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When To Walk Away From Someone Who Doesn’t Value You

Sophie Simons
January 30, 2024

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when your partner’s actions scream, “I don’t care”? Stuck in the codependency trap, it’s hard to cut ties with someone you’ve loved wholeheartedly. But how much more can you keep this one-sided show?

In a world with over 8 billion souls, there’s obviously someone made just for you. If you spend your time and energy on a person who doesn’t care about you, then you’re living in self-imposed confinement.

A real relationship is about treating each other with respect, talking openly, and trusting each other. A simple “I love you” is no good if you’re unable to incorporate it into your actions and behavior. Partners support each other during hard times and avoid making a fuss about it.

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship where you feel overwhelmed and consistently mistreated, it not only affects your well-being, but also these kinds of relationships usually don’t last in the long run.

According to Forbes, “80% of Americans have faced emotional abuse in their toxic relationships.”

Your whole world might turn upside down for a while but if you don’t feel valued in your relationship, it’s best to say goodbye. Discover red flags and tips on how to get over and walk away from someone who doesn’t value you.

10 Signs that someone doesn’t value you

Have you ever thought about why people tolerate being in relationships that make them feel tormented? Hoping for a change or thinking it’s the love they deserve can actually create a living hell for them. Don’t waste time on someone who is not worth your time, love, and compassion. Check out a few signs to spot these types and save yourself from misery.

1. Show Disrespect

Trust and respect are the building blocks of a relationship. Your partner can be disrespectful in many ways.

It can be through their abusive tone, dominating habits, ignoring your point of view during a conversation, or giving you disrespectful looks like eye rolls or contemptuous smirks. They know they’re hurting you, yet they take pleasure from your pain.

2. Intimacy Disappears

A person who doesn’t value you avoids getting close to you. No more strolling hand-in-hand or watching movies together. They avoid going out with you and make you feel less important.

As per research, sexual satisfaction and level of satisfaction in your relationship have a close connection. If your partner only seeks intimacy when desperate and avoids it with excuses, they likely don’t value the relationship. 

3. Arguments and Conflicts

Despite all your hard efforts, convincing them is impossible. They argue and dismiss your opinions, insisting they’re always right while you’re always wrong. In the end, your self-esteem gets shattered. You become more submissive towards them without caring about your opinions and beliefs, which is not a good sign of a healthy relationship. Ultimately, you lose yourself in the process.

4. Prioritize Their Own Schedule

All those important dates don’t matter anymore. They would value their meetings, get-togethers or events over spending quality time with you. They don’t even bother replying to your calls or messages. Sometimes, this silent treatment can go on for days till they get bored with other activities.

5. Secrets Are No Longer Secrets

You sincerely trust your partner with all your heart and share all your deepest and darkest secrets, hoping that they will forever stay between you two.

But a person who doesn’t care about you uses your intimate secrets or vulnerable moments as ammunition to fire back at you. They expose your mistakes in public, kinda like stabbing a knife and twisting it to inflict more pain.

6. Money Matters

You officially become the bank in a poor relationship. On top of house chores, you’re covering everything from bills to groceries and their leisure activities. Catering to their needs becomes your obligation. It’s a clear sign of a partner exploiting you for their own benefit. 

7. Your Achievements Don’t Matter

Your big achievements are overshadowed by their small success stories. They only care about your wins if it benefits them in some way. Conversely, some may even try to interfere with the awesome opportunities that come your way.

8. No concept of Sorry

Most couples argue at first but as the relationship matures, they start to build a better understanding together. Yet someone who doesn’t value you won’t apologize, even for their mistakes. You are held accountable for everything, and suddenly, it’s always “Your Fault.” Constant compromise and apologies can be truly disheartening.

9. No Sign of Jealousy

A touch of jealousy can be healthy in a relationship. But if your partner doesn’t care much about you, they won’t be bothered by your friends or even if there’s some flirting happening.

10. You No Longer Feel Protected

Having someone’s shoulder to lean on and share your concerns with creates a sense of safety. On the flip side, a disrespectful partner wouldn’t care even if your honor is on the line.

Reasons why you should walk away

It’s really simple – you deserve better. Staying with a person who doesn’t appreciate your efforts or waste too much time bragging about himself isn’t worth being in a relationship with.

Once you figure out these red flags, just smoothly walk away from the backdoor (no regrets–they don’t deserve you). Once you’re out, there’s a whole new world waiting for you to explore. All the negativity disappears, and you see things from a brighter perspective.

Want to know what happens when you break free from your miserable relationship?

  • Your self-esteem bounces back
  • No more emotional burnouts
  • Regain a youthful and energetic spirit
  • Develop healthy habits
  • Life becomes enjoyable once more
  • Focus on things that matter to you
  • Improved mental and physical health 
  • Feel more strong and confident
  • Achievement of peace of mind and happiness
  • You can search for a better partner who truly understands and loves you

How to walk away from someone that doesn’t value you

Walking away from your partner is undoubtedly challenging. However, when the situations paint a clear picture of a troubled relationship, acknowledging the truth becomes the first step towards making decisions for your well-being.

Recognize your self-worth– no one can do that for you. If you don’t receive the same kind of love and respect from your partner, then you must know that you are way better without them.

Save your energy and start ignoring their ill-treatment. Show them there are aspects of your life that matter more than them. Don’t try to cover their mistakes or justify their bad behavior in any way. Stick to your own values instead of constantly trying to please your partner.

Once you decide to walk away, stay strong. Look at the bigger picture. Life has more to offer than you can think of. Don’t waste your precious time with a person who does care about you.

Stay firm on your decision, and do not look back. Remove all their memories from your cell phone, including photos that can give you an instant flashback. This means no more sogging over ex’s pictures, no stalking on social media, or asking friends about their well-being.

Don’t let others guide you back into that toxic relationship again. Only you know the challenges you have faced and survived. So, avoid taking advice from outsiders who don’t know a thing about you two.

Cut Off all possibilities of returning. The farther away, the happier you’ll be.


With a world full of so many wonderful people, settling for a partner who doesn’t value you is like a self-torture. Real relationships are not based on empty words or flattering; rather, they demand respect, care, love, and good communication.

Identify the warning signs – disrespect, lost intimacy, constant disagreements– and bid farewell. Your life doesn’t DEPEND on that person. Walking away brings back self-esteem, ends emotional burnout, and opens doors to a more fulfilling life. Focus on what you love to do and find a partner who truly values your opinions.

This ain’t an easy path to walk, but the destination is worth it!

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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