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I Love My Boyfriend but I Don’t Trust Him: 5 Things To Do

Sophie Simons
January 14, 2024

Trusting your partner in relationships is important for both physical and mental peace. Research depicts that the factor of trust is highly associated with physical health.

If you trust your husband or boyfriend more, it’ll lead to only minor health issues. However, when you have to deal with trust issues, it destroys your overall well-being. 

You might not believe it, but it is actually more important than love. Yes, that’s right.

Loving someone without having trust is undeniably a very unfortunate state where you remain in a never-ending battle.

Mistrust can easily spread through relationships like fire. So yes, trust from both ends is something that acts as a pillar to hold up the relationship. 

Are you dealing with a similar situation and confused about whether you should communicate with this man who’s not worthy of trust? Or, do you often wonder: “How can I repair this damage, and what should I do?”

You are in the right spot to sort out your confusion. Let’s start!

Main Causes of Mistrust In Relationships

Before getting into what you can do in this scenario, we have to evaluate what possibly caused this mistrust in your relationship.

Well, people with an inability to trust are not actually born this way. 

They become mistrusting as they have had bad experiences in their past that prove in their heads that their partners aren’t trustworthy.

Maybe you heard your parents yelling a lot at each other, or your boyfriend in the past cheated on you. It might be possible that your close friends hurt you so badly.

All these occurrences may lead you to develop your own issues regarding trust down the line.

However, this is not applicable in every situation. If your partner gives negative vibes and acts weird in front of you, it’s not peculiar if you start looking at him with a side-eye.

So, the problem can be from both sides, and not every time a person does this unnecessarily.

Don’t Trust Your Boyfriend? Here’s What You Should Do

Have you ever experienced your husband lying again and again? Of course, why would anyone trust that person again? 

Here, the only option is to either sit down and talk to him or live with it (worst situation ever!).

You really do not deserve to be mistreated and lied to. No one does. Now, you do not trust him because of his own guilty or inappropriate actions. And this is the dead end of this story!

If you are patient enough and do not wish to lose your love, you can also try rebuilding it. Learn to trust your partner by practicing forgiveness and validating actions.

No matter what your current scenario is, you may follow these measures:

1. Trust Your Intuition

First and foremost, you should be confident about your perceptions. Pay attention to all the red flags you’re noticing. 

If your inner self is giving you signals that something’s not right, do not shut it down. Speak out what you feel, and ask your partner questions.

Because if you let it grow, it will eventually become a huge thorn in your love relationship.

2. Practice Self Discovery

It is an important step to take when you’re having trust issues. Yes, it’s compulsory to discover the original source of hurt, betrayal, and pain.

This will help you evaluate why you have such a misunderstanding attitude and repeated experiences from partners. 

Reminding yourself of your real value and worth would also assist.

3. Understand That Trust Is a Reciprocal Street

Remember that trust is a mutual process and a two-way street. So, the less you trust your lover, the more doubtful and untrustworthy you gradually become. 

Perhaps you are so untrusting that you always find ways to dig into his social media or phone.

And this makes it pretty vivid that he won’t trust and love you either. Everyone should be able to keep their personal life private.

4. Try To Repair And Forgive

When some argument happens, you should be open to forgiveness and repair.

Take a break if you are flooded with other disputes and feel overwhelmed. Process slowly what has happened and calm yourself down.

Meanwhile, you should also consider collecting your doubts to have a valuable conversation with your loving husband.

5. Assume That He Has Pure Intentions

Do not think negatively every single time. Learn to put yourself in other’s shoes to understand whether he is actually wrong or this fuss is just in your mind.

If they constantly let you down and don’t show clear signs of mistrust, it may be that you are taking this scenario to the wrong side.

Forgive that person and see what his intentions are in making a decision.

Can a Relationship Work Without The Element Of Trust?

The answer is simple and straightforward — “Not at all.” 

A relationship that lacks trust and respect is equal to a car without quality fuel. It may move the car for some time, but it will not run far anyway.

In short, it is a cornerstone of every healthy relationship that can’t be ignored.

According to a study by Sage Journals, while different challenges arise, mistrust can cause emotional distance, resentment, and misunderstandings.

Try to resolve your conflicts first, and if everything goes in vain, separate your paths!

Bottom Line

If your man isn’t trustworthy, it’s not worthwhile to remain with that individual. It’s just like that you’re giving water to a tree whose roots are burnt. Love can be really tricky – you feel pain in your chest when your favorite person hurts you.

While all this is justified, and your emotions are precious, it is not worthwhile to live with an untrustworthy person. Trust always comes first. So, find a husband-material man who is easy to trust. No one deserves a relationship where they have to watch their partner’s back constantly.

But at the same time, you need to understand that your partner cannot be solely responsible for creating mess and mistrustful events. In some scenarios, it may be possible that you’re making a mistake at a certain point.

So, analyze things on a deeper level and take action accordingly!

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons is a leading psychologist with a passion for enriching relationships. Through empathetic counseling and insightful guidance, she empowers couples and individuals to foster deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting harmony. Sophie's expertise in relationship advice has touched countless lives, making her a trusted source for building fulfilling partnerships.

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