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Hinge Plus Review: Is Hinge Premium Worth It?

Sophie Simons
March 1, 2024

What’s the point of staying all alone – you literally miss out on all the fun! Everyone deserves a good life partner and a relationship they can rely on and trust forever. With Hinge Plus, it is much simpler to find ideal matches and figure out what works for you both.

If you’re looking to find some genuine connections, Hinge Plus is a great way to start. Their researchers and match-makers are always digging into what makes dating work, and they are pretty good at it.

Hinge, like Tinder, kicked off in 2012, letting users list crushes from Facebook. But then they ditched the Facebook integration and focused on promoting real and genuine relationships. Hinge boasts 28 million users, with 1.4 million enjoying its paid subscriptions.

Hinge was founded by Justin McLeod after his painful breakup with his college sweetheart, and since then, it has become a go-to for finding dates. It works on a Nobel-prize-winning algorithm that matches you with the most compatible person rather than multiple matches that don’t even make sense. 

That’s why most of its users were able to find their ideal dates with less effort. You can also find true stories that started on Hinge and turned into successful marriages.

Thanks to the detailed profile section, users can look for dates based on their habits rather than relying on profile pictures alone. 

So, is it really worth paying for Hinge Plus, or can you get the most out of its free version? Dive in the post to find out.

What is Hinge Premium?

Hinge Plus, formerly known as Hinge Preferred, is a premium subscription plan offered by Hinge. Compared to its free version, Hinge Premium offers a larger dating pool with additional features that make it worth your money. Hinge is all about making dating effective, not just getting you hooked with a random person. 

Hinge Plus Price

You can try out the free version if you’re new to the whole online dating thing. Play around a little, and when you get the hang of it, you can go for buying its premium version. Based on your area and gender, the prices may vary a little. For the latest prices, it’s recommended that you visit its website. For most users, the pricing model for Hinge+ breakdown is as follows

One Week$14.99
One month$32.99
Six months$99.99/month

Should You Pay For Hinge Plus

Even though Hinge doesn’t get many positive reviews on Trustpilot, there are people who have been using this app for a couple of years and have managed to land several dates. One of its users shares her experience:

Hinge Plus
Hinge trust Pilot Review
Should you pay for Hinge Plus
What users have to say about hinge plus

There are hundreds who found their happy endings after using Hinge for a while. However, like every other dating app, it doesn’t work like a magic wand. If your profile is not good enough and you’re not getting matches, then there is no point in upgrading to its premium version. 

First, focus on making your profile more attractive. Avoid making it appear something you’re not. Your generic answers to prompts might make it harder to find suitable matches. Work on sending carefully curated messages rather than pushing random likes.

With its premium version, users can access unlimited likes. It works great, especially when you are located in a densely populated region. Using Hinge+ allows you to skip the line and maintain a competitive edge.

If you’re not in a hurry and have the time, the free version of Hinge works well. It prioritizes deeper connections over sheer numbers. Yet, for those who are serious about dating and ready to invest, upgrading to Hinge Plus is a good idea. It ensures that you seize every opportunity for a match when the perfect one arises.

In short, if you are planning to use Hinge for a longer period of time and lack “PATIENCE” to find an ideal match, then it’s recommended to opt for Hinge+

Hinge Premium Features

You can download Hinge for free. But if you really want to make the most out of this app, consider investing in a quality premium service that’ll make it easier for you to connect with the right people and have a good time. Check out some of its cool features that’ll help you make the right decision.

Unlimited Likes

Free users are limited to 8 likes/day. It works when you are casually swiping through or searching for a partner organically as well. But if you love online dating and want to find as many possible matches as you can, then the free version is not your thing.

With Hinge+, you can like as many people as you can without worrying about that Perfect match that usually pops up after you run outta likes.

Find out Who Liked You

With the free version, you can find who liked you but only one at a time. Premium subscription allows you to view all the people who liked you in one place. This speeds up the search process. You can communicate with people who already like you rather than jumping on random profiles.

Advance Filters 

Upgrading allows you to access additional filters beyond the basic criteria. These Advanced Preferences allow for deeper compatibility screening.

Both free and paid users can mark preferences as deal breakers to refine their match pool, but be cautious not to narrow it too much and miss potential connections.

Some of the filters include height, family plans and children, educational level, politics, drinking, smoking, marijuana and drugs.

Sorting Option

At the top of the screen, Hinge+ users can pick from Compatible, Active Today, Nearby, and New Here to sort profiles. Just tap the filter to switch it up.

Want To Jump Ahead?

If you’re getting likes and comments on your current profile, then you might enjoy leveling up your dating game a little. Users get 1 Rose weekly to share with the most compatible person they are interested in. 

With all these cool features, you can also buy Roses, which are a kind of “Super-Likes” that show your match that you are highly interested in and put you on the top of their feed. You can snag three Roses in a pack for $9.99. By increasing your distance preference and buying additional boosts (make your profile visible for 1 hour), you can find 11 x more matches. 

Is it Worth it for Men?

Some users are of the opinion that the app shows you dreamy model-type matches at first but later disappoints you with average, overweight ladies. That’s why Hinge gets a set of mixed reviews from its users.

Is hinge worth it for men
Hinge plus reviews
Hinge+ for men

Some of its users think differently. Their experience has been nothing but exceptional. With Hinge+, users can find more matches if they have a good profile and are willing to put in effort to start a conversation. 

Some guys may find it pricey, but the features are worth the cost. Those who have used Hinge+ for a year or so generally find it valuable, especially for setting deal breakers and accessing advanced features.

There are a variety of opinions on how well it works, though. You can give it a try if you are really looking to find a genuine relationship, as it helps collect data in half the time in comparison to its free version, potentially leading to more successful dates.

Is It Worth It for Women?

Why not give it a shot and buy a one-month subscription to see if it helps with your dating life? A person looking for a longer commitment can’t handle the frustration of running outta likes. Swiping and 8 likes per day just aren’t good enough.

If you’re in your 30s or older, then the premium version can definitely help you find a more serious relationship; just remember to set the age as a dealbreaker. One of its users said:

Is hinge worth it for women
Hinge plus reviews
Hinge+ for girls

However, if you have an eye-catching profile and want to have a fun and flirtatious interaction with potential matches, then the free version is good enough for you.

Hinge VS Hinge Preferred VS Hinge X

The free version of Hinge allows users to create profiles, post pictures, and check out singles nearby. You can optimize your search by filtering based on age, location, and gender. In addition, you get 8 likes per day, along with unlimited messaging and video call features.

Hinge offers two premium memberships: Hinge+ and Hinge X

Hinge+ offers unlimited likes for those who want to maximize their matching potential. It allows users to see all who liked them at once, speeding up the search for potential connections. With just a few clicks and sorting options, you can refine your matches to fit your preferences and increase compatibility.

Hinge X, despite being pricey, levels up your dating game with boosted profile visibility, tailored recommendations, and priority likes. It’s a great choice for those dead-set on finding a meaningful connection and ready to go all-in on their quest for love.

Final Verdict

Like most dating apps of its category, Hinge has its own set of pros and cons. For casual hookups, you can stick to the free version. But if you want to get into a more serious relationship, you should go for buying Hinge+ or Hinge X. 

Users who have used both Hinge+ and Hinge X say that there is no point in upgrading from Hinge+ to Hinge X. The features of Hinge+ are good enough to find you an ideal match.

In the end, it comes down to your dating preferences, time, budget, and, of course, your willingness to invest yourself in finding a good partner.

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