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7 Signs You Love Him More Than He Loves You

Sophie Simons
January 31, 2024

Love is a two-way road — you put effort equally and have the same feelings of love for each other without getting selfish. Your partner doesn’t put the whole responsibility on your shoulders.

According to Guilford Journals, mutual love is an important aspect of relational capacity development and emotional healing.

But what if you feel like your partner is not as committed to this relationship as you are? This can be undeniably exhausting.

When you are more in love than him, it will lead to more sacrifices on your end, and he’ll be free to do anything. The word “fair” vanishes from such one-sided relationships. However, you might not give up on him because you blindly love him. 

Getting out of such relationships can be hard as you’re stuck on many questions, like “What if it is just a wrong observation?” Or, “Why would he not be in love with me when I’m his first love?”

Keep reading to discover signs you love him much more than he does!

Is It Normal To Love Someone More Than They Love You?

Well, it is normal to have different intensities of feelings for one another, but it definitely doesn’t mean that you should love someone so extremely when the other person has zero feelings.

A healthy connection always needs mutual care and effort, so don’t let it be imbalanced. 

To understand each other’s expectations and feelings, you both must allow open communication and maintain mutual affection for a fulfilling relationship.

You can also talk to him about how he mistreats you in some matters so he understands his responsibilities and how to handle them well.

Most importantly, never compromise on your value, as it ultimately costs you mental illness. We all deserve not to be taken for granted anyway, no matter what. 

How To Tell If You Love Him More Than He Loves You: 7 Signs To Look For

Although he doesn’t reply to you on time and shows carelessness in your matters, you can’t leave him because you’re unsure if your prediction of unequal love is right or not (as you’ve had a good time with your partner).

Husband and wife are like the tires of one car, and the ride can be harmful when one person is not willing to go on the same path with the other. Therefore, you should not ignore the identifications when making a final decision.

So, let’s see how you can tell if you love him more while he’s non-serious. Uncover the signs that you excessively adore him:

1. You Initiate Communication Constantly

Communication initiation plays a vital role in balancing a relationship. 

If you find yourself taking the lead in reaching out, whether establishing plans or through calls, it might indicate that you are making more of an investment in maintaining this connection. 

Ask yourself:

  • Do they even bother to leave you a text if you don’t talk to him first?
  • Is he showing interest in long-term goals or ignoring such talks?
  • Are you the one always finding time to see him?

And if the answer to all these queries is “yes,” it’s a sign for you to worry about it, as he’s exploiting you emotionally.

See, we all are busy in our lives, but what’s important is that we spare time for the person we love. Not responding on time will keep you distant from each other — leading to heartbreaks.

2. They Don’t Like When You Leave Your Stuff At Their Home

Does your partner get highly annoyed when you leave your belongings at their home? It clearly signifies unequal attachment. 

It is very normal in every relationship to leave stuff in others’ places. However, your partner needs to be acceptable in this matter because you’re an important part of his life.

So, why would he mistreat you for this stuff? If you are important, your belongings will hold a special place in his heart, too. And if it doesn’t happen, something is definitely wrong.

Someday, you will realize that he starts to initiate huge fights over such little things.

3. You’re Highly Anxious About His Safety and Well-being

When you date a self-obsessed man, he doesn’t like to get upset and compromise anyway.

And so, you care about him a lot and get anxious about his well-being more than yourself. But what about your emotions, my darling? Are they really worthless? Obviously not.

You are a strong woman, and someone you love is devaluing you. Only you’re wondering if he ate or slept adequately or if he had a happy day. Don’t you deserve the same?

A harsh reality is that when you’re loved by a man completely, he equally cares about your well-being, safety, and peace of mind. 

Realize this imbalance, and try your best to correct it by prioritizing your needs or concerns.

4. He Isn’t As Dedicated And Involved As You’re

Uneven commitment takes place when you’re showing exceptional dedication. At the same time, your partner is putting effort into peanuts. 

Signs of partners being less dedicated may include not prioritizing time of togetherness and lack of ability to resolve issues in between. 

It might be possible that you make plans, and he cancels them; you come up with date ideas, but he is never interested. You talk about planning children, and he works only on his personal objectives.

This carelessness emphasizes less commitment from your partner’s end. 

5. Your Lover Doesn’t Put Equal Effort 

Your husband does not reciprocate the same level of care that you are investing in. There must be a mutual exchange of support, actions, or love that shows strong commitment.

When either of the partners represents an imbalance of feelings, one person doesn’t get anything in return.

From buying gifts to cooking, nothing was reciprocated — not even during holidays.

It will take you some time to admit this mistreatment. But always know one thing: “You are precious and deserve goodness.”

