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4 Main Signs a Karmic Relationship Is Ending

Sophie Simons
February 26, 2024

It’s said that a karmic relationship is one where two souls find each other from a past life to work through unresolved issues. These people have the chance in this lifetime to learn and grow from the experience. The suggestion is that these souls are fated to find one another to resolve their karma.

While the connection of these lives means bringing personal transformation, the relationship is fraught with emotional highs and lows, with the connection starting to wane after each person has resolved their lessons. This is telling the pair that the purpose of the union has been taken care of.

It can hurt terribly to move forward from what you felt was the love of your life, but knowing you have personally grown can help you to follow your individual path. If the relationship is not working for you, the two of you are not learning; the partnership is instead toxic, and it’s better to part ways sooner rather than later. 

It can be challenging to end a partnership with someone who seems meant, but when harm seems the course of things, it’s inevitable.

What Are Signs That Your Karmic Relationship Is Coming to An End?

While a karmic relationship can be intoxicating, it’s also draining, an exchange that can leave you exhausted. The other person is an instant familiar, someone you feel like you’ve known your entire life. The love is strong and immediate, a person you can’t stand to be without. But the challenges of the relationship are constant.

You’re trying to resolve one issue after the next and it seems these will never be solved to the satisfaction of either person. If you are able to peacefully come to a transformative experience with contentment on both parts, the partnership needs to come to a close and you both need to move forward to more healthy partnerships. 

And even if you don’t get this peace, you’ll recognize the connection has come to an end, each person drifting into a physical and emotional distance. Here are signs that the karmic relationship is coming to an end.

1. The drama

When drama consumes the relationship, the two of you are figuring out your way with the partnership and its intensity and attempting to get to know each other, and many emotions pop up with much drama involved. 

While many partnerships develop a level of drama, karmic relationships can have a constant flow of arguing, with highs and lows being a sign of the course of its course. This also signals that you’re not near any potential transformative growth but instead taking more steps backward.

The wise thing to do is look at how unhealthy the pattern is becoming and choose to move forward into a more healthy relationship instead of staying involved in what is becoming a toxic pattern.

2. The communication

Healthy relationships thrive on healthy communication and strong interactions, and many karmic relationships fail because the pair can’t establish effective communication. This ultimately ends the partnership. Without being able to have a conversation to work through potential problems, there’s no way to have any personal transformations which is the purpose for these unions.

Instead of you finding solutions, it seems like you’re constantly running into roadblocks. You haven’t learned anything from one “lifetime” to the next. It’s essential to slow down, take a minute and think about what you’re supposed to be concentrating on. If you can’t do that, there’s no purpose in staying together.

The end is inevitable and is, in fact, the best thing for both of you because this connection is nothing but toxic. Not being able to even talk to the other person about the way you feel or the thoughts you’re having is in no way healthy.

3. The rollercoaster

A healthy relationship is comfortable and familiar, and there’s not usually chaos. When something is off, you can typically tell. With karmic relationships, it’s usually the opposite, these usually come with many more highs and lows, much chaos, ultimately leaving you drained. 

While the partnership is exciting, finding what you believe to be the love of your life, that familiar person you believe you’ve known all your life, there comes a point when you have to let that person go. There seems to be no stability in the partnership. In fact, it’s taught you where you should place boundaries and the things that are not tolerable.

A karmic relationship can seem like it’s meant to be in the beginning but ultimately rear its head as the most toxic partnership that teaches you lessons you hadn’t anticipated. And, in fact, maybe these were the life lessons you were meant to learn.

4. The exhaustion

Healthy relationships mean to help you feel loved, almost healthy, and nourished, while those that are toxic will exhaust and drain you to your very core. This is true when you’re at the very lowest point during a karmic relationship. When you’re constantly moving between highs and lows, the lowest points can feel exhaustive because of the continual shifts. 

This makes you eventually believe you deserve a better partnership, and, in fact, it’s true. The idea is you can’t release your guard because you never know when you’ll need to put it back up again and that’s not how a healthy relationship works. You should always feel healthy and relaxed in your partnership. 

If you feel like you’re always standing guard for the next go-round, there’s a problem and it’s not one that can readily be fixed. You’re supposed to be in a transformative partnership where the two of you ultimately come out feeling as though the past has been resolved. If this is not the case, the partnership needs to end so you can move forward healthfully.


Karmic relationships can be the most intense, dramatic relationship you experience. Not everyone finds this karmic soulmate but when you do, the goal is to resolve the past with ultimate growth and learning experiences. 

These are short-lived romances not meant to stand the test of time. If you can remember the passion is only a brief experience, you will do well with your karmic partner. If it goes too long, it can become toxic, and that will not do well for you.

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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