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6 “Scandalous” Reasons Why Women Love Drama

Sophie Simons
January 20, 2024

Have you ever heard of this lyric from Christina Aguilera’s song, “What a girl wants? What a girl needs? Whatever makes me happy sets you free?” Well, most of the world still has a hard time figuring out exactly that.

But what the world knows about one thing that most women like is “drama.” Where there is “drama,” there is one or two women involved. There must be a solid reason for this, right? Here is an attempt at understanding why women like “drama.”

What is “Drama” exactly?

Talking about the word “drama”, it is a word that takes its origins from the Greek word that gives way to several accepted definitions of the word dran, which means “do” or “act.” Greek culture showcases the love and passion for “drama,” which is defined as a play written for the theater.

This is evident in their Greek Tragedies and Comedies. Through these incredible beginnings, the word’s definition has grown into the topic we have today. “Drama” is now also considered as an unexpected event or situation where a lot of action is involved that elicits worry and excitement.

It also usually involves actions related to arguments. So “Darama” went from Greek tragedies in the theater to now “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” kind of tragedies everywhere. 

Women and Drama

Men and women are not equal, well, not at least from the psychological perspective. Several studies have been conducted to prove and disprove this point. Results of one of these studies suggest that women cannot help “drama” from their lives because they are by nature wired to be more emphatic and conscientious and have higher EQ scores than men. 

One fascinating study was conducted where several male and female participants were asked to distinguish various human emotions displayed in people’s facial expressions. The study yielded results that strengthen the claim that women are more empathic or have a higher EQ (Emotional Quotient) than men.

In the study, women were more able to distinguish the emotion of disgust among facial expressions than men were able to. Part of the reasoning at the end of the study underscores genetics and evolution as women are the child-bearers of the species in which they developed higher EQs than men.

So, drama appears to be in women’s DNA. Go figure that, huh? However, it doesn’t necessarily also mean that every woman has been hardwired and in tune with drama. There are still exceptions to the rule. 

6 Reason Why She Loves“Drama”

Getting deeper, we find that there are several reasons why most women might be into drama. We gathered a few for your reference. 

1. It’s in their DNA

As mentioned earlier, the first and foremost reason would be that women have a  biological predisposition to be keen toward other’s emotions. This may make them more susceptible to the desire to look for situations that may elicit worry and excitement at the same time. 

2. It could be just their personality. 

Everyone has a different personality, which may also influence who they are and how they act. Some women might have quite demure and subtle personalities that are desirable, but there are also those whose personalities may be around the corners of an extrovert, neuroticism, sensitivity to emotions, or high EQ. 

3. The kind of upbringing women had

Ever heard of the concept of “nature vs nurture.” In this argument, it is believed that nature or the innate personality of one is a contributor to the way they view “drama.” In theory, women who were brought up in a family who are quite level-headed, calm, and unconfrontational in any way then they would also most likely be uninterested in any sort of drama.

The opposite could be said for those who were brought up with so much “drama” in their family. Although not everything is black and white, there will always be exceptions. 

4. The need for stimulation, validation, and being noticed

Having drama in one’s life can often fulfill, if not satisfy, the desire of most women to be noticed and validated. Having and participating in such a dramatic situation would draw attention to them (the women). And in a man’s world, as the song says, any attention is welcomed. Drama also provides large doses of stimulation to a person’s emotions, and sometimes, some crave these kinds of emotional stimuli. 

5. Women just love scandals and gossip

There is also the need for women to just engage in scandalous dramas and gossip. It seems like women thrive in these situations than men. After engaging in intense dramatic qualms, women, according to popular belief, come out of it either empowered or emotionally destroyed.

In a crazy world, some women crave the empowerment they feel after coming out of the scandal on top. Gossip also, however repulsive it may be, seems to be second nature to women. 

6. Some women cannot help but be dramatic

Some women are unable to help themselves and just be dramatic because they are battling some sort of mental disorder. Some of these are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and Anxiety Disorders.

Part of their symptoms is exhibiting dramatic and erratic behaviors. These women are slaves to their emotions. However, it’s not the end for them since there are now different cures or ways to help women who experience these kinds of mental disorders. 

How To Deal With Her Drama:

Okay, so some women in your life are dramatic. What can you do to deal with them and their drama? Well, here are some ways you can deal with uneasy and dramatic situations. 

1. Be cool

You can deal with her drama by keeping your cool, and if needed, just step away. A person who craves drama also craves attention, and when you cannot tolerate their escalated emotions, you can choose to walk away and slowly quelching the fire. 

2. Set boundaries

If you are with someone who is known to be overly dramatic, you should set your boundaries and your expectations. By setting your boundaries with the other person, you are letting them know what can and cannot transpire or what are the things that you don’t want to happen. In the same way, by knowing your and the other person’s expectations, then there is little chance that you will disappoint one another. 

3. Acceptance

Accept the other person, warts and all. It’s not easy to deal with someone who is drawn to drama and scandalous situations. But if you try to accept them as they are, it may in some way lessen the stress on your part; after all, some women cannot help themselves but be dramatic. 

4. Take your part

Assess your part in the drama itself. Maybe you’re not as innocent as you may think you are when it comes to your contribution to the drama you are in. Maybe you’re even the one who started the drama in the first place. Sometimes, it pays to step back and read the room more carefully. 

5. At last, help

Get them help. You can choose to be a bystander, an instigator but wouldn’t it be a lot better to be the supporter? Supporting the other person by getting them the help they need when it comes to dealing with their dramatic behaviors is a great and fulfilling role when done right. 


Drama is an inevitable part of everyone’s life, some more than others. What we can do best is to learn to respect and help each other out and love her even when she’s being a ‘drama’ queen. 

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Sophie Simons

Sophie Simons

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