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4 Key Reasons Why Love Is a Strong Word

Sophie Simons
December 31, 2023

A deep affection and warm attachment are what we call love, whether it’s for parents, partners, children, friends, or pets.

Well, that’s a general definition of love. But is the word “Love” limited to it? Of course not!

People define it the wrong way. And now, it’s time to change this word’s meaning. Love shouldn’t be seen merely as an intense feeling but as a valid emotion.

Simply put, “Love is a powerful word, so do not say it if you don’t really mean it.” 

Between human beings, it’s a relational word. So yes, you can absolutely love things even when they don’t love you back, like a mountain, the moon, the sky, or your first lost love.

However, the love of people is usually directional. There’s a beloved and a lover — you do not only love, but you are loving someone passionately. 

Genuine love isn’t about the lover’s feelings, and it isn’t about egotism either. Instead, it is when a person truly believes in another person and makes an effort for it.

But wait, there’s more to this tiny word. Let’s dig in to explore the top reasons why love is a strong word.

4 Reasons Why The Word ‘Love’ A Strong Word

Of all powers in the world, love is the strongest and the most powerless one. It is strong because it can conquer that highly impregnable stronghold: the human heart. 

On the other side, it’s the most powerless, as it can do nothing except acquiesce.

Having such strong emotions about another person will shake you to your core. It makes people re-evaluate their beliefs. When you love, you find the entire world opened up for you.

But it is strange that most people take it for granted. Like, if we say, “I LOVE SPRINGLES,” would we actually die for Springles? No, right? 

It points out that we cannot say we love something when we aren’t emotionally connected. This word is only a concept that can be interpreted in numerous ways, but the real emotion behind it explains all. 

Everyone has different perspectives depending on their social experiences. And the truth of love can’t be put into words as its power is unimaginable.

Without any delay, let’s look at the reasons love is a powerful word!

1. With Love, You Can Miss Someone Even if You Have Not Seen Them for 5 Years!

First and foremost, love is well defined by this instance: when you really love a person wholeheartedly, you can’t stop loving that only one when he or she is not around. 

With real love and affection, if you haven’t seen someone for 5 years and can still miss them, wake up someday and realize you never forgot that person – your thought of moving just fades away.

You don’t judge them; love their smile, their smile, and even their insecurities. 

When you wait for a person for a few minutes, it’s just your need. If, for a few hours, it is your affection & trust. If, for some months, it is your friendship. And when you wait for so long, even though you know they will not come, it’s true love.

In a nutshell, real love can notice that someone isn’t perfect but still find a way to love them.

2. Word “Love” Is Not Merely Lust For A Person

You’ll see a lot of quotes and verses on love, but in real life, love is way more powerful than this. It is not merely a lust for someone; it is loving your close ones inside out – just like you love your first-time school love even after years.

Love is just like heading to your desired place at 8 a.m. in the morning to see them because you’re super excited to talk to them and see them. 

This word isn’t only a word you use. And when you’re passionately in love, you just know it; you feel this emotion in the air. Remember that everyone experiences love differently, and it teaches us how to be patient and choose only one person out of the 8.1 Billion People in the world.

3. Love Goes Beyond Words & Feelings

Although love is somehow about connection and chemistry, more than that, it’s about how we handle that connection. Loving someone is comparatively easy, but staying in love takes a commitment.

On top of that, accepting the differences you’ve with each other and resolving them in silence is a crucial part of love. It shows up when you don’t even have words to express.

According to Sage Journals Home, love is a strong force in our lives. It may seem to be one thing or aspect, but it takes on unlimited forms. We simply choose the way we look at our partner and put away all of our ego and critical thoughts aside.

4. It Is An Excellent Source of Motivation

You aim for good things when you’re in love. It is not only to impress your loved one but also to become a better person for the one you love and to set new goals. 

The upswing in your positive thoughts is also noticeable, ultimately making a difference.

A study found that romantic love has been a visible source of some great achievements of all mankind throughout the ages. So yes, the power of love on the brains of humans cannot be ignored.

Not only this, but you’ll also become fearless because you know that you have your cheerleader to assist you when needed. 

Love gives you hope that a person is always by your side no matter what happens.

Could Love Be Considered A Sign Of Weakness?

The straight answer is “No.” In most cases, you put in equal effort and make your love relationships work, no matter if it’s with your spouse, parents, or children. 

When you choose someone you love, you give them the power or charge to hurt you.

He or she has the power to either make or break you. And no matter how much they break you and hurt you, you always make them a priority every single time when you’re in love.

It actually makes you stronger…

They’ll give you a million reasons to go, but you’ll dig in to find just one small reason to hold on to that person. And that is real Love. It’s not confined to a single word but a bundle of emotions.

On the contrary, if you find the wrong person, things become the opposite. Falling for the wrong person eventually leads to downfalls.

See, this tiny word is quite strange. Sometimes, it can make the strongest people weak & the weakest people powerful. 

All in all, loving someone is like you give them control of your life, not because you want to, but because you’ve got strong emotions for that person.

In the end, the game depends on whom you choose to give that remote to.

Just keep loving and rising!


Meant for astonishingly strong feelings, yes, Love is a strong word. Always try to have a healthier concept of love in every relationship. What you feel is reflected perfectly through what you do. 

Therefore, keep your ego backward, and don’t be shy when it comes to popping out your inner feelings. We all have heard that “Actions speak way louder than mere words.” So, when any hardship comes, stay consistent and put all your efforts into saving the person you love.

No doubt, the deepest beauty of real love is how it positively changes your life.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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