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10 Signs To Tell if He Really Loves You

Sophie Simons
February 2, 2024

You don’t need to have the smartest mind in the world to figure out if your guy is falling for you or not. Just feel the emotions and observe how much he cares for you. But if you’re still confused, look for these 10 signs to find out if he really loves you.

Don’t you just love those marriage vows? Promising to stand by each other through thick and thin, in sickness and health. It’s a pretty big promise you make when you finally choose to spend your whole life with the person you love the most.

Disheartening as it may sound, divorces happen even after years of marriage. So, where did all those sacred oaths vanish? You may find a partner who brings expensive gifts for you or kneels down and sings a romantic song for you. But do they care for you when you have health issues?

Consider yourself lucky if they do, then it means you have found the right person for yourself, who may not be Prince Charming but definitely has a heart of gold. 

Research says men fall in love faster and confess their feelings at an early stage than women. If your partner loves you, you can see it through his kindness and level of intimacy. 

But if you’re still having second thoughts, explore the signs curated just for you to figure out if he truly loves you or not.  Who knows, a ring might just pop up in your wine glass by the time you finish this read.

10 Signs that he really loves you

1. He includes you in his life

It feels awesome to be with someone who truly loves you. If a man has affection for you, he’ll give you importance. He’ll always want you close and even when he’s hanging out with his friends, he’ll proudly hold your hand and find little ways to show he cares.

If you notice that his friends already know a thing or two about you, then it’s obvious your partner has been talking about you. Some people are open about their feelings, while others like to keep things under wraps to maintain a tougher image.

2. He dreams with you

Love isn’t about having sex all the time. If a guy is really into you, he’ll also be positive about making plans for the future. Whether it’s saving up for a new home together or planning a sweet romantic getaway, he’ll be eager to build a future with you.

If he pictures you to be by his side in the future, it is a sure sign that he loves you. When you hear him dreaming a life or scenario with you, encourage it – no matter how silly it might seem at the moment. Use this time to know him even more, to understand what he dreams about.

3. The small daily gestures

He might not take you to the most expensive restaurant in the city but he may prepare a surprise morning breakfast for you. Leave little love notes to remind you he is always there for you. Behave all loving and caring even when he’s drunk. Help you around house chores and care for you when you’re unwell.

These things may seem little, but they become the core building blocks of your relationship. If a man loves you, he’ll find his own adorable ways to show it.

4. He Never Forgets the Important Dates

Caught up in a 9-5 grind or juggling two jobs for the paycheck – who’s got time to remember birthdays or anniversaries, right? The truth is, if your partner is truly head over heels for you, he’ll go out of his way to remember all the stuff that holds significance for you, like where and when you first met, that memorable first kiss, and even your mom’s birthday.

On those days when you’re wiped out and the last thing you want to do is cook, he might surprise you by ordering your favorite meal along with your go-to-drink. He’ll have all those important dates and moments that made your relationship special locked in his memory.

5. He’s Protective of You

A guy who doesn’t truly love you won’t give a second thought about who you’re spending time with or if anyone’s checking you out. On the other hand, an honorable man – a real lover, becomes your ultimate protector, kinda like having your own SuperMan around 24/7.

You feel completely safe sitting on his lap, surrounded by his arms. His protective instincts might seem a bit intense at times, but it’s just his way of expressing how much he cares. 

6. It becomes difficult to stay apart

It might just be a hand on your lap, an arm around the shoulder, a gentle brush of the fingers, the feet touching under the table. He might be looking at you through the room, just trying to get a good look at you.

If he is making deep eye contact with you, you know you are in the safe zone. When you have direct eye contact with someone you like, you release a bunch of oxytocin that helps you to feel connected and closer to another person.

7. He is vulnerable around you

There is this recurring myth that men don’t have feelings – which is nothing but a myth. Men have feelings, and they share them with people they trust. If he trusts you, if he loves you, he will be vulnerable with you. He will let you know his darkest fears and his deepest desires, just like he’s doing with his friends.

8. He encourages you to dream

If he loves you, he will want to help you dream. He wants you to succeed in your job to achieve your goals, and he will want to help you. He will sit patiently while you are naming all the things you want to do, and he will help you make those things a reality.

9. He is your number one fan

Possibly even more than your mom, if he truly loves you, he becomes your biggest cheerleader. He’ll back your wild ideas, let you chatter about your passions, and patiently listen to all the gossip about you and your friends. No matter what you share with him, he’s there to support you wholeheartedly.

10. He prioritizes spending time with you

Men usually have a thing for sports, be it playing or watching the game on TV. They love hanging out, sharing a couple of beers, and enjoying a good time with friends. Amidst all these activities, a truly special partner makes sure to carve out quality time for you. Whenever you’re feeling a bit down, he’s right there to lift your spirits.

He might even sneak out of the office early just to be there in time to see you blow out the candles with you on your birthday. You both seek adventure trips to make your bond even stronger.

Time for a Test!

If you have read these signs and are still in doubt, fear not. While you shouldn’t test him all the time, you can test his love once in a while.

Simply ask him what he wants to do in the future, and when he starts talking – ask him where he sees you in that future. So, instead of testing, just have an open conversation with him.

If he responds right away, it shows he has thought about it. If he says he just wants you by his side, he may not have thought it but still wants you around (he just needs a little time to figure out his own emotions). If he’s unsure or says he doesn’t know, it could mean he’s not confident about spending a future with you.


So, is your partner ticking off any of these signs? If so, congrats! You might just be with your dream guy. Finding someone who truly cares about you, supports you in tough times, and encourages you to follow your passion and love with all his heart now feels like hitting a jackpot.

Value these gentlemen, let’s face it, in a world full of scams and playboys, genuine guys are seriously hard to find. Talk to your partner, hear his thoughts on your relationship, and plan your dream future together. If your man is showering you with true love, it’s your turn to give it right back.  

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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