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Tinder Gold Review: Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

Sophie Simons
February 20, 2024

If you have been snooping around lately on Tinder, you might very well be aware of its most popular subscription plan, Tinder Gold. But is it REALLY worth paying for this dating app? Let’s find out!

Tinder has been in the market since 2012, bringing hundreds of people closer to their ideal matches. With a simple and user-friendly interface, it quickly became one of the most popular choices for dating apps around.

Even though its users have mixed reviews about the app, there are people who found true love and made genuine connections using Tinder. Out of its monthly 75 million subscribers, the US takes the lead with a total of 7.8 million Tinder users.

While going through profiles, you can swipe left to dislike or swipe right to like someone. With Tinder Gold, you can take advantage of its special features, like the option to see who likes you, redo your last swipe, and 1 free boost per month.

If you’re unsure about Tinder Gold or other subscription plans, check out the post to find what suits you best.

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold is a premium subscription tier offered by the most popular dating app Tinder. It offers additional features and benefits compared to the standard free version of Tinder Plus.

From the “Likes You” grid, you can automatically match with someone, dismiss if you’re not getting the right vibe, or dive into their profile to check them out further.

Tinder Gold Price

Try out Tinder Gold for a month if you are unsure about the results. It will help you see if it’s working for you or not. There are 4 purchasing options for Tinder Gold, but it’s advisable to visit the website for the most current pricing, as rates may vary according to your country’s location. Remember, pricing plans also depend on a person’s gender, age, location, and operating system.

One Week$16.99
One month$24.99
Six months$12.50/month
1 year$8.33/month

Should you pay for Tinder?

The answer depends on how often you use the app. It’s only natural that you become a fan of its addictive swipe feature. You can spend hours scrolling through profiles to find your ideal match…it’s kinda fun, though!

For introverted folks, this could be a lifesaver. When you know who likes you, you will feel more confident in opening up a conversation.

Most users on Tinder are about flirting and hookups. You have to struggle a little to find a genuine person for yourself. Another issue that may come your way is “bots”. Most of its users believe that the app uses bots, thereby creating fake likes and making your profile popular in the beginning and putting you in the shadows of loneliness a few weeks later.

You might encounter another problem where messages go unanswered despite having a stellar profile, leading you to question the app’s usefulness. However, success often depends on your commitment and effort in finding a good match.

For instance, the problem could stem from your profile picture, bio, or the generic nature of your conversation, leading to one-sided interactions that fizzle out quickly.

Whenever you optimize your profile, keep track of your likes. If your likes are going down, then you might be on the wrong end of the tunnel. 

Your next date could be one swipe away. But if you aren’t getting any likes, then don’t take Tinder Gold as your Genei of the Magic Lamp. Work on optimizing your profile and making it more presentable.

Overall, upgrading to Tinder Gold makes your matching process a lot faster. If you think you are a good opener, then Tinder Gold is worth the purchase. 

Tinder Gold Features

Tinder Gold gives you greater control and access to exclusive benefits beyond what its lower-priced plans provide. Some of the amazing features included in Tinder Gold are:

Unlimited Likes

With Tinder’s free version, you only get to like a limited number of profiles per day. What if, after spending all your likes, you come across your dream person…ughh the frustration can really take over your head at that moment.

Tinder Gold unlocks this coolest feature of Unlimited Likes, solving the problem of running out of swipes. It’s perfect for those who swipe a lot to boost their chances, but remember, quality over quantity matters. 

Unlimited Rewind

You can feel nervous or shy in front of a hottie in person or when scrolling online. It’s alright to feel that way, but what if you accidentally swipe left (dislike) that person? The embarrassment and guilt can be unbearable.

With Tinder Gold’s rewind feature, you can undo that mistake and revisit profiles you’ve swiped past. It’s handy for those moments when your finger slips or you’re just absent-minded while scrolling. 

5 Super-Likes/week

A Tinder Super-Like, marked by a blue star, boosts your profile’s visibility, placing it at the front of someone’s queue. With Tinder Gold, you get 5 free super likes per week. But don’t go all wild and crazy with this feature as it can turn things around in a negative way.

