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How Do I Tell if He Loves Me? 13 Signs To Look For

Sophie Simons
April 20, 2023

Men have difficulty expressing outwardly when they love their partner. If you can’t read his body language or recognize signs that he has feelings, it can be tricky to know. One thing to remember is that men won’t exert much effort with someone they aren’t interested in spending a lot of time with or seeing a future with. Today, we will learn the details of how to know when a man is in love from a man’s perspective.

If the guy is casually dating, his intention is to have a good time until he meets the person that he wants to pursue something more with. When you feel like you’re pushing for time and attention, he’s not as invested in the partnership as you are and probably won’t be. Instead of continuing to waste your time, it’s better to move on to someone on the same page as you.

How will you know when you meet that person if a man doesn’t feel comfortable with vulnerable communication? You’ll need to pay attention to the hints he’s leaving and try to decipher their meaning. Attempting to force a conversation can backfire, causing him to internalize instead of open up.

13 Signs A Man Truly Loves You

A man typically doesn’t express vulnerable feelings to the person they love primarily because many are afraid they won’t do it well. That can make it difficult for their partner to recognize when the guy is in love and sees a future with them. 

Instead of being able to have a conversation, you’ll need to try to decipher body language that shows he’s interested in more than casual dating and spending time together. 

If you have to push for time and attention, this person isn’t in love; they strictly want to have fun and are likely doing so with other people as well; they’re just having a good time. How can you tell when you might be the one for the man in your life? Here are a few signs to watch for.   

1. Body language

How Do I Tell if He Loves Me

When walking into a room, pay attention to how the guy reacts, the look on his face, his body language, whether his eyes beam at the sight of you, if he genuinely appears happy to see you. The indication that he’s excited to have you with him clearly implies that he’s in love. These aren’t emotions anyone can fake or hide like a fake smile.

When someone would rather be anywhere except included as your plus one at an event, it’s obvious. Usually, this person is more interested in what’s happening on their mobile than you are walking into the room.

2. A bad day

A bad day turned good just because they get to spend time with you is another sign the man’s feelings have moved from like to love. Time together is becoming important, with an honest effort made to do so more often. The guy is further interested in ensuring that their free time is spent only with you, moving away from casually dating a few people to more exclusivity.

You’re the only one capable of turning a long, stressful day into a relaxed, joyful evening that he looks forward to, and he loves that about you. You’re becoming more aware of these feelings the more the relationship progresses.

3. Eccentricities

Typically, in the initial stages of dating, the infatuation phase, most people overlook quirks and eccentricities, but as the connections deepen and love forms, it is something that becomes comfortable, predictable, a part of you the man finds familiar and loves. These are character traits that he looks forward to.

Maybe you snore, toss dirty laundry, and either hit or miss the bin, and you’re imperfect. The guy knows this and loves the flaws. He doesn’t want to change you or make you into a different, better version. A man in love gets who you are, knows you can be a mess, and doesn’t want you to change.

When you can be yourself, and it doesn’t scare him away, you can take that as a sign that he loves you.

4. Little gestures

When you start to receive small surprises and thoughtful gestures, you can take these as signs of love. This means that he’s making you a priority in his life and that his thoughts are on your needs and desires. Maybe you didn’t have time to make coffee before work, but he shows up with an iced mocha at your place of business.

When having difficulty choosing a restaurant, he makes plans with the evening set up at the place you went on your first date and dinner ordered consisting of the food you had that evening. The perfect romantic date to show that he remembers your time together, that it matters, and that he definitely has feelings for you more than mere likes.

5. Happiness

How Do I Tell if He Loves Me

He will go out of his way to make you happy. In any way he can, he wants to see you smile, to know that he can make you laugh and have a good time. If he believes you’re upset, it’s his objective to find a way to cheer you up. How you feel can impact his own emotions, showing that he has deep feelings for you.

6. Friends and family

A man won’t take the time to introduce a casual date to friends or family. Many times, the guy will keep his personal life private when he doesn’t see a future with the individual. These relationships are just for fun and entertainment but nothing he finds necessary to share with those important in his life.

When someone stirs feelings in the guy, it moves him to want to bring that person around close friends or possibly even introduce them to family members. It’s important to him that those in his inner circle like you and that you like them so you can all come together for different occasions. He wants this because he’s falling for you, and he wants them to like you as much as he does.

