and you will soon realize what a higher power might be trying to tell you.

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Matilda Alvarez

Matilda Alvarez

I am a professional writer and editor based in Melbourne, Australia. I am a researcher in the environmental sciences and have a passion for the natural world, wellness, and the written word. Through my studies and freelancing career, I have become well-practiced in creating engaging, concise, and digestible prose for readers to enjoy. In my spare time, I enjoy practicing yoga, and meditation, exploring beautiful Australian landscapes, and reading a good book.

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