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The Best and Worst Zodiac Signs in Bed

Sophie Simons
March 13, 2024

You might not be too familiar with the term Zodiac, but maybe the terms Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces might sound familiar to you. Twelve zodiac signs are in existence to date. They are as old as the civilization of Babylon. But that aside, you might wonder why all this talk about zodiac signs. Belief in these astrological signs also affects one’s love life.

Some people think that there are people who perform well in bed, while others fail to hit the mark all because of their zodiac signs. Reading this article means that you are also interested in the possibility that there is such a thing as the worst zodiac sign in bed. 

Well, you weren’t exactly just here for the zodiac signs if you are here reading this. You are probably here to get a feel for whether you are one of the signs that they just assume and presume to be worse in bed based on your zodiac sign’s personality

Before we go to the much-awaited part, first of all, who is believed to be the worst? Here is a list of the top 3 zodiac signs in Western culture that are popularly believed to be the best in “bed.” 

The Cream-of-the-Crop

According to some, the best zodiacs when it comes to intimate relations are Scorpio, Libra, and Aries, with Scorpio taking the crown of being the king or queen on top.


Now, the creme de la creme, people under the sign of Scorpio are very passionate about life and everything in it, including sex. They have this unquenchable desire to satisfy and gratify sexual desires, theirs and their partners.

You will never get bored and wrong when you get it on with a Scorpio. But they are not all about sex, and their passion spills over to being very passionate in showing their love for the people they care about.


Libra is not as fiery as Scorpio but this balance scale shows exactly how perfectly balanced they are in bed taking into account the harmony within the relationship. They are a people pleasing bunch and you are guaranteed that they will always consider your needs and wants in a relationship and in bed as well. 


Aries is in the third spot, even though they are also as passionate as Scorpio is, because even though Aries is passionate in relationships and in bed, it can be trumped by their egos and their need to compete. Compete with a past lover, compete with their current lover, and compete with themselves.

Yes, this competitiveness can be taken as a positive sign and also a bit negative. The positive take on their competitiveness can mean that they are ready to give you a wonderful time in bed. The downside is that they will always be trying to compete and be lost in the connection or emotion of the moment. Although it rarely happens.

The Worst 

On a different note, it is now time to get down and dirty; the least liked zodiac signs in bed are the following:


People under the Pisces sign are said to be known for their empathy and compassion towards other people. This is a good quality to begin with, as it assures that any person engaging in a relationship with a Pisces person is bound to get a whole lot of love and good-quality intimate relations.

Why are they number 3 on the worst list? Well, it is exactly that. Their sensitivity to people and their slow-burning passion are sometimes the roots of their spacing out while doing it.

One moment, they are lathering you with their smooches, and the next, they are transfixed with a small mole on your back. That’s just the way they are.


The second-worst zodiacs in bed are those under the sign of the crab or Cancer. Cancer signs are well known to have a very deep understanding of their relationship partners. They are also known for their intense emotions. You can be sure that they will always be serious when it comes to their relationships.

You can also bet that they have a way of knowing what their partner’s needs are and have no issues delivering exactly that. But because of this passion that cancer people have, they tend to be a bit more clingy than usual, especially after the act itself.

It is a bonus, of course, to so many relationships, but for the majority, it may come off as too much, especially if it was just a fling and not a relationship. 


The zodiac signs that were deemed the worst sign to be within “bed” are those under that of Virgo. Why? Virgos are best known for being perfectionists in everything and anything in their lives.

The good side of this is that they will always seek to be better and do better, if not their best, when it comes to their lives, and that is good, especially for their loved ones. The reason they are called the worst when it comes to sexual relations is also their perfectionism.

Their tendency to always want to make it perfect will get in their heads and stay there until it gets in the way of their mood, and there goes the whole evening.

It’s not about the Sign. It’s about the Performance

Performance anxiety when it comes to sexual encounters and intercourse does not only happen to specific people. More and more people, especially males, feel like they need to be specifically large in order to satisfy their partners, and that gets into their headspace, and there goes the mood.

According to some sources, there are several factors that affect a person and trigger their performance anxiety. There are ideas about how to function specifically to their gender, their perceptions of virility, body image along with the size of their package for men, having relationship problems, and surprisingly the use of internet porn. All these factors are said to contribute to how people experience performance anxiety. 

Then there is that notion that a person’s zodiac sign is also responsible for having a bad performance in bed, and that is because of the different personalities that tie in with their zodiac signs, as mentioned previously. 

On the bright side, everything that makes each of the signs bad in bed is also a good personality trait. They can be addressed when each party is willing to work through them. These are also only based on popular opinion and not scientific facts; hence, they cannot be taken straight to heart. But it can be a guide to being a better version of yourself.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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