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How To Be Friends With Someone Who Rejected You

Sophie Simons
February 7, 2024

Rejection hits like a ton of bricks, and you will definitely relate to this fact if you’ve ever had to face this. 

Sometimes, we get attached to someone without thinking that they have no soft corner for us, right? And the result? Regret, regret, and a lot of regret for years to come…

While it’s a painful experience, it mostly happens to everyone. Whether you’re at your workplace or trying to move a step ahead in relationships, interpersonal rejection is not unexpected.

Now that you’re here after being rejected by one of your close friends, for whom you unconsciously developed feelings back then, it’s time to look at what should be done in this terrible and unfortunate situation. 

You’re hurt, but you don’t want to lose this bond and friendship. And if you don’t end up with a good solution, it’ll leave you hurt, angry and confused.

But worry not! Scroll down to explore all you need to know about dealing with it.

Should You Be Friends With Someone That Rejected You?

The short answer is “No.”Why? Because you can do nothing about your feelings and cannot share the same bond with them as it was before. 

It can be a hard pill to swallow, but this fact cannot be denied in any way. 

Gradually, you’ll notice that feelings of jealousy will develop within you. And yes, it’ll also be tough for you to see them with someone new in the future (even though they weren’t committed to you in the past).

After rejection, you should keep the following aspects in mind for better:

  • Your well-being comes first before anyone else.
  • Be prepared for discomfort and awkward moments.
  • Express your expectations openly.
  • Don’t take this rejection personally, and be respectful.
  • Know that healing takes time and needs space.
  • Don’t torture yourself by talking to him or her and getting around all the time.
  • Prioritize self-growth and happiness.

How To Respond To Someone Who Rejected You

The phrase “let’s be friends again” can suck if you just got a rejection from that person. This can be such an intense situation that you might not be able to decide what to do and how to respond.

The pain is huge, and you’re completely out of your senses. While there are individual differences in reactions to specific rejections, you’ve to be careful by all means.

Here’s how you should respond in this scenario — so you don’t have to hold a bag of regrets on your shoulders later:

1. Don’t Insult Them For This Decision

Accept that everyone has the right to make decisions in their life, and you cannot force them to change it just because of your emotions. 

Insulting them is something really cheap. You’ll lose all your respect instantly if you start to disregard them and joke about that person’s lifestyle, choices, and anything else.

Rather, respect their point of view and give enough space to this friendship. 

2. Understand That It Wasn’t Meant to Happen

Changing your character from a happy character to a crybaby will not have any impact on your friend, so try not to act childish and immature.

If something is written in your destination and is meant to be, it will happen no matter what. Hence, stop blaming the other person or even yourself.

Be more understanding and move on with other important stuff in your life.

3. Stop Pretending As They Owe You Something

Just because you gave him or her a present on your birthday doesn’t indicate that they have to return it in the form of saying yes to you for a love relationship.

Everyone in relationships makes an effort and compromises to make the other person happy. And most of the time, both persons put equal effort into making this work.

Therefore, it is unfair to brag in front of your friends and act like you did a lot for them.

Overcoming Rejection: Putting It Into Perspective

Rejection, though painful, never defines your overall worth or invalidates your sentiments. Separating your platonic and romantic feelings may seem to be hard at first, but yes — it’s possible.

Let’s strive to overcome this rejection with positivity:

Step 1. Accept Proposal Rejection Politely 

It’s not funny to be rejected, but taking it lightly and politely is all you need to do. Be a bigger person by accepting it gracefully. 

This will determine that you are strong and respectful. Wish them good luck for their future. Believe me, this will give your confidence and self-esteem an ultimate kick!

Step 2. Process Your Feelings And Emotions

Feeding your heart with all disappointments and sadness without processing the feelings will give you nothing but anxiety. Let this volcano burst, and talk to someone trustworthy about it. 

You’ll be surprised to know this, but people recover from rejection within a few weeks, even though they think they will never be able to do so. Just cry for a while, pop out your emotions, and let it go smoothly without regret.

Step 3. Don’t Devalue Yourself

One great way to process and overcome rejection is to tell yourself that it does not reflect your journey and value. Someone rejecting you doesn’t represent that you have faults. In fact, it is very normal for us to have different tastes when it comes to love relationships. 

There’s a famous proverb that “You may be the prettiest peach, but somebody is always out there who does not love peaches.” So, what’s the point of letting yourself down here? Look around and see who likes peaches, haha. 

5 Ways To Remain Friend With Someone Who Rejected You

Staying friends right after rejection isn’t as easy as stealing candy from a baby. You need to take every step carefully. However, if you’re not mature enough to move on emotionally and ready to be friends again, there are some ways you can try:

  1. Instead of arranging individual meetings, begin to socialize with them in a common friend’s group. This will allow you to interact with him or her in a neutral environment — leading to less embarrassment.
  2. Understanding is the key if you want to rebuild this friendship. Set them free, and don’t allow them to hurt you over and over again. Control yourself inside out!
  3. Do not ask for candlelight dinners or hangouts. Keep all negative thoughts miles away!
  4. Your motivations must not be wrong while becoming friends once again. Don’t try to indulge in that person romantically, and stop fantasizing about them with you in the coming future. 
  5. Stop being a desperate human being, and avoid talking about the past event that has just happened. Treat them as a good casual friend.
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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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