Ask him to address these disparities if possible; otherwise, this connection is not worth it. 

6. You Lack His Support

When he needs you, you try your level best to be there as soon as possible. But when you need them, he vanishes. 

No matter if it’s for comfort or advice, you will see him nowhere to tell you that everything will be alright. In fact, they’ll say, “What’s the big deal in it?” and move on.

You uplift him, and he doesn’t bother to. You care; he does not.

If you find that your challenges, goals, and needs are not receiving support, it’ll leave you in a never-ending battle with your inner self, leading to imbalance.

There’s no point in being in such an exhausting and toxic relationship that lacks support and is letting you down consistently.

7. You Try To Work On Issues, But They Don’t

Your partner is not bothering to pull their weight, while you’re always at the forefront to work through issues and conflicts. 

It’s like trying to do solo dancing when you actually signed up there for a perfect duet.

Both persons must be in the same boat to follow a healthy relationship and take all the challenges hand in hand. 

Don’t let them drag their feet every single time! Otherwise, you will waste your precious time building a puzzle of missing pieces all alone.

Take note that if your spouse is not ready to compromise, it’s better not to stay! 

To keep the connection running smoothly, being on good terms is crucial. If just one person is going that, your relationship is undoubtedly bound to fail.

What To Do If You Love Him More Than He Loves You (List Of Things To Do)

At some point in this neglected journey, you’ll definitely feel drained. So, once you notice any of the signs, it’s time to take action. 

No more delay; look at what you should do in this scenario to keep away from complications:

1. Tell Your Lover What You Really Like Him To Do

Putting your likes and dislikes on the table doesn’t make you arrogant and selfish. Instead, it is a way to express yourself through clear communication.

Everyone has the right to communicate their preferences and wants to boost a healthy and mature relationship. Therefore, it does not really indicate a demanding nature.

Sit and talk to him about what is triggering and bothering you the most!

Know that no one can miraculously determine what’s in your mind; have a clear expression of yourself. Let them understand you better with a comprehensive love language.

No doubt, you’ll find it really effective in making things settled in the long run.

2. Don’t Settle For Negligence or Abuse 

If your love language doesn’t matter to him, and all your effort goes in vain, it clearly reveals that he is not interested anymore.

Your partner is not showing feelings of care and affection. He fails as a partner. 

What you can do here is suggest he consult with a relationship counselor and ask him to be serious in his work and connection with you. 

Nothing worked? Then, remember that your relationship is suffering a lot, and it’s enough to bear it. Don’t tolerate any kind of abuse.

If someone you love does not value you and doesn’t consider your values and norms, you won’t be able to stick with that person for a long time. Make a wise decision now!

3. Expect Effort, Nor Perfection

Growth and strength come through constant struggle and effort. If something is important to you, it should also matter to your lover, even when you can’t see that the same way.

To sort out everything, communication is the absolute key. You must expect effort from his side but never always keep perfection at the forefront. 

Notice if he values you and tries to make you happy with little things instead of wishing everything to be on point and perfect. 

No one is born perfect; we have flaws and make mistakes — accept that fact.

Can A Relationship Work If One Person Loves The Other More?

Inequality in love can occur between any couple, and it is pretty standard. 

A Journal of Social Psychology reveals that women are highly romantic, passionate, and responsible, and they fall in love more deeply and faster than men.

This indicates that they truly engage in the person they’re in love with and never give up. On the contrary, men are non-serious most of the time and take things for granted.

When you love a man more than he does, he tends to put a lot of pressure on you. Don’t give him a “King treatment” when he’s not treating you like his “Queen.”

Keep in mind that balance is key; prioritize self-love!

When Too Much Is Too Much

In matters of heart-to-heart relationships, imbalance can cause heartache. If you’re the only one serving, it’s just like you are walking on eggshells and expecting them not to crack.

From unreciprocated gestures to unanswered messages, you need to discover the signs that show that you are investing more emotionally.

Don’t be comfortable being squeezed in your personal space so you forget to bloom. There are times when you should walk away to avoid toxicity. Know your limits!

Take a reminder that you deserve so much more. 


Being loved is undoubtedly a beautiful feeling in the world. You feel blessed and proud of your partner. Although loving unconditionally and selflessly is excellent, you deserve the same effort from his side, too. And unfortunately, some people don’t have such type of genuine love in their destiny. 

Determining the significant signs of you being betrayed by your loved one is vital to making a final decision. Your love isn’t average, and you don’t deserve to be treated this way, either. Eventually, you’ll realize your worth and that no one should have hold of your life when he’s not even in love. 

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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