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8 Signs Your Child Doesn’t Respect You

David Wilson
March 13, 2024

All emotions, like love, empathy, and affection, fade with time, but respect grows more and more – when the connection is strong enough.

All in all, this discussion is focused on the bond between parents and their children. Yes, you read that right!

The familial tie is considered the most unconditional bond, so their attachment and consideration levels are primarily on the extreme. 

But you know what? Sometimes, due to our negligence or lack of affection, we make it evident for our children to disrespect us. 

It’s essential to keep an eye on whether your kids are giving you the stink eye or just being typical teens who think they know everything. 

You can’t tolerate ignorance from your offspring — admit it!!

So today, we will shed light on some signs to determine if your kids are being mean or just curious to learn more about the world. Let’s begin.

Your Child Isn’t Showing Respect | 8 Prominent Clues

Do you know what makes a relationship more nurturing, open, and empathetic? The “Respect” element nourishes a bond more than any other feeling.

No more talk; let’s dig into the hints that will help you figure out disregard from your kid’s side. 

1. Disobeying Your Authorities

Have your children stopped following your specified rules? They may seem lost when you provide instructions or vigorously cross your set boundaries.

It feels like you’re banging your head against a wall, as no one cares why you have applied certain restrictions.

In such cases, imposing rigid rules may not be influential, particularly if your child doesn’t fright the potential impact. 

Alternatively, parents must show their concern and affection to their children to make them realize how much you care for them. The right strategy!

2. Refuses Your Contributions

Children may have an entitled mentality when they reject their parents’ contributions and gifts. 

Don’t you just hate it when your kids don’t appreciate you? Well, we know they mean the world to you!

But there’s no doubt that ungratefulness can make you question whether your devotion and efforts are worth it. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

However, that doesn’t indicate that you are not the only unlucky parent. According to a survey, 81% of parents believe their kids are ungrateful. 

3. Argues With You

Your children talk back or argue with you, and they are usually impolite. It’s a clear indication that they aren’t afraid to disrespect you.

Do your kids mean everything to you? Be honest. And reading these signs, deep down, you know it’s true that they are offending and disrespecting you. 

I know the feeling of being a parent, too. But you don’t have time to regret it. You just need to be consistently polite and empathetic toward your kids.

Be patient and try to figure out why they are getting away from you. Understanding these signs will help you regain the precious asset – your children. 

4. Don’t Offer to Help

Parents sweat blood to take care of their children, but when the time is to pay off, a disrespectful kid will never offer help. 

This behavior suggests that he/she does not appreciate you for all your sacrifices and they are too mean to help you with daily chores. 

They are too busy with themselves and aren’t interested in giving you the time you offered them during their tough times. 

Your own child, whom you brought up, cared for, and apprised, is unfortunately not giving you the attention and assistance you deserve. 

5. Accuse You For Their Issues

Children who blame you for their troubles are not taking accountability for their deeds and don’t honor your teachings and training. 

Plus, they play defensive and blame you for their mess — accusing you of being the cause of every situation they face. 

Questioning your upbringing, they indulge in false activities. And when they cross the set limits, ultimately, they will fall prey to harsh consequences. 

Don’t you get hurt with such an attitude? However, being experienced, you need to address problems intelligently. 

Don’t repeat the mistakes your kids have made!

6. Their Physical Aggressiveness Toward You

According to the Springer Link Journal, aggressive or antisocial behavior is widely seen in children between 15 and 20 years old.

You never know when a verbally abusive child becomes physically assertive. This is the worst stage of being disrespectful when your child abuses you. 

Of course, you gave them birth, and now, this is what they are doing? It is ridiculous. They might even hurt you in a hot argument or when they strike out. 

If they behave like this, don’t even try to deny it or cover their sins, as it is really unpleasant and undesirable. No one deserves this.

Physical attacks can become quite dangerous and should be handled with the proper treatment from a professional. 

7. Puts You Down

While not usual in most teen-parent bonds, part of rudeness is doing it outright. But wait – there’s more.

Your teen may cut you down to size by being scornful about your hobbies, whether occupational or a new pastime you’ve selected. 

Many kids may consider your passions, choices, and music taste unimaginative and bland. Thoughtfully, how do you bear this behavior? It’s definitely a hard pill to swallow.

Another thing that you may notice is they refuse to eat food you cooked for them.

Overall, you need to watch out for harsh words and language that put you down.

8. Manipulates You For Personal Benefits

We’re not through yet; there is another common sign that confirms your child to be impolite. 

So, have you wondered why his/her behavior changes unpredictably?

Your child tends to manipulate you to get what they want; this shows how unimportant you are to them. They use it for personal interests; their flattery is their benefit. 

Comparison is the crucial point that they use to convince you. They question your compatibility by comparing you with other parents. Shocking for you, right?

They’re always trying to pull a fast one, pitting you against your own standards to get their way.


If acknowledging the attitudes reveals that your child is disrespectful, it’s time to take action. There are always effective ways to decide how you can mold them again toward the right path. 

Respect begins at home, so you must teach your teens to respect and care for others. Try to appreciate their every achievement so they can recognize your importance. 

You’ve tried everything but failed? Don’t worry; it’s never too late to make a change.

Keep trying! Wishing you a successful parenting journey!

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David Wilson

David Wilson

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