If you Super Like someone, then it may portray your desperation, especially if you’re a guy. They’re like virtual compliments, but using them excessively might not be the best strategy to find ideal matches. Plus, they can be costly if bought individually, so choose wisely.

Passport feature

With this feature, you can set your location anywhere in the world. Whether you’re planning to travel to Paris or Italy or just roam around your own country, you can always find that perfect match in the newly adjusted dating pool.

This feature is perfect for travelers or anyone interested in meeting people from different places and cultures. It’s great for setting up dates before you travel or just exploring potential matches. If you’re into traveling or meeting new people, this feature is a must-have.

One Boost/month 

Want to be the center of attention? With the boost feature, you can do that. Tinder Gold offers one free boost per month, which is good enough to double your likes. Enjoy a full 30-minute boost that will land you at the top of the pile. Kinda makes you feel like a VIP, getting you 6-7 matches easily, provided you have some killer pics and perfect timings.

Explore Who Liked You

This is the most fun feature of all and yet the most sought-after. When you have a full list of people who admire you, it makes the whole experience a lot easier. This time-saving feature is unavailable in the free version. Without it, you risk missing out on potential matches buried deep in your queue to the Tinder algorithm.

Top Picks

Tinder Gold pairs you with the cream of the crop or those who share similarities with your work. While they may seem compatible, catching the eye of the elite isn’t a walk in the park. For the average user, finding the perfect match can be a real challenge.

A word of caution# Don’t even think of editing your picture to make it appear “Super-Like”. Tinder will immediately take down your account in a week.

Do you get more matches with Tinder Gold?

With all these amazing features, your chances do increase, but sometimes you swipe all day long and still can’t find a perfect match. You’ll just end up scrolling through endless profiles, risking encounters with bots, spammers, or total mismatches.

So, after sifting through bots, you might run into people who only reply with one-word answers and then ghost you. Even with thousands of swipes and loads of matches, finding someone real to chat with can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

It’s better to accept the truth that when it comes to dating apps – looks do matter. Focus on showcasing your best self with stunning and authentic photos. This is the only way to find good matches that could stick around for longer.  

Is It Worth It for Men?

With more than women on Tinder, snagging Tinder Gold puts you in the lead. In a smaller pool of ladies, seize every opportunity to find the right match. But avoid swiping on every profile you see to check which one responds back. 

Make use of the “who likes you” feature to start a chat with that special someone who’s shown interest in you. This will save a lot of energy and time. 

So in short, Tinder Gold is definitely worth the purchase for those guys who are serious about finding a genuine partner for themselves.

Is It Worth It for Women?

Honestly, it may turn out to be a waste of money for the ladies. If you have a hot-looking profile, you’re gonna land multiple matches anyway. However, with Tinder Gold, it becomes easier to arrange dates and hookups with individuals who reciprocated interest.

The huge number of likes also gives you a subtle confidence boost, and if you are shy, you can talk to people who are interested in you. Overall, women have better chances than men on dating apps. 

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Platinum vs Tinder Gold

Tinder is one of the fastest-growing dating apps, with over 70 billion matches. The best part is that you can sign up for free and enjoy some of its features, like exploring matches, chatting, and connecting. It works great if you’re a student or are low on budget.

However, if you really want to enjoy the ultimate Tinder experience, you have to upgrade to one of its 3 subscription plans available: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum

Tinder Plus gives you perks like Unlimited Likes and the ability to undo your last swipe. 

Upgrade to Tinder Gold, and you get all that plus the “Likes You” feature and Top picks. And if you really want to have fun, try Tinder Platinum, which allows you to message someone before even matching, plus get those top-tier Super Likes.

Tinder Plus offers the fewest benefits at the lowest price, while Tinder Platinum provides the most benefits at the highest price. Tinder Gold falls in between, offering a reasonable pricing plan with essential benefits for finding a suitable match.

So, which one is right for you? It all comes down to what you’re looking for and how much you are willing to spend. Avoid lying about yourself and being overly bold or boring. Linking your Instagram can provide additional insight into your life. 

Exercise patience in the matching process and choose a bit of a crowded place for your first date for safety and comfort. 

Just remember, a killer profile with high-quality photos and smooth chat is still key to success.

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Sophie Simons

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