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If She Blocks You She Loves You? Let’s Find Out!

Sophie Simons
April 16, 2023

It is assumed usually that if a girl blocks you, she actually loves you. There are many more reasons to block each other, and in this article, we will dig deep into the matter. Sometimes it happens because lack of communication skills and bad communication. Misunderstandings take place so anger and frustration create distances in a relationship. 

Why does She Block You?

There are multiple reasons for somebody to block someone. I will mention these reasons below:

Emotionally unstable

If She Blocks You She Loves You

If your partner is emotionally unstable, they will show such traits of immature behavior in them, just like blocking you from digital platforms. Moreover, women need attention, and when they feel they are not getting proper attention or their partner fails to provide that attention to them, they way out to block you and distance themselves from you so that they can get the attention they need. But you have to keep one thing in mind if a girl is blocking you just to seek attention, you should think about continuing the relationship because it will end up as a manipulating relationship, and you will always be trying to fulfill her requirements.

One more thing that you should think about because of her immature nature is that this block thing is just fun play for her. To give you a feeling of rejection once she blocks you. Then when she notices no response from your side, she will unblock you and check what you do. Once you message or respond to her, she will again block you. This thing gives her a feeling of power and superiority over you. If this is the case with you, do not worry at all and never blame yourself for this, these are just fun play for her. Actually, she is trying to be manipulative, but you do not have to do anything about her block games.

With this being said, there are many more psychological issues raised that need proper therapy, such as abandonment in childhood or some childhood memories that haunt her, that case you are not going to have a healthy relationship without that she cannot be happy ever so just leave that place as it is. 

Too Many Conversations 

It is the habit of some boys that they start talking and just never stop. Some girls get tired of it, and they feel that the boy is being desperate. Instead of being rude to you, she simply blocked you. That makes sense somehow because if she says you are desperate, you will actually feel bad; on the other hand, if she blocks you without letting you know, your days will pass in suspense about what actually went wrong.

There are chances that both of you just started a relationship together, and as a new start, there is so much to decide and to talk about, but some of the girls do not like talking so much. You might have heard the terms introverts and extroverts. Yes! Exactly that happens, actually, and they get fed up with talking and eventually block you. 

What Does It Mean When She Blocks You?

If She Blocks You She Loves You

There are cases in every relationship when getting blocked becomes very obvious such as when you both are fed up with each other and want to end the relationship but both of you are trying to avoid any kind of conversation in the last so the girl blocks you and you block her back end of the story.

This also means that both of you have bad communication skills and lack understanding, which is why you guys did this blocking thing rather than talking about it. There are chances to assume that the girl was not so gutsy to face, so she had her easy escape, and that is a good thing keeping the things like cheating and spreading toxic vibes in a relationship it is better to move on at a better time rather getting mentally tortured in the name of love and relationship. 

Sometimes people block each other not for cheating or for any particular reason but just so that they can be themselves and have their space as well as they can have a break from the life they are living. It is not important to assume everything on the basis of relationships or gender traits. We all are human beings, and we all get bored sometimes and we get tired sometimes of doing the same things every day.

We need to break our minds need a break and blocking toxic people in your life for your own well-being is not wrong at all. Give every person in your circle his or her space and respect their decision. Whatever their relationship is with you, give them their space so that they can be themselves around you if you want a healthy, happy relationship. It is not important that they are your boyfriend or girlfriend; they can be your best friends or schoolmates just let them be happy by letting them be themselves. 

Can You Love Somebody And Still Block Them?

We are a messed up generation mentally, and we do wrong things in the right way and right things in the wrong way. According to this generation, making the distance between relationships is not a big deal, and blocking each other is cool but actually it is not any fun game to block somebody or to play with somebody’s feelings just by coming into their life and going out of their life just whenever you want to because it is their heart that is attached with you. By doing so, we lose a good heart and a pure soul eventually; they will not bother your presence or absence because they had their time of pain and they moved on in their own selves. 

If you actually love somebody, you will not play games like that; if something bad actually comes up, both of you can talk about it and make things work; that is how relationships work; both of you have to work hard to make things work, and responsibility is on both. 

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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