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8 Best Ways To Keep a Relationship Exciting

Irina Tracy
December 2, 2023

Love can hit us out of the blue with no effort on our side. However, maintaining a relationship as intense as it was in the beginning phase is sometimes a challenging process. If you want to spice things up in your intimate bond, you came to the right place. Here are the top ways to keep a relationship exciting that are also a lot of fun! 

1. Explore new adventures together. 

Trying new things as a couple is sure to offer you the adrenaline a true team needs to grow stronger and maintain the excitement. Go to places none of you traveled to before, or try a new type of sport together. Besides the fact that you will have the intensity of learning new things and supporting each other through this process, you will also build many memories as a couple. 

New adventures are great for helping a couple grow stronger and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You might find that such experiences define your feelings even more and give you more confidence in your relationship. 

2. Don’t stop dating

Many couples end the dating phase as soon as they start a stable relationship and move in together. There’s nothing wrong with wanting stability in your relationship, but there is nothing wrong with dating, either. Establish date nights, ask your partner out to a new restaurant, and feel the excitement of discovering each other again and again. 

Remember when you were nervous yet looking forward to your next date night? What will you wear, or how can you make the encounter more interesting? Keep doing that even after you two became a strong couple. It maintains the flame burning, and the passion is going stronger. 

3. Break your routine 

Routines and predictability are great killers of excitement, not just in a relationship but in our personal lives, too. When your partner knows exactly what to expect from you every day, and you go to the same countryside house every free weekend, excitement leaves the building. And without a little bit of excitement, your relationship will struggle to survive the test of time. 

You don’t have to make any drastic changes as you switch up your usual routine. Things like cooking dinner one week and buying tickets to a great game the next can go a long way. Be inventive and try to consider your partner’s preferences when you make such an unexpected move. After all, you want both of you to have a great time!

4. Know when to give each other space

As much as you love to be together all the time, putting your individuality in second place can actually damage your relationship. Neglecting your hobbies or personal interests can lead to codependency and a toxic environment in your relationship. Give each other space to explore your desires and maintain your independence. 

These small breaks will make both of you more attractive and exciting to your partner and help you maintain a healthy relationship. Remember that happiness is formed by two happy people sharing their lives. So, try not to base your happiness on your partner, as it can become overwhelming fast. 

5. Honor essential dates in your relationships. 

Make sure to celebrate your events as a couple and cherish the time you spent together, for example, traveling.. Anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions should be honored through gestures of appreciation and love. Plus, they always bring a new reason to be excited and something to look forward to. 

Don’t neglect each other’s achievements either. If your partner received that promotion they were working for, be with them to share the joy of that success. Your cheering attitude is just as crucial as your shoulder when they need one to cry on. 

6. Surprise each other 

Small surprises in a relationship can go a long way and add an excellent level of excitement to your couple dynamic. You most likely know what your significant other likes and what they don’t like, so surprising them shouldn’t be a hassle. Maybe you noticed that they’ve been tense lately, so you can book them a massage session. Or put a love card in their purse to remind them of how much they mean to you. 

The fact that you do such surprises with no apparent reason and on no specific occasion will create a more significant impact on your partner. They will feel appreciated, and your relationship will make difficult times more manageable. 

7. Express your feelings 

Even if you know where your bond stands emotionally, it doesn’t hurt to express those deep emotions you have for each other now and then, on the contrary. Use the love language that you are most comfortable with, and make sure your significant other knows how you feel. Ideally, they will reciprocate, and you will both feel that much more secure within your relationship. 

Love is what keeps the excitement going, and without expressing it, a deep connection can become stale. Sharing your profound feelings for your partner will motivate them to keep investing in your connection and maintain the spark shining bright. 

8. Spice up your intimacy 

Intimacy is crucial for a healthy relationship, but even this exciting aspect can have its moments of dullness. Luckily, you can spice things up in the bedroom reasonably easily, and your partner will be more than happy to join in. Try to manifest your deepest fantasies together, wear different, seductive outfits, and create a sensual atmosphere during those special evenings. 

If your relationship has an exciting, intimate life, the odds of living happily ever after are much higher. Trying new ways to seduce your partner will not only spice things up in your intimate moments but also bring you closer to each other at an emotional level. 


Use your imagination and maintain open communication with your partner to keep your relationship thriving! Excitement and a strong foundation of love, trust, and commitment can bring you closer to your intimate heaven and help your relationship withstand the test of time. 

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Irina Tracy

Irina Tracy

As a lifestyle journalist, certified astrologer, and published author, I write about everything that makes my heart beat faster. After taking my degree in journalism and astrology, I decided to delve deeper into the subjects that appeal to me and published several books worldwide—looking forward to exploring exciting topics and mystical aspects of life one article after another.

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