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9 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore: What To Do?

Sophie Simons
March 8, 2024

What if your husband sits by your side one day and tells you he doesn’t love you anymore? Your world flips upside down in an instant, But hey, don’t lose hope just yet. If you’re convinced you can patch things up, then go all in and give it your best shot.

Let’s face it: falling head over heels is a piece of cake compared to sticking it out in a long-term commitment like marriage. Those early days are all about butterflies and swooning over each other. But once you’ve tied the knot, it’s a whole different game.  

After a while, that lovey-dovey vibe might start to fizzle out. Even if you’re both happy, marriage can start to feel more like a chore than a romance at some point. You might have a great hubby who is also an awesome dad, but even then, marriages can hit some rocky patches that leave you wondering if the love is still there.

According to Forbes, “In 2021, across the 45 U.S. states that report divorce stats, the divorce rate was approximately 34.8%.

As a committed partner, your job is to make sure that you don’t end up in those 34.8% of people. To be certain that your husband isn’t just going through a rough moment that he’s finding it hard to express and communicate with you then it’s important to take note of signs that might help in identifying if your husband doesn’t love you anymore.

In this post, you will not only find out signs but also what to do if the signs point towards the inevitable.

9 Signs to look for to know if your husband doesn’t love you anymore

While every individual is complex in their way and might express their feelings in different ways, there are still some signs that go a long way to show whether someone loves the other person or not. In other words, while people are different, there are still some common signs that can help identify whether a person still loves someone or not. If your husband exhibits more than one of the following signs, then it is highly likely that he doesn’t love you anymore.

1. He doesn’t pay attention to you

 If your husband is the type who at the early onset of your marriage shows interest in all that concerns you be it your career, social life and even family but suddenly stops showing concern and stops paying attention to your interests then there’s a chance that his feelings for you have changed.

2. He stopped being affectionate

If your husband is the type to always display affection either publicly or privately and he has stopped doing so or only shows affection from a place of obligation rather than love. For example, hugging or kissing you seems like a chore to him.

3. He prefers the company of others

If your husband starts getting irritated at the idea of spending time with you, whether at home or even at social gatherings, then you might have to consider the fact his feelings have changed, and he’s probably getting his dose of happiness in the company of others than you.

4. He doesn’t get jealous anymore

A healthy dose of jealousy in a relationship is a sign that the other person wants and craves your attention to be solely on them. But when your husband shows no interest in you being in the company of others or flirting with others, then there’s a problem somewhere.

5. He starts nagging

When your husband starts to find fault in you for everything, then it’s a sign that he doesn’t love you anymore. Whether he often complains about your appearance, hobbies, and decisions.

6. He doesn’t respect you 

Respect is a two-way street when it comes to any relationship. A relationship without respect can’t be seen as a healthy one or one that can survive. So if your husband has stopped showing respect to you, especially in front of others, then it’s a sign that he has stopped caring about whether he hurts you or not.

7. He argues and fights with you

When normal conversations with him constantly escalate into arguments, then it seems the emotional connection between you both that fosters understanding has dwindled and is probably no longer there when every moment is fraught with tensions.

8. He ignores your needs

Your need for your husband’s presence and attention in your life might come in various forms. Be it the need for him to promptly respond when you call or text or the need for him to be there whenever you feel low. But if your husband starts ignoring your needs in any way, then you might need to accept the fact that he probably doesn’t love you anymore.

9. Lack of physical intimacy

Sex is one of the ingredients of a successful marriage. So, when you take it out of the equation, it won’t be surprising if the marriage starts to enter a rocky terrain. If your husband loves you, using sex to express his feelings isn’t a far-fetched idea, but when he starts to withdraw from the idea of being intimate with you, it means issues have started to arise in the relationship.

What to do if your husband has stopped loving you

When you notice the above-mentioned signs in your marriage, and you are now certain that your husband doesn’t love you anymore, the next hard-hitting question to ask yourself is, “What to do?” Because coming to the realization that someone who has made a vow to love you for the rest of your life no longer can be gut-wrenching. So what to do? There are a couple of things that you can do, but not limited to…

1. Couple Counseling May Help

Both partners need to be on the same page in a relationship. If your husband is open to it, marriage counseling might work. Seeking help from a professional can help your husband in expressing his feelings and what hidden issues are causing all the trouble. However, if he’s not fully committed, life’s too short to stick around.

2. Think Clearly

Relationships are about growth, even if it means going separate ways. Take a clear picture of the whole situation and consider if it aligns with what you want. Think about whether you’d choose your beloved again if given the chance. This perspective can make your decision a lot easier.

3. Talk to Him

Listen to your husband’s side of the story. Map out how you want to do things in the future. If you’re both in for the long haul, think of ways to spice things up, like regular date nights or learning something new together. Ask if he’s willing to invest himself to save the marriage or wants to go his separate way. At this point, effective communication matters the most.

4. Tell Him You Both are On a Verge of a Breakup

Just give him a heads-up that you’re afraid things might end in divorce if nothing changes. Ask him if he’s willing to put in effort to make things better. If he’s up for it, awesome! If not, well, that pretty much tells you where things stand. If it doesn’t work, it’s natural to feel disappointed but keep in mind that there’s plenty of happiness waiting for you.

5. Be The First to Walk Out

If you think your husband doesn’t love you anymore, you might want to consider walking out first for your own well-being. But if you’re not sure, just chat with him about your troubled heart. If he really cares, he’ll listen and try to work things out. But if he doesn’t show any interest, it’s probably best to pack your bags and go. Your happiness is what matters the most.

6. You Are Free To Live Your Life

Take care of yourself with things like a new haircut, gym sessions, or a relaxing day at a spa. If your husband says he doesn’t love you and won’t try to fix it, don’t stress. Focus on yourself, pick up hobbies, and work on self-improvement. Let your husband know you can live without him and respect his decision.

7. Find A Better Partner

If your husband’s not into you anymore, he might be seeing someone else and mentally checked out. Don’t waste time chasing him. Maybe he never really valued you, or you two were NOT meant to be. Take your time to heal. Hang out with friends, have fun, and rediscover life. Just know there’s someone out there who’ll treat you right and appreciate you for who you are.


A marriage, just like any other relationship, is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, even more of these bitter moments than happy moments. When you recognize the signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore, you need to know that some things are beyond your control, including your husband’s feelings toward you.

So, to make a firm decision on whether you can put in the work to earn your husband’s love back or let go of the marriage for a new chapter in your journey, you need to communicate with your husband about his and your feelings.

This is why communication is essential to making a marriage work. Remember, just because love is no longer there does not mean you both can’t put in the work to sustain your relationship unless your husband is determined to be out of the marriage. 

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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