Does it feel as though he’s testing you? Yes, he is. These sorts of tests are a critical part of moving forward in a partnership. If close friends and family are not fond of you or you don’t like them, it’s difficult to make a relationship work. 

These individuals are an extension of the man. When he opens himself up by bringing you into his world, he’s expressing how strong his feelings are, but it’s also a make-or-break stage in the relationship.

7. Best friend/confidante

When a man sees you as his best friend, someone he can confide in and rely on, the person he enjoys more than most in his life, he’s not only in love, but he has a rare and envious sort of love that most people strive for. 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other people in his life or that he won’t need his independence. It merely means that he views the relationship as a deep, caring connection, a strong bond.

Some couples move forward in their relationships without developing the best friendship component. These individuals never establish the sort of vulnerability required for that status or the associated sense of trust. That’s part of the reason some relationships end badly, and there’s no potential for remaining friends. That component was never there.

When that foundation is there from the start, even if the partnership can’t stand the test of time, often, the two people can withstand a loving friendship. 

When he genuinely enjoys spending time with you and has an open, honest line of communication, he not only loves you, but he likes you.

8. Inclusive plans

A man who makes plans through the week or on the weekends ahead of time that includes you sees you as part of his future. That’s an indication of love. The future can be simply the next day, a weekend getaway, or a summer holiday the following year. It doesn’t have to mean an engagement or wedding. The idea is that he sees you in his plans.

The guy won’t be afraid to discuss these future plans and hopes to receive input and ideas from you on things you prefer to do. There won’t be a question as to whether he wants to pursue more time with you. He’ll make it clear.

9. Guidance

If a man is in love with you, your opinion will be important to them particularly if they need advice on something happening in their life. The guy will value your feedback, the insight you can offer, and what you see as the best way to move forward. 

With enough time and thought, he can work through most issues with a reasonable outcome but talking things over with someone with whom he values their judgment makes the process easier and helps him see the situation from a different perspective. Opening up vulnerably about a problem is a sign that he respects and loves you.

10. Protective

When the guy wants to know that you made it home after a night out with friends, he will walk with you to the door following a date and then message you after getting home to wish you a peaceful sleep or someone who supports you through good and not so good, this is a person in love. 

No one can speak ill of you without this man coming to your defense, particularly if you’re not there to speak for yourself. He wants to ensure that you’re well. That’s clear in the things he says and does, making it obvious that he loves you.

11. The effort 

Relationships take effort regardless of how perfect they might seem. Each person has to be willing to put in the work, particularly when conflicts arise, and they will. When rough patches occur, this is often when partnerships start to break down, but if a man loves you, he will readily put in effort to keep the partnership thriving. 

That might mean volunteering to find resources to work through the issues like self-help workbooks, investing in couples counseling, or any sort of solution to repair the relationship. Walking away won’t be a ready option. 

If he believes the two of you have evolved and changed so greatly that he’s no longer the person you need, that can force him to let you move on. Still, he’ll do all he can before that happens.

12. Consistency 

When a man is in love, he’ll want to talk with you. While life’s pace can be hectic, he’ll find a way to be consistent with contact, whether with texting or messenger. He won’t ignore your attempts to connect with him, even if it’s a message to say he’ll have to get back to you as soon as things slow down later in the day.

The priority is ensuring that you feel a sense of stability and security with the partnership. This is a sign that he loves you and wants you to believe in him and the partnership. He doesn’t want you to look for hints that you’re safe in having feelings for him, but he wants to volunteer how valued you are. A man who loves you won’t leave you guessing whether that’s the case.

13. His support

When something goes right or wrong, you’re the first person he calls. A man in love wants you to know immediately when there’s news of any kind. He looks forward to your reaction, your feedback, and your support. 

It’s easy to know this person values you. Their excitement, body language, and animation will tell you all you need to know as they share the details of what’s happening in their life. Without coming right out and communicating, the signs that they love you, that you’re an important part of their world, will be apparent.


Men are not necessarily good at expressing their emotions, and the vulnerability makes them unsure whether they’ll do so effectively. Partners need to pay attention to body language and other signs that the guy might be falling in love. When it comes to hints, men do give plenty of these. It’s up to you to decipher them as they’re meant.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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