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9 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

Matilda Alvarez
March 13, 2024

Relationships can be one of the most incredible moments in someone’s life. It is a time of romance, connection, trust, and transparency. If lucky, someone could be in a relationship and have this experience for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, this is not the outcome for everyone who gets into a relationship.

Breakups happen, and it can be a gut-wrenching experience for both parties. Leading to arguments and dysfunction. But the worst experience about a split is deciphering if your partner has truly moved on from the relationship or if it is just a moment and they will return.

This moment of unsureness may be more painful than when your partner said they are breaking up with you. Now, you have this slight hope they may come back, leaving you in a state of paralysis. This paralysis is not suitable for anyone, so it is crucial to be able to catch signs an ex is genuinely not coming back.

An ex will make it clear through their actions that they are not likely to return, so it’s important to know what to look out for. 

Below, we will look at signs that an ex is not returning to a relationship. 

1. They found a new partner

The most unmistakable way to understand your ex has moved on is if they have found a new partner. Even if there were indications they may be coming back, once they have found a new partner, they effectively relayed the signal that the chances of reuniting with you are nonexistent.

2. They do not wish to be friends

One way an ex may portray that there is some hope of reconciliation in the future is if they wish to be friends after the breakup. This friendship may indicate some consensus that they enjoy your company and do not wish to lose you. Staying friends means they may want to form a deeper connection and reconnect into a relationship in the future.

However, 44% of people do not remain friends with any of their exes. When a person does not want to be friends, they see no future. They want to move on with their lives, believing the best way to do this is without their ex remaining a factor. 

3. They delete all photos of you and them

Social media is a significant factor in today’s world. It’s a perfect platform to display updates on your relationship. 48% of people post about their relationships online. Keeping the images up means they want to portray they are in a relationship to keep other suitors away and demonstrate they still have feelings for you.

To change the narrative, they will delete all of the pictures from social media to show the world they are single. Thus, by removing meaningful images, they invite possible suitors and look to create a rift in the connection you and they may have had.

4. They return your things

If your relationship was at the point of living together, or there were constant visits to the other’s residence. When an ex is ready to move on, they may wish to eliminate all traces of you from their lives. Just as with social media pictures, they will return your things to send a message they do not want to think or see you anymore. 

5. They improve their lives

Many people who have a breakup will seek to improve themselves. At this point, they may believe that getting back together with you is not the most important thing. Instead, they seek to strengthen their relationship with friends and family and further their careers more than they were in the relationship.

This ascension will also give them the impression that a relationship with you was holding them back, furthering their doubt about getting back with you. 

6. They speak poorly of the relationship

No relationship is perfect. Most have issues and disagreements. But after a breakup, most people seek to keep those problems in-house. Only speaking on the ills of the relationship with close friends and family. However, suppose someone speaks poorly of the relationship and you personally on social media or to co-workers. In that case, they did not value the relationship and wished to burn all bridges. 

7. No signs of jealousy 

If someone still has feelings for you, they will demonstrate jealousy when you try to move on. They may voice their displeasure or seek to provide clarity of their remaining feelings for you. However, if they do nothing and allow you to move on to a new partner, they no longer want to have any romantic involvement with you. 

8. They purposefully move away to get away from you

After a breakup, an ex will want to move away to get away from you. Your ex may see too many things in their city or town that remind them of you, or they may fear continuously running into you. So they move to another area to get a fresh start and remove any possibility of getting back together with you. 

9. Substantial time has passed

If someone were interested in getting back together, it would not take months or even years to make it happen. If someone has feelings for you that do not go away, they will make them known and try to get back together with you soon.

If a long period has passed, whether in months or years, then it’s safe to assume they are not inclined to get back together. Even if they continue communicating or meeting up, if they wanted to reconnect in a romantic relationship, they would do so promptly and not delay the reconciliation. 


Couples reconcile after a breakup between 40-50% of the time. This frequency of reconciliation means two people can get back together, but the signs have to be there. Two people with feelings for each other will do everything to ensure the other understands this.

However, when someone has no feelings, they will also attempt to clarify this. They will do a series of things, sometimes subtle, sometimes direct, to make it clear they are never coming back. 

Breakups are complex, but determining if a person is willing to return quickly provides you time to leave the relationship emotionally and move on with your life. 

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Matilda Alvarez

Matilda Alvarez

I am a professional writer and editor based in Melbourne, Australia. I am a researcher in the environmental sciences and have a passion for the natural world, wellness, and the written word. Through my studies and freelancing career, I have become well-practiced in creating engaging, concise, and digestible prose for readers to enjoy. In my spare time, I enjoy practicing yoga, and meditation, exploring beautiful Australian landscapes, and reading a good book.

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