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True Love Is When He Ignores You: Is This True?

Sophie Simons
December 9, 2023

Many people are under the misperception that if a man ignores you, it must mean they love you. That sort of mindset goes back to the playground when the boys would ignore the little girls who had a crush, and the adults would tell the young females that meant the boys secretly liked them. That isn’t always the case nor should you necessarily be tolerant of that behavior.

When the man you love ignores you, it can actually bring hurt feelings and upset instead of making you feel good. It begs the question of whether they genuinely care at all or value you as a person. If you try to talk about the issue and there’s no response, that implies a lack of communication, a vital part of any healthy relationship.

If a partner is unwilling to have a conversation to discuss the partnership, why are they hanging around? This only serves as a frustration for you as their mate. It can be mentally and emotionally unsettling. 

When these are a common result of the time spent together with happiness and love evading you along with respect and a mutual connection, can you really call that love? Not the healthy version that most people want to be a part of, not even the man. 

4 Tips On Confirming Whether Ignoring You Is A Sign He Truly Loves You

Is ignoring you to prove he truly loves you a method for gaining power or control over the relationship, or is he in a vulnerable position where he’s afraid to get hurt? Maybe ignoring you is a way to protect himself before it happens. But whatever happened to good, old-fashioned communication? 

When a man ignores you in an effort to show true love, it inadvertently creates hurt and devalues the relationship or you as a person. It brings a lack of respect and removes happiness in favor of questions as to the health of the partnership. 

When there’s a refusal to talk about the issues, you have no way to find a solution to your dissatisfaction with the behavior or gain perspective into his motives. That can leave you frustrated and annoyed. How can you verify whether his ignoring you is a sign of true love? Here are a few tips.

1. What does he do?

Sometimes, it’s not in what the guy says; it’s more about how he behaves, his body language. When someone loves you, they value and respect you. When you’re a priority in someone’s life, they should want to put forth an effort to demonstrate love, including using effective communication as a tool to resolve issues that could be putting a wedge between you.

If ignoring you is causing upset and frustration instead of making you feel happy, respected, and connected, a healthy partner will discuss the issue. 

If that’s not happening, watch how he behaves toward you. Perhaps, he’s not truly interested in romantic love. You’ll notice signs through body language, like avoiding eye contact or seeming uncomfortable in your presence. 

These signals can also be perceived incorrectly, but when having a conversation is not in the cards, the only presumption is a lack of genuine love, like he prefers to be anywhere else but with you. Or is he afraid you might hurt him, so he’s holding back? One will never know when being ignored.

2. Why is he behaving like he does?

Assess the man’s behavior. Making assumptions can be unwise because your mind can create many scenarios that are often far-fetched, but sometimes that’s your only recourse. 

The guy could be ignoring you quite simply because his life is at a hectic pace or there are complications making him distant. If you have difficulty excusing the actions, try talking to him about the way it’s making you feel as honestly and openly as possible. 

Doing so will either lead to the guy listening and understanding, perhaps strengthening your connection, or he will further ignore your feelings, believing that this, too, will pass. 

3. How do you feel?

Consider what your feelings are in the situation. You should feel valued and respected in any partnership. If a man is ignoring you to the point you aren’t feeling these things, maybe they don’t understand the meaning of authentic love. In a healthy relationship, each person knows they are cared for, and appreciation is an understood component of the union. 

Everyone deserves to be happy and feel fulfilled. If that’s not happening for you despite efforts to communicate these elements missing from the partnership, the man ignoring you might not necessarily be an indication of true love. 

When someone genuinely loves you, they take your dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment as a sign that they need to work harder to make their feelings apparent, not continue to disassociate.

4. Walking away for a while

Does absence make the heart grow fonder? When a man is ignoring you in his effort to prove that he truly loves you, but that’s not how he’s making you feel, perhaps you should step away from the relationship to see what his response would be. 

It could do both of you some good to take a break. If the guy does truly love you, he will want to bring you back into his life. That will be the ultimate sign that his ignoring you was his way of showing genuine love; not a good tactic, but maybe one that had a different context than what you believed.

If the guy doesn’t care that you’re gone, doesn’t reach out to you while you’re away, or further ignores you, it’s a sign that true love is not his intention in this scenario. The man is not as interested in pursuing a committed partnership as you might be, making it important that you fully move on to something healthier. 


When you find someone who values and respects you and is willing to put forth an effort into the relationship and participate in effective communication to work through any obstacles you come to, you won’t need to wonder if their love is true. It will be a mutual feeling of contentment, connection, and open, authentic emotion.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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